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stupid I know....however I have got it now and am just after some basic not too clear.....

my car tax ran out of last november 2004. its just been left in the garage, I should of declared sorn....but forgot!

anyhow I have been fined.....

it says I have 3 things I need to do

1) pay a penalty of £40

2)license the vehicle if being used

3)pay the arrears of duty calculated = £18.34

now this may be stating the obvious here but want to make sure.....have I got pay both 1+3...totalling £58.34?or is it just the first one?

the car is now going to be declared sorn and not used.....

thanks for your time.


  • Saying you haven't used the vehicle isn't an option as you didn't declare sorn... I'd say you'll have to pay £58.34
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    makes you wonder what will be introduced next......

    Failure to tax a motor vehicle is a crime, not a tax.
  • Ah, but that is only because our beloved Chancellor chooses to give his tax a criminal element!
  • Simple solution to this - if in fact you got your tax reminder/sorn application in the first place - is to say you've sent it back and it's lost in the post.I've done this successfully.Don't let the basta-ds grind you down! Bonzo.
  • I think you just have to pay the £40 and send in your SORN statement with it.

    This happened to me some years ago just after the SORN statements were introduced. The vehicle was off the public highway and unused and I just didn't think to do it, it was all new to me. Anyway, I had to pay £25 as it was at that time but did not have to pay any arrears.

    Hope this is of some help.

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    Its not a tax at all and as long as you follow the rules it doesn't cost you (at the moment!).

    Whilst I think car tax should be scrapped and replaced with an extra 1p on a petrol as it would be a fairer system (the more you use the more you pay) car tax has been around for years and is nothing new.

    Dodging car tax is a criminal offence and as such should be punished as should not having insurance or as from today hunting with hounds!

    As to the answer phone up the number on the fine and ask!
  • Hmmmm this has me a little worried now :eek:

    My ex-hubby gave me a car a couple of years ago but I had an accident (rendering me unable to drive since) about a month before the tax was due to run out so didn't bother to renew it as I couldn't use the car anyway, and it has been kept off-road at my ex's ever since. I don't recall signing anything to say the car was out of use though as I was in hospital for some time following my accident.

    My ex recently asked me to transfer the ownership of the car back to him as he wants to get it back on the road again, so I filled in the log book and sent it off etc, but now I'm worried they may query the whereabouts of the car for the last 18mths when he goes to tax it.

    Could they possibly force me to pay 18mths worth of road tax and/or fine me if I didn't declare to them the car was out of use? How can I prove that the car has been kept off-road for all that time? :confused:
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    Curry_Queen - is it possible that your ex sent in the required notification while you were in hospital? I don't know the answer to your question, but, hopefully you'll find some helpful info here:
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