Great 'Dating on the cheap' Hunt



  • My second date with my lovely partner invloved us going to a curry house because he had a bogof voucher.

    A few months into our relationship we went away with two couples he knew very couple stayed in the Hilton, one in the Ibis; guess who stayed above the kebab shop? Albeit across the road from the Hilton & dead centre in the city :-)
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    I think it all depends on your view of making a good impression. I can think of places I've been where the drink prices have been ridiculous and nothing to make up for it in terms of view or atmosphere and if I was in one of those places, I would really welcome someone knowing there was somewhere cheaper around the corner.

    It is of course hard to talk about these things before a first date, but much easier after a few dates when surely noone would mind vouchers being used, unless they were looking for someone to pay their way through life. In that case I would be happy for my vouchers to put them off.

    I've been with my boyfriend years but he appreciates that we get to visit nice places at a much reduced cost, including the hotel and restaurant reviews that I do where it is effectively free.
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    I love cheap dates. I find the deals and then my boyfriends pays. On Monday we went to the Science Museum (free entry), then Sophies Steakhouse for a two course lunch (bogof), then to see 'I am number 4' at the cinema (free tickets). Dates shouldn't be about the amount spent, but the fun had.
  • I love Les Miserables and my date knew this, so he arranged for us to go and see it. I was really excited until I realised that he knew the ushers and had arranged for us to sit in the usher's seats (right at the back facing down the stairway) so the ushers had to sit around our feet as we'd taken their seats. Then when anybody walked out to go to the bathroom or for the half-time break, they were giving us some very strange looks....I could've swallowed this following the theory that it's the thought that counts, but he guilt-tripped me into buying ice cream, sweets and drinks (really expensive at the theatre!) because he'd 'arranged' the date. So the date cost him nothing, but cost me quite a bit more than I'd planned for. It didn't work out with us, sadly....
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  • The first proper date with my boyfriend was a trip to the cinema....It was Hot Fuzz, it was released on Valentines Day and that happened to be an 'Orange Wednesday' so it was a 'cheap date'. We had also agreed before hand that neither of us were into Valentines Day and the forced spending associated with it, so we would just ignore the calendar and enjoy the movie. 4 years later we are still together, we don't do Valentines but we regularly make use of bogofs, vouchers, freebies and 'creative' entertainment/gifts. He tells me one of the things he loves about me are my frugal ways :D And if any of my friends makes a 'poor you' face at the lack of Valentines gifts... I point out that their other half only spoils them on VDay, mine spoils me every month or so 'just because' :happyhear
  • Totally free date. One boyfriend I had many years ago arranged to meet me at the gates of a local large park, I thought we might be going to the Hotel which was in the park for a meal or a drink. Wrong, we walked around the lake and then he steered me to some trees just out of sight of the general flow of the park and proceeded to grope me! It was clear he expected a lot more. Surprisingly, I didn't see him again.
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    Keybilly wrote: »
    Last week, my date took me bowling. As it was the first date, he paid for the tickets then I paid just under half back. Also he paid for the first drink and after the 2 games he said there was a bar near by that was cheaper. He chose to take me to the cheapest pub in the town which I don't think is right for a first date. I did buy the drink in the next bar, but on a first date you really need to make a good impression. If he had used vouchers for the bowling, this wouldn't have concerned me, but going to a cheap pub does!

    Are you seeing him again, maybe you can get a discount in the cheap bar if you're regulars.
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    Art Gallery was free. Nice few hours.
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    My partner took me out one year for my birthday, for a meal, at a restaurant that gave you your meal free if it was your Birthday. So he only had to pay for his own meal (which was also on special offer as it was a lunch time deal) and a couple of drinks. It didn't bother me that much though, was glad that he saved the money and could spend it on something more useful.
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  • I'd love a picnic date or a stop at a free concert - there are loads in London, especially in the summer. They could be quite happily combined at regents park or Hampstead heath on Sundays, with the jazz bands in the band stands. Would also love standing tickets at the Globe in summer time – only £5 a pop, and oh so cultured.

    When OH and I were poor as church mice he took me out to Battersea Park, pulled out two plastic champagne flutes and poured us some cider from a tin. Bubbly and from a distance, who would know the difference?
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