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February 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • prophecy_grrlprophecy_grrl Forumite
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    My February GC aim is £171.63 - I've deducted January overspend of £28.37 from my £200 original goal!

    Good luck all xxx
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  • sistercassistercas Forumite
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    2nd NSD :j only 'cos ive been at work lol
    going to t3sco and sainsbugs tomorrow , i have checked everything on my [EMAIL="superm@rket"][email protected][/EMAIL] first to get the best deal

    think i might make some twinks tomorrow , they might last for an hour or so :D
  • JolaaledJolaaled Forumite
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    Sunnyday wrote: »
    This week i`ve baked some twinks and also the delicious marmalade cake that someone posted, i`m not 100% sure that i remember who it was but Jolaaled your name springs to mind so thanks very much for posting the recipe :A

    Halfway through adding the ingredients i discovered that the jar of marmalade that i had was actually a jar of plum jam :D so i used that instead and it was lovely.


    I'm glad the cake turned out jam instead...sound really delish..must make a note to remind myself to try that in the summer when I make my jam! Did you still add spices too??
  • Helloooooo!
    First shop of the month.

    Thank you!
  • kitschykitschy Forumite
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    Wish me luck - just about to go to Mr A for the first (and biggest, apart from the Pets at Home trip), shop of the month. Apart from fizzy drinks (on offer at Mr S), milk, bread and fresh veg, this should be me for the month. Famous last words......:p
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  • Was meant to be cooking HM pizzas tonight, but didn't want everyone to catch the nasty stomch bug I had earlier in the week. So £4 spent in icel*nd on 2 pizzas and some chocolate bars for packed luches, and £10.57 in Mr T's on dishwasher tablets and other bits.

    Also spent £16.50 on dentist appointment and been told that I need to go back for a couple of fillings and one of them might end up being a crown - in which case it will set me back £198 :eek:. Not GC, but the money's going to have to come from somewhere
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    MothershipMothership Forumite
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    edited 2 February 2011 at 9:46PM
    My daughter was placing an order from T***o and let me add a few things.

    GC Feb
    2 packs Asparagus £2
    2 kilos of Butternut Squash £2
    2 Packs of pudding rice £1.98 Total Spend £5.98

    Thats me got enough fruit and veg for a week or more.

    2nd Purse (also from T***o)
    6 Packs of Napolina Rigate Bronze Pasta B1G1F £6.27
    6 Robinsons Fruit Barley Tropical B1G1F £3.75 Total Spend £10.02

    Also went to S********s, all their sale clothes are reduced to £1
    DD and I got £450 worth for £26 all great stuff. Got two pairs of suede moccasins for £1 each toastie toes :j

    Thank you for all the inspiration , going to tackle my apple hoard tomorrow :T

    OH wanted a bacon sandwich for dinner ???? so I didn't want to cook for myself just had cottage cheese, we will probably be starving come breakfast LOL.
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  • salskisalski Forumite
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    Well been out tonight and got ALL my fruit and veg for the week, and hopefully it will last a bit loger than that too. £70 down out of £280 budget x
    Loan finished Sep 2010 - HSBC CC - WAS £750 now £0! Natwest CC - WAS £1600 now £100 - Overdraughts to be worked on! WILL be debt free by mid 2011!!!
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  • meanmariemeanmarie Forumite
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    Spent €5.99 to-day on large chicken, which will be stretched till it breaks!

    Weight 08 February 86kg
  • I have spent 65 out of the 120 oops!
    As many NSD in 2011 as possible, Get Grocery bill as low as possible and Save as much as possible
    :):j LETS DO THIS!
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