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Not my post - but one from Villaneme buried in another thread. A few people have tried it and it works, so i thought it deserved its own space.

"This one is for TalkTalk users:

Before you switch to OneTel, call talktalk (0800-049 1010) and let them know you're thinking about canceling with them because OneTel is now cheaper.

I did this today, and they offered me the talk3 plan (unlimited free calls - weekdays and weekends) for 6.50/month (instead of the usual 12.99 - Onetel charges 10.99 for a similar plan). This will last for at least 6 months.

Not sure if this is standard procedure.
Hope you're lucky. "
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  • villaneme
    villaneme Posts: 45 Forumite
    When I called TalkTalk, I was actually trying to cancel my current plan Talk1 (as I had already signed up with OneTel). The call was then transferred to someone else who made the offer.

    6.50 per month for unlimited calls - this plan is described here

  • Norman-B
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    Contacted TalkTalk this morning, "Sorry Sir, that is a special rate for existing customers. Would you like to join at £12.99?" "No thank you!"
  • payless
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    I phoned up (Sainsburys TalkTalk- you get nectar points) on the old £3pm free local offpeak tariff
    bugg@r I used an 0870 number!

    Was fairly honest to them.

    said I had recommended their service to a friend a while a go (I did recommend it to lots) who was planning to move to onetel £10.99 deal and was offered a deal from TalkTalk to stay - chap said yes at £12.99, I said , buts that more expensive! - so he I'll put you thro' to another department -
    that person was more than happy to swap me to £6.50 deal.
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  • BigAde
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    Hmmm...So what if I signed up and then phoned to cancel a day later?
    A bit sneaky perhaps, but may be worth a try... ?
    Ah! Good old trusty beer... I hope you never change.
  • sabelu
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    I have the same deal now do I have to cancel with onetel or do talktalk do it for me ?
    It pays to challenge
  • villaneme
    villaneme Posts: 45 Forumite
    Based on Norman's experience, it does seem to be a special offer to existing customers. Of course, talktalk doesn't want to loose market share.

    could make a little more clear? Are you with talktalk or onetel at the moment?

  • System
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    I spoke to "Greg" at TalkTalk (I'm on the Talk70 - no monthly fee) and asked about the deal and he said they weren't offernig it to people, it depends. I asked what it depended on and he didn't really know. He also said he didn't know what OneTel were offering and I should change if I want to!!!!
  • Just phone talktalk as suggested. Had one horrible moment when I was told I was beiung transferred to "cancellations" but after a short wait was put through to the "special team" who offered me the discount with no prompting or debate.
    However, this only works for current talktalk customers (I was already on the talk3 plan).
    I'm gobsmacked at the simplicity of just saving myself a load of dough on this - thank you to all concerned.
  • I assume my problems was that I wasn't paying a monthly fee and needed to be on Talk3 before they reduced the amount (which is fair enough I suppose!)
  • System
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    :-/ :-[
    Just spoke to talk talk
    They were not interested in £6.50 deal, but did tell me they were sponsoring Big Brother!
    They say as a very competitive company they regularly review their prices but have no information on new price structures.
    I told them I would be considering moving to One Tel, but still no offer. :-[ :-[
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