January 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • Scratch that, spent another £10 today! Shouldn't have declared before Sunday, I knew I would spend more when I was at work.

    I will shut myself in the house this weekend so no more spends!
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    Hey all,

    Had a trip to L*** yesterday. Bought own brand bread flour, eggs and sweet potatoes. Total £2.90.
    me too :D

    Last night put ingredients in the breadmaker and on return from MIL came in to a beautiful bakery smell. Bread is great with cheaper flour - was always worried about downgrading - only problem i have is getting the damn loaf out of the pan. Does anyone else have this problem? EVERY TIME it happens and i even greased the blades first and it STILL got stuck. grrrr. :(


    my loaf always gets stuck so now , i use the dough setting and put into a loaf tin and finish it off in the oven - hardly takes any time and i dont have to faff prising the bread out

    I have just blanched a load of parsnips that i bought last week and didnt use, they are now bagged up and labelled ;) and in the freezer

    back from t3sco and sainsbugs , i have definitely gone over , I keep buying whoopsies when i dont need to 'cos i cant resist a bargain :o I have enough food in for at least 2-3 weeks of main meals

    declaring at £486 :o(dh's £17 spend last night on beer and cake hasnt helped :eek:)

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    Spiggle- glad that dh is not seriously injured, what a shock he must have had.

    Shopping yesterday and between Te$co, Morri$on$ and Ice!and I spent £52.66 apart from a newspaper tomorrow and maybe bacon that’s is it.
    I managed to get a chicken reduced to £3.00 with one days date left on it, so it was cut in half, one half frozen and the other half I took the breast off it and along with 1 rasher of bacon, some onions, mushrooms, garlic, broccoli and cheese sauce made chicken and broccoli cannelloni. We had this with salad last night for our teas and there was enough of the filling to do it again another day so this was frozen. The rest of the chicken (minus the breast) I made some stock for soup then added some onions, the chicken taken off the carcass from the stock, some mushrooms, swede and noodles. Myself and DH have just had this for our lunch and there is enough for us again. So one £3.00 chicken (when the rest is used) will have made us soup x 8 and cannelloni x 6
    14 meals…..:money: By golly I think I have cracked the Rubber chicken.:T :T
    By the way the cannelloni is a new recipe for us as always done the mince one before.
    Tonight we are having fish pie which was frozen about two weeks ago and I have some pak choi. Am thinking of roasting some large tomatoes with garlic, oil and balsamic vinegar then lightly cooking the pak choi and serving it with the tomatoe juices poured over them. Not sure if this would work ? - anyone got any ideas about this. This will be another new recipe if we have it.

    Although have an annual budget of £3000 I would like to go for £250 in Feb Thanks Mrs MC Will wait until the 31st to declare Januarys total.
    Good luck to everyone for Feb. x
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    Mrs M can you put me down for £250 for Feb and for jan i spent £268 Over for jan but not worried now have enought dishwasher tablets for 400 washers. I don't mind going over if I save in the long run. I will try harder next month.
    Want to in control of my money.
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    Just done this weeks shop spending:
    £~16.50 Lidl
    £~11.50 Tesco
    £10 diesel from garage in town, about 3p/l cheaper but still £1.42.9p/l
    Am aiming for NSD's, in terms of GC budget, until next Friday when a new week starts.
    Easily do-able as have plenty and more in!
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls

  • Mummyroysof3 do you have a Dunelm near you? They seem to do a range of budget silicone. I mostly use 2 x 6 muffin trays the most for muffins, brownies and mini yorkshires and toad in the holes (half a sausage or a few slices in each).

    hi, thanks for answering, i dont have one near me so will be ordering online, saw a set on ebay theat was a muffin tray round cake one and a rectangle one for around £6, will need to investigate some very easy recipies :rotfl:
    Have a Bsc Hons open degree from the Open University 2015 :j:D:eek::T
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    Just come back from Mr M's. Spent £27.50. Not too bad as we bought food for friends coming over tomorrow ( a late Christmas get together) and a few bits to celebrate Chineese New Year. I have gone over budget by £2.50 but £102.50 for the whole month when we usually spend £200 is great. Money saved must go towards paying bills.

    Will try for £150 for Febuary.
    January spend = £100
    Spent =
    saving =
  • I would like to join please :) We are getting married in March, so having just paid off all our balances, we now need to be as non-spendy as possible! Plus, I love a challenge, me! :D

    I'd like to set a target of - Budget for Feb £200. We normally spend c. £60 pw, so I'll start with £50pw - let myself down gently! This is for me, my OH and our 1 year old. The thing that makes our shopping more expensive at the mo is the fact the I'm doing Slimming World, so we have to have a lot of fruit and veg! But I'm sure I'll cope...

    Anyway... Hi everyone! :wave::wave:
  • Oh, and just a quick question for the seasoned MSE's ;) is it a big myth that you spend less if you shop online rather than in store, or not?! Thanks :)
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    Have just been shopping with OH (how can I get him to stay at home??), and the budget for January is well and truly burst; declaring at €226.46! Am well and truly disgusted, may get well into February without spending, so am going for €190 again please MRs MC...will have visitors in Feb and birthdays of 4 out of 5 grandchildren, so there might be some extra baking somewhere along the line.

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