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March 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • Hello everyone!

    I've been lurking on the February thread and trying to get a grip on our spending here. We're spending about £125-£175 a week on groceries which includes nappies for 1, pet food & bits for 1 pup, 1 rabbit & 6 fish, cleaning stuff, etc... Really need to get this in check as it seems like far too much to be spending at the supermarket when we'd rather have it in our pockets! :D I'd like to set myself a target of £450 (though I'm hoping to come in nearer the 400 mark!)

    Oh, this is for a family of 6... 2 adults, and the kiddies are 10, 8, 6 & 4. :)

    Will be starting tomorrow with the March challenge... and looking forward to it!
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    greentgreent Forumite
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    My March doesn't really start until tomorrow, but the children informed me that the guinea pigs are out of hay, so I nipped to the local pet shop on the way home this morning for a large bag (£5.60). That's next to Aldi, so I also nipped in there for things I'd have gone in for in a couple of days (£22.89)
    SO.... March has started here with £28.49/ £400...

    ETA: just had confirmation that eldest son has got a place at grammar school, so some celebratory food may be the order of the day! :D
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    maid_in_cornwallmaid_in_cornwall Forumite
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    my march runs from 26 fab - 25 march, when the paydays are. Have already had a big shop at mr t's, but went in this morning for some top ups for the week. Had ariel on offer at £4 but when I got home and checked the receipt it had the normal price of £8.17 on it!

    If I hadn't been doing this challenge I would have never known, I never really check my receipts. I am now a challenge convert, so thank you for this forum!!!:T
    So I will be trundling back there in the morning so they can put £4.17 into my money saving hand!

    Good luck for March everyone, and thank you to the lovely people that run this forum.:)
  • Lindy_-_LooLindy_-_Loo Forumite
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    Can I have £275 for march please. Going back up to that total. Already done the big shop which was more expensive than normal.:eek:

    Good luck everyone x
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  • Can I have £250 for March?
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  • GorgeestwoGorgeestwo Forumite
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    Thanks for the new thread, yet again in Feb I sort of lost track the last few days as we were back from Disneyland and I was ill :(

    So lets hope 3rd month lucky and I actually keep track properly :o

    Please could I be put down for £300 in March, thats for 2 adults, 2 children (6yr old & 4yr old), 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, 2 rabbits and fish :) Thank you. :)
  • Good morning :j

    Happy March to everyone!!

    May I say a big thanks to all who have the mammoth task of running this thread :j

    Have just declared for Feb and am amazed that I have saved £75 ish from January and would like to go for £150 for March please.

    That'll be for me, him, 4 puddy tats and 1 dog :D

    Thank you xxx
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  • rachbcrachbc Forumite
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    £280 for me for march please - 2 adults, 1 hollow pre teen and 1 4 yo, plus the cat!

    I will add up as I go this month on my clever new iphone app to save the dreaded receipt totally at the end of the month!
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  • elly2elly2 Forumite
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    Many thanks to the ladies who start the thread :D. I can't declare my feb spend as i dont know what i spent but i know it wasn't much (dad more or less bought most of the shopping mainly the staples bread milk eggs pots and the rest of the food came out of the freezer :eek: now all i need to sort out is where the shopping money went :o)
    My march month will start tomorrow and the weekly budget will be £90 i am dropping it by £10 per week to try and save for our break at easter.

  • xshootingstarsxxshootingstarsx Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Here are my figures from this weekend. Will these add to my signature in a moment.

    A*DA: £45.07 (excludes toiletries, gifts and an umbrella for dh)
    Bought mostly fruit, veg, some sports energy drinks for dh as they were on offer, some veggie substitute freezer stuff, dairy products and some cupboard essentials for SW.

    Local Butcher: £10.00
    1kg chicken breast cubed, 1 baby chicken cut into small pieces, 2 packets of mixed spices and £1 for 200g of fresh coriander.

    £ Shop: £2.00 (excludes cleaning products)
    Some sweets for our movie night.

    Total: £57.07/£200
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