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January 2011 Grocery Challenge

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    thanks for mentioning mango cake mothership i wouldnt have thought of that, ive got 2 that need using up so will go off and look for the recipie beofre i nip shops to see if i need anything for it, ive got a butternut squash lurking in the fridge but theres a recipie for a veggie cheesy bread pudding in the essentials mag i got yesterday so id earmarked that for using up in one of those for tonights tea.
    saturday night is always hm pizza via the breadmaker for sunday theres a quorn roast in the freezer that didnt get used at christmas and monday we are going out for a meal

    just googled and found a vegan (eggless) mango cake so going to try that one as vegan DD will be visiting manday so should hopefully be a slice left for her to try.
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    Mothership wrote: »
    I was tidying up the freezer last night and I noticed a couple of packs of chicken had a little freezer burn, does anyone know if these will be safe to eat? Or are the wee strays that live in my garden going to have a feast.

    My experience is that freezer burn might mean the texture isn't as good (makes the food dry, usually), but I've never had any problem beyond that.

    First big shop of the year last night, I'm currently trying to work out how that cost so much! I think it's mainly from a lot of fresh fruit & veg, so at least it's only cash-guilt, not diet-guilt :rotfl:
  • Bit late in the game but I'd like to join, my monthly budget for 2 adults and a very hungry cat is £100
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    theres a quorn roast in the freezer that didnt get used at christmas

    Mine didn't get used either. I cooked the turkey and forgot to put my veggie roast in, only remembered 10 mins before everything was ready and it takes 45 mins:(

    We have had a bit of a change of plan. DH and I have decided to do a detox between now and his birthday on 5th Feb. We both need to lose a few pounds and need a break from Christmas and winter stodge. We are doing the Carol V0daphone one which we have used before but not taking the supplements as they cost a fortune and are not really necesary.

    I have done my meal plan for the week and will shop today and Wed/Thurs as I will need more fresh stuff. I will go over my weekly allowance this week but some of the items will last a week or 2 hopefully. I am really looking forward to gorging on lots of fresh fruit:p

    I have a £5 Mr M voucher so will go there first, then will probably need to go to Mr T to get some of the more specialised items, they have a big nutr1 centre too that sells all the health food stuff if I can't get it in the main store but I am not buying anything too weird so I should be ok in the main store.

    My veg box has arrived this morning with 12 eggs and 4pts skimmed cows milk. I will freeze the milk until after the detox and will bake with some of the eggs and freeze the results and eat a few over the next 2 weeks as they are not really allowed on the plan but I am not wasting them:)

    My veg box has gone up about 5% like everything else this year. More incentive to ensure that I use every last bit. Got chard and beetroot in it today so will be cooking those for the first time this weekend using a couple of recipes from my new HFW book:D

    Will report back with my spends this afternoon.
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    I hadn't planned on spending much at Mr T this morning but ........ they had loads of 1/2 price offers on lots of things that we use so I decided to stock up a little bit :p

    Spent 78.79 but I think I've got enough food for the month now. It was helped by the fact that they were selling their Xmas frozen joints/salmon 1/2 price so I picked up a few (6) :o sides of salmon (£2.50 each) and 2 joints of pork (£5 each) and 2 gammon (£5 each). Added with what I've still got in the freezer I shouldn't have to do a big shop again this month and should come in under budget :j.
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  • I have done my bulk shop for the month and the cupboards are bursting, £94.73 spent out of £150 budget. Sorting my meal plan now!
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  • Morning all.

    See from all the posts we are all trying our very best to keep doing well.

    Did remainder of weekly shop last night. Normally friday but as I was in town for SW(2 lb off) I decided to save diesel by getting it over with last night.
    Used MY SUPERMARKET Mr T was the cheapest for what I needed, printed the list.

    Had to go to Lidl to get muesli my hubby loves...compared and swapped some items saving me more money!!!!spent £29.90 but £18.90 for 10 bags cereal included so I am delighted with that.
    Am going to do this in future!

    So Tesco with lots of whoopsies...would have cost £33.38 actually cost £12.94....ORGANIC CARROTS SPROUTS AND PARSNIPS reduced from £1 to 25p....
    Pitta went to get 3/4 packs at 25p came out wih 10x we are well pitta d! for the for-see-able future!
    Lamb steaks ... £2 down from £4.

    Happy enough with signature this week. Have youngest sons 15th on sunday and have ordered a cake but that was saved for in a little glass jar plus lots of sweets etc left over from Christmas so thats me done spending until monday ... I hope :)

    Noticing some members use seperate purses for grocery shopping ... good idea.

    I start the week with £100 in a golden syrup tin and a seperate one with £30 for school meals etc... so I hope I will save some in the main tin this month.

    Take care all

    "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream" :) C. S. Lewis
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    Hi peeps :wave:

    wow - can`t believe how fast the thread is growing this month, i still have another ten pages or so to read before i`ve fully caught up. I shall sit down with a cuppa later and do just that :D

    I have three spends to report so far this month, the first was £13.89 in MrM and the second was £18.59 and that was also in MrM, not bad for two weeks shopping. Istill have lots of staples in from my pre winter stock up which i`m now starting to use up.

    I did this as we were expecting to be snowed in for a while and i was soo glad of it all as i didn`t have to worry about getting to the shops, we now have more snow today :eek: its falling at about and inch every 90 minutes and shows no sign of stopping so i walked to the Co-Op for the offers.

    I bought the 160 Typoo teabags that were £1.89 and two of the half price curry sauces and two packs of half price naan bread, i also bought a large bar of choccy for a cake that i`m planning on baking later so another spend of £5.01 today. I`m really pleased as i`m halfway through my month as it runs payday to payday and i`ve only spent £37.49 so far :j:j all the savings are going into the mortgage OP pot.

    I still have all the pet food budget left too and i could get by in theory without any this month but if there are any offers on then i shall probably spend the lot and stock back up. I had planned to pop to MrM today to see if the rumoured cat food offer was on at our local one but the snow has put paid to that, other than eggs i think we are sorted until Monday at least :D

    I`m off to update my siggy :D

    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
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    Morning all

    Been MIA but now need to get my act together, have still been watching the spends just not recording it on here! PLEASE SIGN ME UP FOR JAN GC FOR £375 I know it's a bit late but better late than never. Have done my first Jan shop today at MrA and spent £59.58. Was really quiet in the supermarket, possibly due to the rain absolutely bucketing down though. Will be trying to do some baking later to use up some of the bits in the fridge.

    Have a good weekend everyone, stay safe.
  • Jo4nneJo4nne Forumite
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    Could I join the challenge please? have been lurking around for a while and found loads of useful advice from this fab forum. Have already started keeping my food receipts when I found this thread, so could you put me down for £100 for January?

    Many thanks

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