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Credit searches by Aviva Central Services

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Credit searches by Aviva Central Services

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ybbon66ybbon66 Forumite
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This isn't specifically credit card but it seemed to fit best in this forum.

Short story, we paid off a Mint card just before Christmas that had defaulted and is basically killing my credit rating - I want to BT an MBNA card with a crazy interest rate so was just checking my rating to see what has happened. I know the default will not be removed was just being thorough and looking.

I used callcreditcheck to get the free report (sign up for 30-days and cancel before payment is due). Anyway I noticed a whole load of Aviva Central Services searches, about 3 a year for the last few years with the last on 26/12 - which is odd as I never made any searches then that I recall and I never use Aviva anyway. Just as an aside, I have a 20 years+ clean driving record, I'm over 40 - every other insurance quote is usually around £250-300 - Aviva - over £900! I asked them once why it was so bad and they couldn't explain it.

Anyway as you can see their quotes are so wildly out of whack as a point of principle I never use them so why are they making searches unprompted? I'm not sure it makes a fundamental difference on my report anyway just wondered if anyone knows why they would make these searches? I'll have a check and make sure I didn't instigate that but it was Boxing Day and I'm pretty sure I never used my computer at all that day.

April 2008 - Epiphany - At least £28K owed to 5 CC's
[STRIKE]Mint (3k)[/strike] - Paid Dec 2010
[strike]Egg (2K)[/strike] - Paid 2009
[STRIKE]Barclaycard (5K)[/strike] - Paid Jan 2013
[strike]FirstDirect (11k)[/strike] - Paid June 2013
MBNA [strike](8K)[/strike]/£4183 -August 2014 -Resurrection - MBNA to be paid in full 8/14 :j


  • dunstonhdunstonh Forumite
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    I asked them once why it was so bad and they couldn't explain it.

    If the people on the phone were qualified to answer that they would not be on the phone.
    so why are they making searches unprompted?

    Have you obtained quotes via quote comparison sites?
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  • They wont be credit searches, they will be insurance quote searches and will NOT affect your credit file.
  • @dundtonh - sorry I should have been clear, I know they were probably comparison sites but I didn't do any searches on the 26th, other days I couldn't be sure but that was a memorable day and I don't have any need of a quotation right now which is why it was curious.

    Well, so long as it has no impact on the credit rating no matter.

    Thanks for the replies.
    April 2008 - Epiphany - At least £28K owed to 5 CC's
    [STRIKE]Mint (3k)[/strike] - Paid Dec 2010
    [strike]Egg (2K)[/strike] - Paid 2009
    [STRIKE]Barclaycard (5K)[/strike] - Paid Jan 2013
    [strike]FirstDirect (11k)[/strike] - Paid June 2013
    MBNA [strike](8K)[/strike]/£4183 -August 2014 -Resurrection - MBNA to be paid in full 8/14 :j
  • Hi all

    I have come across this page via a Google search for Aviva Central Services, which I did because of searches that they made on me.

    I have online access to my credit report and there are 2 Aviva searches on there. They are listed as credit searches, not other searches, unrecorded entries or enquiries.

    I have shopped around for car insurance, but not for credit/installment payments to pay for the insurance.

    Credit searches do lower your credit rating/score, while other searches don't, so I am going to complain to them and I will update on my progress.
  • After being on the phone since the last time I posted here, and being transferred to 4 different people, of whom the first 3 seemed to be in India, I got through to the switchboard in Norwich, direct phone number 01603 622200.

    The nice lady there took down my details to arrange a callback.
  • Did you get any further with this?

    I have one on my file, it says General Insurance (Credit). I'm unsure what this type of search is and if it effects me, as it states credit in brackets..

  • TadleyBaggieTadleyBaggie Forumite
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    Since Aviva are not on any comparison sites, I can't see how using one triggers an Aviva search.
  • older_wiserolder_wiser Forumite
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    i've also just got a credit search on my file from aviva. its not on equifax or experian just callcredit. so i'd also like to know the answer to this question as i haven't requested any quotes etc.
  • I also have these aviva searches on my account, once a year, in march, and i have no policies that renew in march, grrr. let em know if anyone gets to the bottom of why they are doing these/ under what guise.
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