Stop watching those TV ads and gain an hour a week !

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Stop watching those TV ads and gain an hour a week !

edited 15 February 2011 at 3:30PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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PrimrosePrimrose Forumite
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edited 15 February 2011 at 3:30PM in Old Style MoneySaving
Triggered by another thread where somebody was bewailing the pressure on their time, I was reflecting how much dead time per week many of us unconsciously waste when the TV adverts come on.

How about helping ourselves to be better organised and sharing all those small household tasks we could get on top of during those short breaks which might help us feel we're more organised?

Some of mine:

1. Doing a few 'keep fit' exercises.
2. Emptying the laundry basket and throwing it into the washing
3. Dusting a couple of furniture items near the TV.
4. Cleaning out the gunge from the bottom of the toothbrush mug !
(might need a whole TV programme if I've left it for a while !)
5. Sloshing some disinfectant down the sink or the loo.
6. Putting some items outside into one of the Recycling Boxes
7. Emptying the kitchen compost crock onto the compost heap.

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    ragz_2ragz_2 Forumite
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    What a fab idea! I am still on analog TV channels (no pausing live tv here!) so I could definitely use something to do in the ad breaks (especially to distract from the food ones that make me hungry!). I don't as a rule do housework in the evenings as that's my time off but a few minutes wouldn't hurt!

    Could set yourself little challenges to see how many things you can pick up off the floor during the break.
    Find school uniforms for the next day.
    Prep nappies for the next day (if using washables)
    Wipe dining table.
    Fluff cushions...
    Ragz is busy studying ;)
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  • kitschykitschy Forumite
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    Primrose, I'm so glad I'm not the only one doing this! :D

    I challenge myself to do things in the space of a break, like cleaning the sinks, wiping the worktops, and other small cleaning jobs like taking things from the wrong room to the right room.

    And if I'm feeling motivated, sit-ups!

    It's amazing how much you can get done, and it's much easier to do things in short little bursts as it doesn't seem like as much of a chore. I also work full time, and have another job a few nights a week, and this really works for me.
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  • How about stop watching TV altogether [or just watch specific programmes that you REALLY REALLY want to watch] - it gives you a new lease of life.
    If you haven't got it - please don't flaunt it. TIA.
  • Sublime_2Sublime_2 Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    How about giving up MSE. I find a few hours less can help me get a whole lot done. :p
  • kymbogskymbogs Forumite
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    How about stop watching TV altogether [or just watch specific programmes that you REALLY REALLY want to watch] - it gives you a new lease of life.

    Totally agree! We very rarely have the tv on unless it is to watch something specific, which is usually on catch-up or dvd so no ads.
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  • salstersalster Forumite
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    I've trying to do bits in the adverts for the last few years. It's amazing what you can get done :)
    Aiming to be Debt free by October 2013 :D
  • jcr16jcr16 Forumite
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    i generally giv emyself a task in the advert's, i'll unload dishwasher, refill it, make lunc boxes, hoover, take bins out, wash and dry hair then can straighteb while watching, etc etc.

    but one thing i do like doing is when the prog starts i hit the pause button on sky , and spend 15 mins say doing quick little job's. so when i dod sit down i can just wizz past the advert's.
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  • valk_scotvalk_scot Forumite
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    I only watch DVDs or things that I really want to watch. I don't just sit down and watch an evening of telly irrespective of what's on. If I am watching telly I usually knit or do mending at the same time as I simply can't sit with empty hands. Advert breaks? I either put the kettle on or check my email I'm afraid. The dust can wait another year.
  • Pink_GiraffePink_Giraffe Forumite
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    We very rarely watch TV and when we do we hardly ever watch when it's on - usually recorded or we have seasons of specific things on DVD. A lot of mine and OH's colleagues find it odd that we have time to do so many things but that is the reason!

    My mum watches a lot of TV - going to suggest the ad break challenge to her - she has been ill and shouldn't do much at once so probably a good thing for her to try!
  • adelightadelight Forumite
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    Definitely! I don't watch much tv and only on iplayer/4od but while stuff is loading/titles/adverts I wash up or do a quick tidy :D I just can't stand sitting there!
    Living cheap in central London :rotfl:
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