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St James Place Wealth Management

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redmalcredmalc Forumite
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Hi has anyone used this company for will writing or advice,i have received information regarding there services and am looking to sort our affairs out.


  • ErrataErrata Forumite
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    You might find it useful to read this and also google for reviews of the organisation.
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  • Hi Redmalc

    I think it will depend on the advisor, as the article posted by Errata suggests. I use this company but am confident that my advisor is very good. Do a thorough background check on-line and ask for the advisor's recommendations, experience and ask as many questions as you can. Many of the advisers are more than happy to provide testimonials.

    There will always be scare stories and rogue 'specialists' where financial matters are concerned, but I have found my guy from SJP to be honest and able to explain things in lay-man's terms!

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  • I have used SJP for a number of years and have attended IHT planning seminars with them. I have to admit that their IHT planning scenarios seemed quite complex and a bit fringe but that might just be my perspective. They only offer their own investment products although they do buy-in investment management services on some of their funds from some of the majors so you can't consider them to be IFA's. I think their fund charges are quite high and that is reflected in the cars they drive and the suits they wear.

    My advisor seems pretty good and isn't heavy handed. He specialises in IHT planning but when I have needed other areas of advice he called in another advisor specialising in those areas.

    No harm in listening to what they say but as with all investment matters also seek alternative advice.
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    Once_ableOnce_able Forumite
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    I have a number of pensions from various employers and personal which I am trying to consolidate together with a number of other small investments ( isa's etc). I have approached a branch of St James Place for advice but after reading the various messages on this site I am a little apprehensive about committing to them. I understood they were independent advisors but clearly I was mistaken. Any words of wisdom would be gratefully received. At 57 I am not in a position to get this decision wrong.
  • jamesperrettjamesperrett Forumite
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    My father invested some money with them and their funds performed poorly compared with similar funds that I had money invested in. Their management charges are also higher than most other funds.

    They're very slick and they make it seem like they have some heavy hitters on the board but their performance was disappointing in our case.

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  • I have invested with SJP for over 12 years, and can report an average return of around 20% per annum. Maybe I'm just lucky with my current guy who took over from my previous SJP chap who unfortunately died. I think they operate a bit like a franchise, but with all the weight of mighty SJP behind them. And geography doesn't seem to matter - my chap operates all over the country. I am far from wealthy, but I receive the same care and attention as millionaires from this company. They may not be independent but are willing to handle existing investments outside of SJP.

    Good luck.
  • missilemissile Forumite
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  • tich2tich2 Forumite
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    I also deal with SJP and have done for the last four years, I have received about 10% growth and I am happy as the economy isn't as good as it used to be.
    The advisor I use seems very good and I will be staying with them for the time being.
  • gunboat4gunboat4 Forumite
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    Hi all. I have been with sjp for about 10years. I have had good returns. Could they go bust overnight and we all lose the lot???????????? Thanks.
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