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This discussion relates to the guide to

Cheap MOT certificates and local council test centres
which includes a full list of the special test areas

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  • DJChrisDJChris Forumite
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    The County Council's MOT Test Centre in Worcester is

    Sixways Depot, Off Junction 6, M5 (Next to the Rugby ground)

    Telephone 01905 753000

  • NOWSENOWSE Forumite
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    Oldham Council due MOTs at their Operational Services Depot, Moorhey Street, Oldham. Tel no. 0161 911 4446.
    It cost £32 a fortnight ago when I took my van.
  • sdl811sdl811 Forumite
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    Anyone know of a Council run MOT center in Fife, Scotland?
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  • BobTooBobToo Forumite
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    Dunno about that but I find Motatest in Cupar very reasonable. They don't do repairs, other than tyres, and you get a free retest if you take it back within a fortnight. They seem to be pretty sensible about what does and doesn't pass.
  • I got my car tested today at the Lancashire Ambulance Service Vehicle Service Centre in Preston.

    Although it failed they were able to repair it later in the day and they gave me a lift home (not in an ambulance tho!) so I could leave the car with them!

    The cost of the test and the repair were reasonable and the service was fantastic - I'll definitely be using them for servicing/MOT in the future.

    I also got one of those new style MOT certificates thet let you apply for your road tax online - it looks like somebody has dragged the DVLA into the 21st century!
  • Another ESSEX one, Langston Road Depot in Loughton. First time I ever took a car there (years ago) the fella did the test then said "Hang on a mo" and disappeared. He came back with a new side light bulb and said "No point failing you for that, I'll mark it down to the next council car I service". Always pleasant, but they do prefer if you book.
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  • AlanSAlanS Forumite
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    The garage I've always gone to is Allesley Garage In Coventry.

    Usually they charge for an MOT with a free retest with 14 days, but every Saturday morning between 9 and 12 they do free "Pre-Mot Tests" ( there's a maximum age restriction on the car .. not sure what it is, but my car, a W reg, still qualifies ).

    Basically, if your car passes .... you pay to get your MOT certificate ... if it doesn't, you pay nothing. You can't lose.

    I've been going there for years. I don't know of any other garages locally to me which offer the same.

    Cost me 40 quid last Saturday.
  • Stevenage Borough Council, London Road has an MOT centre...but hurry...come April site being turned over to B & Q and Council in their widsom are discontinuing MOT :rolleyes:
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    martyn82martyn82 Forumite
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    Bristol City Council, Fleet Services, carry out MOT's for members of the public.
    We can MOT Motorcycles, Cars, Minibuses, Motor-homes, Light goods vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes
    We do not carry out any repairs.
    If your vehicle fails it will need to be taken to another garage for repair.
    The MOT failure will outline what needs to be done and our experienced testers can explain any issues further.

    Our address is..

    Bristol City Council
    Fleet Services
    Sandy Park Road
    BS4 3NZ

    Tel 0117 9036 319 Appointments are neccessary.:T
    Please see the Bristol City Council website for more details.

    We charge £48 for the test (cars) and if it fails, its half price within 10 working days afterwards. Different fees for the other classes of vehicles apply.
    You can pay by Cash, and with most Credit/Debit Cards.:T
    Opening hours are 7am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and
    Fridays 7am to 4.30pm
  • I used Kwik Fit for my last MOT. If you book online ( it only costs you £25 (Though I did have to remind the guy at the till!)

    The only item that failed was the angle of the lights and they fixed they for free.
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