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  • Just do whatever speed you want and keep an eye out for any cameras or mobile phones, as this looks like a potential revenue raiser
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  • a8vip
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    RussWWFC wrote: »
    Just do whatever speed you want and keep an eye out for any cameras or mobile phones, as this looks like a potential revenue raiser

    Er, did you mean to type that?
  • Totally agree. The larger the road the slower you appear to go. 30 on a narrow lane feels fast but on a three lane road it feels like you are standing still.

    I cannot see any logic in some speed limits. I live on a country lane where there is a national speed limit. My parents live on a similar lane but with a 30mph limit.

    Surely digital signs are the way to go. How about having an effective speed limit. There must be different effective speeds for different traffic volumes. If drivers knew by driving the effective speed they would get to their destination quicker then they may go for it. Its can't be that hard to do since the volume of traffic is already measured.

    Perhaps also fit devices to all Audi and BMW's to prevent them from driving at full speed within a few feet of the car in front. That may solve all problems on the roads. It is the constant braking that causes ripple effects and thus more delays.
  • I'm tired of the bad decisions governments are making on our behalf. I got clocked the first time I went on the M11 [my first fine ever!! Grrrr], not seeing or realising there was a 50 MPH limit - my prior knowledge had been that motorways were always 70. I should have appealed actually. It was so packed with lorries I missed the 50 signs - and was only doing 63 as it was.
  • the buckinghamshire advertiser website suggests its due to future long term roadworks or something!!!
  • Related is pot holes for cyclists - my regular route the surface is in a worse state from pot hole repairs than before it was resurfaced. Cyclists can't safely use whole sections of kerbside road that drivers would expect them to use.
  • balmk
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    It would make far more sense to adopt the dynamic speed limits that we see on some roads when during rush hour the limit is 50 to avoid congestion, and outside of rush hour it is 70.
  • I think you should mount a campaign. There are countless roads up and down the country that have a speed limit that is only really applicable during certain times of the day.

    As you say, in an age of digital signage it should be more than possible to set different speed limits for different times of day. After all, I can think of areas in Glasgow where the speed is limited to 20mph for about half an hour before school opens, and half an hour after it closes. The limit is posted using electronic signage and there are also signs reminding drivers that a reduced speed limit is in place when the electronic signage is switched on.

    It almost sounds as if the decision to reduce the speed limit was taken with an eye on how many people would be fined as a result.
  • Jacka87
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    This is ridiculous!

    Why are motorway speed limits generally set at 70 in the first place? Cars have advanced in technology since the speed limits where introduced so stopping distances have completly changed. Add to this that cars are far more safer with better safety features then you have to ask why the limit has not been increased. You can coubnter the arguement with the fact that peopel cause accidents and reacion times havent changed much as well as the fact that more cars are on the roads but either way i feel that speed limits should be reviewed regularly to ensure they are reasonable!

    With regards to reducing the speed to 30, maybe its a money & environmental saving technique where we will all burn less fuel?

    With regards to a changing speed limit due to traffic, i think this would be great, the amount of times I have driven by roadworks with average speed cameras and there being no road works has got to be into the 100's by now!
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  • Jacka87
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    Just as a further example of this stupidity...

    In Glasgow the M8 goes from 70mph, to 50mph then to 40mph in the space of about a quarter mile, if that. Then it goes back up to 70mph in similar stages over a similar distance. (Around where Glasgow Airport is). i drive by here regularly in off peak times and I have to admit I am rarely driving as low as 40mph and this speed is ridiculous. the interesting thing is a friend got caught speeding here doing 50mph and when he got pulled over and asked if he knew why he was pulled over he said no, thinking I slowed down to 50 I am ok! Only to find out the speed dropped again!
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