'The MSE Christmas quiz... can you beat the team?' blog discussion

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    Reaper wrote: »
    I must say I'm puzzled by the "How many days were there in the year 1713" question.

    I assumed it would be the year the Gregorian calendar was adopted but that was 1751 (which therfore had only 282 days). I still think it must be something along those lines.

    I thought 354 days as I vaguely remembered a quote of "give us back our 11 days" when they synchronised the calendars.

    But maybe a double bluff, most people remember there was a shorter year when the Julian and Gregorian calendars combined but can't remember when it was so would assume it was that.

    Quite clever if it is a double bluff as the other questions lead you to think there isn't a double bluff.

    So as it is not a leap year I would say 365 (but only because of your post about 1751).

    Interested to see the answer.

    I am resisting trying to look it up at the moment.
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    Question 4:If you mix the colours red and yellow what colour do you get?

    the signal to drive off (traffic light red and amber) but that doesn't really work

    or perhaps a weedy roll (anagram of redyellow) but was looking for an anagram that was also a colour but isn't one

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  • @ SnowMan - It was 1752 the calender changed, not 1751.
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    Round two question seven 'How many points are available in this round? ' would that include the points in the Scrabble answer or is that too devious ?
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    I am absolutely hopeless at pub quizzes but love them anyway!

    The ‘Is it Obvious?’ round
    1. 300
    2. 11 Downing Street
    3. 365
    4. Orange
    5. 113 years
    6. Nine apples in one hand
    7. 101
    8. 169
    10. No

    Martin’s special round…
    1. Random guess:
    Attila the Hun
    Julius Caesar
    Alexander the Great

    2. 102
    3. £193 (rounding up the 50p)
    4. Yes
    5. LE
    7. 11

    The Picture Round
    No idea whatsoever!
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