The Great Cheap Christmas Booze Hunt

What's the deal?

Now's the time supermarkets and shops are starting to offer special deals and discounts on booze for your Christmas stash.

So I thought I'd tap MoneySavers' collective knowledge to find the cheapest bottles of wine, whiskey/whisky, liqeur, beer etc to stock up.

What you need to do

Click reply to add your find.

Please include what it is, where it's from, how much and, if online a link, and whether there's a charge for delivery.


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  • Asda are doing bottles of Beringer white zinfandel wine in store for just over £3 a bottle instead of the usual £6 bottle. I am gonna stock up once I get paid! :T
  • jetty
    jetty Posts: 3,011 Forumite
    tescos have 1 litre bottles of Teachers going for £11.99, their own 1 litre brand is the same price! also Carolans for £6.98 and their Baileys is now under a tenner :)
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  • CathChat
    CathChat Posts: 164 Forumite
    Sainsburys are doing 2 70cl bottles of:


    2 mix and match for £18.00.

    I bought a bottle of baileys and smirnoff friday ready for Christmas. But the Baileys magicly dissapeared ; ).
  • softuk
    softuk Posts: 60
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    If you're thinking about a quick booze cruise to Calais, then consider the offer by Majestic (called wine and beer world in France) If you pre-order £300 worth of booze - not a lot if there are four of you) then they will either pay for a fast ferry ticket for the car and passengers, or if you prefer as my friend and I do to go by Eurotunnel, then they give £30.00 towards the cost.
    We've done this a few times, and it saves a lot of time - more for shopping for other goodies.
  • andi2
    andi2 Posts: 708
    First Anniversary
    Asda are doing 3 packs of lager/beer/cider for £24 in store

    6 packs for £48 on the website

    £3.99 delivery charge

    but if you use one of the £10 on-line vouchers then it's £41.99 including delivery

    for some reason it doesn't come up with the full discount when you put it in your basket, I contacted customer services who told me to phone them if it wasn't right when it was delivered. All the discounts came off on delivery though. :>))
    Smile and be happy, things can usually get worse!
  • Andi, most of the vouchers are £10 off for a min £50 spend (EX p&p), add a 4 pack of something to add the extra £2+

    Asda Internet Customer Services are very hit and miss in theose circumstances.

  • andi2
    andi2 Posts: 708
    First Anniversary
    stuwilky wrote:
    Andi, most of the vouchers are £10 off for a min £50 spend (EX p&p), add a 4 pack of something to add the extra £2+

    Asda Internet Customer Services are very hit and miss in theose circumstances.


    There's a £10 off £35 at the moment :>))

    edited to add : it wasn't the voucher code that I had problems with - it's the actual discount for buying 6 packs that doesn't show up correctly on-line.
    Smile and be happy, things can usually get worse!
  • Apologies Andi, jumping to conclusions again!! ;-)
  • teddyco
    teddyco Posts: 397
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    I am actually intrigued with this upcoming ruling that is set to allow online ordering of alcohol and cigarettes after November 23rd, 2006 if the EU court passes it into law.

    I can only imagine the deals and the savings........willing to wait and see.
  • Well no one seems to have mentioned it yet, but what about to new ruling thats happening the EU test case on duty already paid in the country of purchase. A report in the sun (14.11.06. ) goes on about the cost of product that we can order from a EU country and delivered to your door. the duty & taxes already being paid in the country of origin so we pay the cost from that country plus p+p. Sounds good if it happens, we don't seem to get much from the EU and the other member countrys seem to get better deals than we do. Well thats my little moan done with.
    Just to quote the sun prices we can order from latvia.
    kronenbourg 1664 24 x44cl for £9.20 plus p+p:beer:
    fosters 24 x 50cl £8.50 plus p+p:beer:
    stella artois 24 x25cl £4.75 plus p+p:beer:
    bell's whiskey 1 litre £10.83 plus p+p:beer:
    bacardi 1 litre £10.05 plus p+p:beer:
    just to mention a few.
    and if anybodys intrested 200 lambert & butler are £6.90 from latvia.

    If you were to buy one of each of the above mentioned in the uk it would have cost £152.98 but from latvia £50.23 plus about £15.00 p+p saving £87.75 not a bad saving. only problem the paper does not say where to order these. ( unless anybody knows a web site to order these items) so watch out for the 23rd nov to see the outcome of this EU ruling.

    And if not the coop are doing a 1 litre bottle of glen moray single malt for £14.99 was £24.99.:j :j :j :j
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