January 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • Hey all,

    Had a trip to L*** yesterday. Bought own brand bread flour, eggs and sweet potatoes. Total £2.90.
    We went to MIL's for tea (it was her birthday).

    Tonight we are having stir fry with half price noodles, chicken that i got out the freezer yesterday, and slightly wrinkly but still edible pepper, mushrooms, green beans and spring onion. Also have a chow mein sauce that has been sat in the cupboard for too long so thats going in too.

    Tomorrow night OH is working late so we will have chicken (leftover from today) carbonara with leftover parma ham from Monday. nice and quick.

    Last night put ingredients in the breadmaker and on return from MIL came in to a beautiful bakery smell. Bread is great with cheaper flour - was always worried about downgrading - only problem i have is getting the damn loaf out of the pan. Does anyone else have this problem? EVERY TIME it happens and i even greased the blades first and it STILL got stuck. grrrr. :(

    Sun night we are having hm pizzas using other half of yeast sachet from yesterdays bread loaf, tin of toms from back of the cupboard. i'll make a double size dough and stick one in the freezer.

    i'm kind of impressed with how organised i am already!!

    Well done everyone on their jan budgets. Jan has to be the worst month after crimbo?
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  • Another £6.50 yesterday on bits to get me through till Sunday. Then will just need bread and meat for OH sandwiches should come in just under my budget. Next month will be tough as lil bro moving in with us during the month and determined to keep to the budget I have already set but do it for 3 not 2. sure I can do it.
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  • Is there a Feb grocery challenge anywhere?

    Am I allowed to start one?
    grocery challenge Sept 2012 £21/£399
  • Is there a Feb grocery challenge anywhere?

    Am I allowed to start one?

    Hi - the Feb challenge will be started by Pink in the next day or so and then a link will be posted on here for us to move over


    Projects made for craft fair - 40 :)
    1st fair on 13/4/14 :j
  • Hi - the Feb challenge will be started by Pink in the next day or so and then a link will be posted on here for us to move over



    Thanks, hope its soon, pay day for us today and I am itching to get cracking and having the support of the thread is a must for me, haven't done the GC for ages, but really need to start sticking to it now, as with the petrol prices and everything going up, I have to offset the cash.
    grocery challenge Sept 2012 £21/£399
  • been to farmfoods and heron today so will update my total, hoping thats it till tuesday now
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    Spiggle much the same thing happened to me and an ex boyfriend - we were on a motorbike. 20 years on and my tummy still turns over at the thought of what would have happened if there had been traffic coming the other way. I'm glad your OH will be OK.

    Right, sorry folks, but I've had a change of plan. I usually take my housekeeping money out of the bank on a Monday, but don't go shopping until Wednesday. This would mean 5 weeks in January, but only 3 weeks in February. I've decided to align my challenge months with my shopping days instead, so I need to reduce my January budget to £200 and my February budget will also be £200 I'll change my signature too.
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    Mothership, your Rumbeldethumps recipe is in the index ;)

    great to see so many people coming in on or near budget, well done! and for those of us who have missed our budgets :( we get a new start in February! onward and upward .. or downward in the case of our grocery budgets :D

    Spigs hope your OH is ok
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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    Flat_Eric wrote: »
    Out of interest - what do other people use to meal plan ?? Do you write it in a spreadsheet / diary / etc ??

    I have a spreadsheet template set up which has the dates for the next fortnight and an outline of the meals we often have (casserole on Monday, pasta on Wednesday etc.) I print it off, put in the actual menu dish for each day and it goes on the noticeboard above the fridge. Because it's on display in the kitchen my OH is quite likely to start cooking if he's home from work before me :beer: . I like having the template to start from because my mind always goes blank as soon as I try to write down a menu, and also I'm too lazy to write down the days of the week :rotfl:. I'm working on a snazzier spreadsheet with drop down boxes for the regular menu options but that's just cos I'm a very sad spreadsheet geek :o

    But really I just popped on to declare for January: from my £160 budget I have spent £160.78 . I thought stocking up on teabags (2 big boxes for £7) was going to take me over budget but 78p doesn't really count :A

    I'm going to have a look at my receipts in more detail, and have a little ponder, to decide whether to try and cut down a bit more next month, or whether I should concentrate on maintaining my current level. I'm getting a lot more aware of which of our regular meals and snacks are cheap and which expensive - some real revelations here and there. All thanks to the GC!

    One thing I noticed last night is the crazy price for crisps. I have a "standard" price of 10p each for chocolate biscuits - much over that & I don't buy them. That's do-able if I just buy when they're on offer. But even supermarket own brand crisps are over £1 for 6 packs. I only buy a 6 pack every month or so, so it's not a huge cost but does anyone have any easy home made alternatives, or other suggestions? Occasionally I just need my salt & vinegar fix :D
  • looking into getting some new items for baking as i would like to make cakes and muffins etc, have seen the silicone sets are they any good or what would anyone recomend? spent too much on cakes and treats when i could make some myself to help lower the spends
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