Great 'Embarrassing MoneySaving tips' Hunt



  • Rachel021967
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    I also reuse envelopes, school letters and greetings cards. I keep the padded ones to send photos to family in and junk mail to send letters in (I always add a stamp). The school letters come on brightly coloured paper, ideal for cutting and sticking. Last year I saved the Christmas cards and my six year old daughter and I have used the pictures and decorative wording to make new ones.
    I have also been known to recycle cola in the Green cone. I lactate so I pad my bra with clean old knickers or flannels. The proper breast pads never stay in place.
  • ivorysky
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    There's no need to buy sandwich bags as the supermarkets give them away for free in the fruit & veg aisles :D
  • JulieGeorgiana
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    Talking about recycling presents, last Christmas my MIL realised she had forgotten to get a niece a gift who was unexpectedly coming over on Boxing day, so she went into her bedroom and got a card and a gift out for her.

    Only it was fancy rose shaped soap.... that I had given her as a gift the year before!

    I guess she didn't like the soap then!

    I have a suitcase under the bed, and inside are my recycled gifts, with a note on each telling me who gifted it. Because the last thing you want is to give it back to someone close to the orginator, or the orginator themselves!!

    I always have smellies and perfume under there because people don't listen when I say I have sensitive skin.

    I always have books under there, because people think they can work out what my Husband likes to read, but always get it wrong!
    We spend money we don't have, on things that we don't need, to impress people we don't like. I don't and I'm happy!
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  • Jolaaled
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    polkadot wrote: »
    Another thing for the tea bags.Once you've wiped down your mirrors and other shiny surfaces,give them a wipe over with a used tea bag and they stay shiny for longer.I dont know how or why it works-but it does.

    I currently have a used tea-bag mountain, now the kids and mates are back for Xmas. It seems so wasteful to throw them on the compost.

    So I am currently (and secretly..shhhhh!) experimenting with trying to dry the little bags out, over the stove, to see if I can then store, to re-use later.

    I actually feel embarrassed simply by typing this confession to you lot on here!! Is this MSE gone too far??? (If anyone has a less embarrassing tea-bag recycle, please let me know!)
  • Hardup_Hester
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    I admit to most of my MSE ways, the one I did keep quiet about was when some of hubby's friends arrived unexpectedly for a weekend stay, bringing with them a KFC Bargain Bucket, I collected all the bones & scraps before they could bin them saying I would compost them. I actually made them into chicken soup for lunch the following day, I just added some veg & lentils & served with a loaf of HM bread.

    Never let success go to your head, never let failure go to your heart.
  • peppa-pig
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    Frugal wrote: »
    I think you may have misunderstood 'recycyled tea' :o

    O.M.G. i think i did too......surely you doin't mean.......tea spelt p e e ? :rotfl::T:eek:
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  • kippers
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    peppa-pig wrote: »
    O.M.G. i think i did too......surely you doin't mean.......tea spelt p e e ? :rotfl::T:eek:

    It's great for your compost, but i must say i think it must be easier for the 'boys' at the allotment to use this.....i choose to use my comfrey tea as a compost activator instead LOL:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
  • tenuissent
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    A friend sends me homemade cards each Christmas, always with a strange padded circle in the middle of the decorations. Asked her once how she made this - dried out tea bags......
  • kdakin
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    I save 50% on dishwasher tablets by simply breaking them in half and using just one half for each wash!
    I also use the cheapest tablets ("Clean 'n fresh" by McBride, 15 in a box) because they break easily and do an excellent job.
    I save a massive amount on "PG tips" teabags by waiting for special offers on the 240-bag size. They often come in cheaper than the 80-bag size. The last one I bought was about £2.60.

    When buying Kleenex tissues, the two box offers are often more expensive than buying two single boxes!

    To find out other ways I make even more significant savings each month though, you will have to request them by sending me a message (because I cannot attach them on this site).

    Update December 2011
    - Tesco are currently selling the 240 bag size for £5 (nearly twice what it has been in earlier deals) , or the 160 bag size for £3. If you do the maths, you get 320 teabags for £6 by buying 2 of the smaller size and therefore gain 33% extra on the larger size for just £1 more.
    P.S. Iceland are also doing a good deal on PG tips at the moment!
  • Mrs_P_Pincher
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    We bought MIL a very nice tea towel as a present from our holiday...which I later won in a Church raffle...lasted me for years.

    Mrs P P
    "Keep your dreams as clean as silver..." John Stewart (1939-2008)
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