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March 2011 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 February 2011 at 1:01AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • boultdjboultdj Forumite
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    Can I be put down for $170 please Mrs.M.
    Good Luck everyone and Thank you lovely Ladie's who run the thread.
    £150/ £124.47
  • I totally lost count last month but i know i went over by a fair bit, i will do better this month....£375 please
    Have a Bsc Hons open degree from the Open University 2015 :j:D:eek::T
  • looielooie Forumite
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    morning all, can you put me down for my usual £100 for March please mrs m?

    I'm going to the dentist this morning so it will be a nsd grocery wise.

    Thanks :D
  • Morning!

    Thank you ladies for the new thread, spent £12.06 yesterday at sainsbugs on ribena, bread, biscuits, kettle crisps, 2x6pk crisps, prawns and mushrooms...oops! Amount spent already high for March!!:eek:

    Good luck to everyone for this months challange x
    Grocery Challange for DH, Me & 2 Fussy Cats (inc Grocerys, Cleaning Products & Cat Food)
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    G/C - Jan £248.52/£235.00 - Feb£214.72/£235.00
    NSD -May 3/31 Apr 10/30 Mar 3/31 Feb 6/28 NSD Jan 3/31
  • pixie1pixie1 Forumite
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    Debt-free and Proud!
    I lost track of my spending last month, i must do better this time!!!

    My budget for March is $400


    :jDebt Free At Last!:j
  • AlwaysHappyAlwaysHappy Forumite
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    Morning all, count me in again - I would once again like to aim for £200 for the month please, you never know - this could be THE month I actually achieve it, but I do know it would be a lot higher if it wasn't for this challenge!!
    I'm not a failure if I don't make it, I'm a success because I :tried!
  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    thanks for new thread:A

    im off shopping later so report damage this evening...dont need much but that has never stopped me spending before

    done a sc full of savoury mince so will be thinking what nice dishes to do with smells nice

    take care
    onwards and upwards
  • Morning Everyone , Just popping on to have a good look through the recipes for some ideas for the week, I love all the recipes being in one place, thankyou Rosieben :j

    Good luck for this month to everyone :beer:
    GC spend Jan so far £165.68/ £160 FEB £189 /£170
    MARCH £0/£170
    Beautiful pictures are formed from dark negatives , so when your having a dark day feel rest assured that a beautiful picture is being prepared for you :)
  • Huge thanks again to MRSMC, Pink-winged and rosieben for getting us going again - can't believe it's March already, scary!!

    Have already spent some of my March GC as I've ordered from DR again, it's not coming until the end of March but I've inlcuded it in this GC as I have the delivery that came last Friday to see us through this Month and the cost for that came out of Feb GC. Hope that makes sense.:cool:

    Need to check out the internet for Marg on special as we are down to our last tub.:eek: Also low on cooking marg and flour so a visit to the shops is in order later on.

    Have a good day everyone.:D
    GC for OH, myself, DD18 & DD16 includes Toiletries, cleaning stuff & Food.

  • the_catthe_cat Forumite
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    Oh good a new thread! Thanks as ever to those who put in the hard working running it for us....

    Need to be more motivated this month. Still well under budget (annual) but meals have been severely lacking in inspiration, meal planning non existant and the freezer is getting very depleted so will have to try harder. Perhaps a trawl through what I have followed by a proper search through the many recipies here would be a start

    MrsM - Current annual total now £375.69
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