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Eating in Edinburgh

in Scotland
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  • Alexander Graham Bell on George Street is a really nice Wetherspoon, quite quiet as well.
  • Anne_Marie_2Anne_Marie_2 Forumite
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    My goodness, surprised to see that this thread that I started, is still alive after all this time. My daughter is now 25 years old and married. Where has the time gone? :eek:

    Thought I would pop in again and see what suggestions that you have for a daughter and mother "girlie" (I use the term very loosely in my case :o), couple of days in Edinburgh in June? Been so long since I have been there, as been living in Cyprus for a few years now. Popping back to Scotland for a family wedding, so daughter and myself are treating ourselves, as we so loved our girlie weekends, and don't get the chance nowadays.

    Still love all kinds of food, still vegetarian, daughter isn't, but likes veggie food. At least these days you can get veggie food anywhere, so not a big problem. Just like to hear of any really good bars/restaurants. We are staying in the old town, so would prefer eateries in that area. (I'm not getting any younger, and will have enough bother battling with the ups and downs in the old town, without walking miles elsewhere.;) )
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    mvtengmvteng Forumite
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    As you say, veggie generally isnt a problem anymore

    David Banns is a purely veggie restaurant, its pretty modern food / decor & preety nice upmarket

    However, my new favourite restaurant (which caters very well for my veggie wife) is Hamams Decor is basic, but food is amazing & very good value.

    For italian, missoni is a new addition & is really really nice food, generally pretty expensive, but it is a nice experience, & they're often of

    All would need a reservation for fridays or saturdays.

    Hope you enjoy
  • Anne_Marie_2Anne_Marie_2 Forumite
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    Thank you very much Mvteng, just what I was looking for. Hanam's looks just the ticket, will definitely look that up. Interesting to see the shisha pipe. Not seen that being offered before in Scotland, but very common in North Cyprus and Turkey.

    Have been to Bann's in the past, and it's always been good. Missoni sounds lovely, so may give that a try. I don't know why, but Italian restaurants always seem to be expensive, no matter where they are....apart from maybe Italy. :)

    Thanks again, you have been most helpful. :T
  • mvtengmvteng Forumite
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    If you go to Hanams, remember its BYOB
  • Anne_Marie_2Anne_Marie_2 Forumite
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    Thanks, yes I noticed that. Will pass on info to daughter, so that she reminds me nearer the time. :D
  • DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    Found nice little cafe today on rose street (the rose bud? something rose themed) £3.95 for lunch time special which today was steak and ale pie with mash, fish chips and mushy peas, kedgeree or um something else. DD had pie, I had kedgeree, both good.
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  • gothrockchic1gothrockchic1 Forumite
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    For all of the Vegetarians (I am one) The Old Hoose is great place for veggie food and has large portions which is cheap!
  • maggiesoupmaggiesoup Forumite
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    Still think the Pho House bottom of Grove Street (5 mins Haymarket Station) is great value for money and staff are lovely. It's a wee place (approx 30 covers) only opens in the evenings but authentic food.
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    pogofishpogofish Forumite
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    We had a rather excellent meal at Laila's Bistro near the top of Cockburn St last weekend. Its a new place on me as I've not been into the centre of Edinburgh for a while.

    Not the cheapest place of course - considering its location/time of year - £70 for a full meal for two adults and two kids but a pleasant interior, away from the hubbub outside, with really nice young staff who pulled-out the stops to make it a bit special for the boy's birthday. Still unlicensed, the corkage was reasonable and we got a quid-off a bottle of wine from the offie across the road by mentioning their name.

    The night before, Mrs Fish and I escaped the kids for a while and had a splendid curry in the Passage to India at the top of Leith Walk - a small place, more or less opposite the Playhouse.

    An absolutely splendid curry and pretty reasonable too-boot! :)
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