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January 2011 Grocery Challenge

edited 29 December 2010 at 11:09AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • MummyEmMummyEm Forumite
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    Thank you for all the pizza dough suggestions. Sorry, I don't have the multiquote thing quite worked out yet!

    Think I'll try the leaving it in the BM to see if that does the trick, if not I will go for the washing up bowl idea.

    I love the shower cap idea for covering it up. I'll usually keep a few spares from hotels for when guests stay over etc. so will dig one out.

    We do have an immersion type 'old'style heating system but we had the hot water tank put up in the loft to save space so don't have an airin cupboard unfortunately.
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  • Just got back from Mr T and had a good week this week. Spent £33.40 I'm glad as we had a bigger then expected week last week. I have meal planned as much as I can out of stuff from the freezer.

    Will go and update my signature now
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  • franby64 wrote: »
    Morning to everybody, oldies, newbies and all :wave: I'm what you call an occasional poster but I love reading everybody's posts.

    Spent £4.87 today on cornflour, mushrooms, bananas, clementines and atora to try to make some dumplings for our veg stew tonight (no VAT except bag re-use).

    Th Co-*p also have ICBINButter for @67p at the moment. I managed to resist grabbing the lot though I'm not so shy about bulk-buying bargains as I used to be - needs must!

    Thank you for all the new recipes - dumplings as posted by Mothership is about as adventurous as I'm getting today but I'm also going to make some spag bol for the DD's and some flapjack [STRIKE]for me[/STRIKE] for everybody.

    I'm only up to £125.11/ £433 for Jan which is miraculous considering I started Jan on 21/12 because I'd run out of Dec money!

    Have a good weekend!

    Thats a brilliant amount spent since 21st...well done and keep going, you are very disciplined:).
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  • bramble1bramble1 Forumite
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    Still waiting for my shop to arrive... I want to get it here so i can organise my cupboards for the weekahead and plan so we don't go over before i get paid again!
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  • SilverBird_2SilverBird_2 Forumite
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    Have spent £1 on two tubs of cottage cheese in Netto. Usually buy Aldi's cottage cheese but went to The Range and there's a Netto next door so it made sense fuel wise - didn't want to drive on to Aldi and use the extra fuel and then also be tempted to spend more than I've budgeted for.

    Don't have much cash left now but still have the £50 M&S voucher and will only buy what's necessary from there. This month's budget is proving to be challenging, especially as there's still 3 weeks to go before the end of the month!
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  • I am fairly happy to declare that so far this year I've spent £54.69 on groceries, of which none is food stuff. I have not included the cat food which came out of my bank a/c on 31 December. Ive also not included the food which my sons bought for their own consumption.

    If that was to be included then I would have spent about £75 (it was a bumper bag of cat food)

    I am just about to do another online shop, so will be back with an update later.
  • Ive just had to spend another 6.39 getting the obvious bits I forgot on yesterdays big delivery- milk, bananas, eggs, hopefully I shouldnt have to buy anything for a while optimistic I can stay within my limit this month!
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  • I should have said, I picked these bits up in town whilst DS was at TumbleTots, and I cant believe I didnt buy anything else! Well I bought a birthday present for my uncle (half price!) and a birthday card for my mum (its been a while since ive bought any cards and couldnt believe how expensive they were..!) but usually I would have gone in the DP sale, gone into next, maybe bought a coffee, and just generally shopped, and I probably would have bought lots of things I didnt NEED, but this thread really helped me to stay focussed on what I NEEDED to get and that was thanks everyone! :-)
    January grocery challenge- £338.09/£350
    £365 in 365 days- £25
    January NSDs- 9
    Money made on ebay- £16.89
  • wssla00wssla00 Forumite
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    Afternoon all :) a NSD yesterday and today as OH bought the bits I needed woohoo! Had a lovely lazy breakfast today. Eggs benedict with bacon and a vanilla latte. Bit of an extravagance but not much more work than bacon and eggs. So I'm all full up! Plus I have finally worked out how to make an easy hollandaise sauce. Basically, you melt your butter until it bubbles, put it into your food processor with the whipping blade, lemon juice, pepper and your egg yolks and whisk until it changes consistency. Easy peasy and no bits of scrambled egg! :D

    Anyway I may do some baking today! Not sure what but will enjoy digging out the cooking books to take a look. Have a good day all :)
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    kittiejkittiej Forumite
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    Hello Peeps

    I've spent £42.57 of my budget so far (£175)

    Apart from buying cakes from work yesterday I spent most of the money in Lidl's - bought a couple of boxes of their version of weetabix and 4 tins of beans and sausages, and then went onto Farmfoods and spent just over £35 in there.

    It should keep me going for a little while - I'm hoping I won't need to buy much extra this month.
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