The Great Declutter Part 3 - 2011

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Hi everyone :wave:

I have been asked whether I wanted to start a new Decluttering Thread, and as it is still proving useful to some members, have opened a new one for 2011.

I keep dipping in and out, and am put to shame by everyone's efforts :o

No, I'm still not there yet, but definitely next year ...:rotfl:

And I think I will start declaring what is going out. Might keep me more focused.

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  • Thanks for starting this thread.My house stillhas plenty that needs to be dumped/sold/re-homed.
    Got off to a good start in Jan & Feb this year then just fizzled out.
    Did make a start today & chucked some old carrier bags & put some items back into the boot of the car where they belong. Not much but better than nothing.
  • Thank you for a 2011 thread. I'm going to start when DS goes back to school next week. We are expecting another baby but as the house is no bigger I need to find more space by decluttering where ever possible.
  • Rummer
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    I have been decluttering with a passion and have managed to clear a lot of space over the last few months which has been bliss! Many of the things have gone to friends and family of through freecycle so they have found new and loving homes!
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  • I'm in. In the next week or so my decluttering mission begins and I'll go through my cupboards trying to get rid of what I don't need. I am a bit of a hoarder anyway, so it'll be good to get things a bit clearer. Thanks for starting a 2011 thread!

    KB xx
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  • beemuzed
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one who still has a long, long way to go on the decluttering front. Nice new thread too. Thank you!
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  • Money_maker
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    I'm back on board again. Got a little bit done today but even though kids are at MIL's, don't feel very motivated.

    Must try harder.

    Thanks for the new thread - reckon I'll be signing up for a few more years yet!
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  • *Jellie*
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    Thanks for the new thread- I haven't posted much but have done really well over the last year. I still have a lot to do though. Targets for 2011
    1. Sort out study, utility room, bedroom 3, garage and sheds.
    2. Continue to whittle away at clothes, books, DVDs etc. To get them within the space limits I am aiming for.
    3. Operate a one in, one out system.
    4. Use it or lose it!
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    Hia cm :)

    Thanks for the new thread. :A I'm defo in again for 2011.

    I also did well in 2010 (see sig!). But we've had a lot of illness again this year and so things have been slipping again.

    My targets for 2011 are:
    - Clutter free lounge
    - Organised understairs cupboard that can fit the hoover!
    - Organised kitchen with as little stuff as possible on the surfaces
    - Box room sorted with new furniture to store family photos and stuff
    - Other spare room sorted with a smaller PC desk
    - Employ a cleaner to help keep things ship shape

    I'm just finishing off my final target for 2010 to get rid of 500 things in 5 days - ie by 1st Jan (I started this Monday). That will leave my total things decluttered at nearly 2,010 things. Eeek! :o
    :) Declutter 300 things in December challenge, 9/300. Clear the living room. Re-organize storage
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  • Callisto
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    Yippee, pretty shiny new thread, thanks charlies_mum! :D

    My aims for 2011 are:

    To declutter the spare room and to be able to use it as a multi function guest room and home gym without tripping over everything.

    To find a 'place' for everything.

    To stop my pc desk from being a paperwork 'hotspot', I'm going to set up a proper filing system!
  • Sue14
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    I'm definitely in, I've got rid of loads this year but still have a long way to go, I'm not back to work until Friday and then I've got another 3 days off, so will try to do some de-cluttering while I'm off.
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