Great 'Dating on the cheap' Hunt

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Great 'Dating on the cheap' Hunt

Flashing a wad of 50% off restaurant vouchers isn't always the best way to impress a date (say it isn't so! - ML). We want to know if you've ever been that person, or that person's date and how it went! Plus your ideas for cheap dates.

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  • Decent spread of home cooked food for a picnic, bottle of wine or 2 and a trip to the park and bob is your mothers brother for £15 or less
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    I recently had a date where I took my date to a couple of places where I knew (because of her job) she could get a big discount. Cue acting surprised when she stated the fact, and happily picking up the tab myself. Happy days!
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  • My Hubbie and I go out on what we call ‘£10 dates’. This normally involves jumping in the car or on the Bus and going out on a day trip either to local nature reserves or free places of interest (mainly the museum) this normally only cost the petrol or the bus fare and the price of a cup of coffee and a cake and we both have a great time.
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    It wasn't a first date but before I married him, my hubby took me to a resturant and explained that he'd chosen that one because it had good reviews combined with the fact he had a buy one main meal and get another free voucher.
    It actually appealed to my moneysaving side, I appreciated the fact that he was taking me more upmarket than he would otherwise have done and when he explained that my meal had been free and therefore he was only buying my drink and desert I felt happier about letting him pay the lot (I was working and he was a student at the time).
    I was looking for a man who was sensible with money and the fact that he had researched and looked for a voucher was actually a big plus for me. In the end it turned out that it wasn't his usual way and his regular splashing out on things that we couldn't afford was a contributing factor in him becoming my ex-hubby.
  • Last week, my date took me bowling. As it was the first date, he paid for the tickets then I paid just under half back. Also he paid for the first drink and after the 2 games he said there was a bar near by that was cheaper. He chose to take me to the cheapest pub in the town which I don't think is right for a first date. I did buy the drink in the next bar, but on a first date you really need to make a good impression. If he had used vouchers for the bowling, this wouldn't have concerned me, but going to a cheap pub does!
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    Saving up for our wedding makes my fiance and I very inventive. Our cheapest date was trawling Ikea to sit in the design sets and dream up our 'house of the future' then eating the Wednesday specail at the cafe - 15 meatballs and chips for £1.50 each, dessert 75p each! We love that we're both frugal and had a good laugh that we were so cheap ;)
  • Ha cheapest dates are ones who don't turn up
  • Going on a winter picnic is one of my fave dates. Bake up some ginger biscuits, heat up a nice hot drink to put in a flask (e.g. hot chocolate, mulled wine, spiced apple juice) and go for a walk to a pretty park/forest. Bring a rug to put down on a bench while you have your biccies and drink and cuddle up :)
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    I was taken on a picnic once as a second date, and he said he'd sort out all of the food. He bought loads of bits for it and conjured it all out of his backpack, included a baguette folded in half! It can't have cost much but was fun :)
  • Welcome to a new extreme in dating everyone......and yes I really did stoop this low......

    Right. Casinos usually offer you a bit of something free when you join or maybe on your 2nd or 3rd visit. The Alea Casino in Nottingham offers you a £5 match bet and £5 off food for your second visit so here is the deal.

    You and the woman/man you wish to take out visit the casino the day before and register (its free) then walk out. Then the next day (officially your second visit) both of you go to roulette and use your £5 match bet on roulette. What this means is if you put £5 down the casino will match it and you keep any winnings, so: place one match bet on black and one on red on the SAME spin. This gives you a 97.3% chance of winning (due to house edge owing to zero nether being red or black) now this will mean you spent £10 of your own money on the bet but you receive back £15 if either colour comes in.

    Then we went over to the restaurant and had their £4.99 Sunday dinner they serve between 12 and 6 on a Sunday for free (due to the £5 off food vouchers).

    So we leave having had a free meal and being given £5 and to top it of we walked over to the pitcher and piano for a free pint as advertised in last weeks MSE email.

    Net profit £5 with which I went into tescos and bourght my girlfriend some a few red roses. I know, I know, I really am an old romantic.

    In the words of Neil Bucannon: "Try it yourself!"

    (on your third visit they give you a free £10 bet so take your next date there and place on red and black again for a 97.3% chance of making a free tenner!)
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