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Buy a A4 sized, week to view diary from Poundland and some colourful post-it notes (or use different coloured highlighter pens).

I got mine yesterday and now have all bills for next year listed in it, notes to remind when things need renewing or new bills due in (council tax, tv license etc etc). Back pages used to list all bills in one list as well as mine and OH seperate bills. Notes page has Mid-Nov till end Nov on it and December on one as well so I guess I starting from today . :rotfl:

I've decided to only use Barclays account for household bills and any wages left over are getting taken out n put in seperate account.

If we dont have the money to spend, then it's tough (pep talk to oneself there :D ).

We've got just enough coming in so no need to be in this mess and on the Barclays Reserve Roundabout scenario :p .

I .. WILL .. gain control in 2011


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  • I can feel your determination well done.xx
  • I like that idea!

    I love that new year feeling!

    *goes off to poundland*
    Nevertheless she persisted.
  • cally6008
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    Just upping this for the evening folk
  • thats a great idea!! i think i may be in poundland very soon!!!
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  • I actually have a big stash of highlighters and post-its for uni stuff so getting as diary and doing this would be easy :D
  • This is a great idea. I have a spreadsheet that I started this year which I created whilst I had nothing to do at work and it lists all my outgoings and income and therefore what I have left every month. I have been writing everything down in one way or another for a few years and crossing bills off as they leave my bank, otherwise I would end up spending the money and being left short. However, my credit card bill has crept up again and I have again spent more than I intended! My spreadsheet is already done for next year and I am too taking the approach of if I don't have it, I can't spend it! I think though it would be a good idea for me to get a little notebook to carry around so I always have it there if I need it to check up on my money situation. I will write it all out in pencil so if any bills go up or down I can always change it easily. I need to wait for my credit card bill to come through but I think I will have between £2.5k and £3k, which I want paid off by the time my bank loan does in April 2012, hopefully the notebook can keep me on track! :beer:
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    Great idea!!!

    I use google calendars, which i sync with my phone, so i can access it anywhere. i am going to put reminders on when i can renew car/home insurance - so i can shop around and also when i can cancel mobile phone contract & boiler insurance! i'll also put reminders of DD's. I can't wait for the 2 council-tax-free-months! i will be using the extra cash to pay for my car tax which will be due, and the leftover amount will go on debt :)
  • off to poundland I go, also for hte stock of cheap toiletries and wrapping paper. Two birds for one parking charge. That is serious debt busting!!!!
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    Very good plan, let's hope we stick to it eh! :T
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  • I too need to get organised!!! I have a spreadsheet but I like to write things down so am off to get diary/post its!!

    The problem is keeping it up throughout the year!!
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