'Do you have ‘secret’ cash in your wallet/purse?' blog discussion



  • slick_detective
    slick_detective Forumite Posts: 286 Forumite
    Yes absolutely you should sign it:eek: . Because if it is stolen anyone can sign it and you will not be covered for anything
    Thanks for your reply :A I have now signed it :D
  • vreemt
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    I had 10 in my emergency stash at home, but upgraded to 2 tenners (my wishes changed). I usually pay with card and don't like carrying more than 20 pounds (mostly it's about 2-3 pounds in change, for when I get milk or need a drink). I also keep a collection of local coins in things I travel abroad with, in case I need to use an payphone. I used to have a note in the pouch I keep my drivers licence in, but I took it out when it had been ages since I last had a use for it. I find it interesting to see how fast the money gets replaced and that some people have a specific goal for their money, others use it in emergencies, some have a mix of goals and emergencies etc.
  • RoxyK
    RoxyK Forumite Posts: 2,245 Forumite
    When I was a teenager and for whatever reason carried my driving license with me, I put a spare £5 in for petrol emergencies. Totally forgot about it. Had to send off my driving license as proof of my identity!

    Luckily they were very good about it and joked about me offering a bribe. I was rather mortified. Would never put money in an official document again :)

    I always have 'spare' money on me in my purse. But deep enough in the notes compartment so it looks like I don't have any so I can prove to husband I have no cash lol. I really hate spending it!
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  • aarrgghh
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    Mum always said "never go out without your bus fare home". I once found myself out of cash and the ATMs out of order, my cash stash came in handy.
  • kitschkitty
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    We're to skint to have emergency cash anywhere. If we need a bit of change for a newspaper or something we raid the 5p piggy bank!
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  • Yeo_CH
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    I read the posts here and felt you guys are quite a nice lot of people. I am sharing this in an amused mood.

    I have some US$500 put away since 29 July 2008. I could withdraw about US$2,700 within 20 days from this account if I really need the money.

    Quite frequently, I was left with a couple of S$10 notes before I go to my wife (Home Minister) for cash withdrawal from our family fund.

    Of course, I've to top-up the family fund once I got my salary every month.

  • DigForVictory
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    I have £20 concealed in the car. In case the petrol tank empties on me & I've not got my purse with me, or the card has locked (ahem). I have used it for car parking & twice for food (yikes) but I always replace it.
    Think OH has a similar holdout, as he worries about getting kids to hospital (non-driver) but I am careful not to ask.
  • j26
    j26 Forumite Posts: 21
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    Relieved to find that I'm not on my own..... I keep a £10 note for an emergency in my bag and replace it as soon as I can if I need to use it. When I last used it a friend said 'oh, that's just like my Mum' and I wondered whether it was an elderly thing to do but it seems sensible that if I haven't any cash anywhere else I can get my hands on a small amount to get me out of an embarrassing situation.
  • BW705856
    BW705856 Forumite Posts: 21 Forumite
    My stash in my wallet seems to be a bit large compared to most. Every time I get money which is either £50 or £100 notes, they go into my secret compartment. I now have 1 x £100 and 5 x £50 notes in there. I do tell my boss not to give me those notes too often though. I am desperately trying to get enough moolah together to replace the money lost through the crooks that ran Crown Currency Exchange stealing £2,500 of our holiday money from us. Only £2150 to find and 5 weeks to find it:-(..... and in case anyone is wondering, £100 notes ARE legal tender in Scotland
  • LoveToSave.
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    kltoddie wrote: »
    I do now keep £10 or £20 in a compartment in my purse that I don't touch. Hubby has a very bad habit of taking money out of my purse when popping out to the village shop for bread or milk or something (it used to be cash only and they had no ATM, they now do have an ATM which charges £1.50 or if you do a card transaction at the till they have a minimum spend), and he doesn't always tell me that he has taken money out of my purse. This resulted in a very embarassing incident:

    Went into town shopping and parked in car park. Joined queue to exit car park and pay man in booth as you drive out (only way to pay). Hand ticked over, he says, "40p love" (yes, it's only 40p/hr at that car park!). I open my purse to get out the money and the money I thought I had in my purse had disappeared. I rummage around all the compartments and door pockets and manage to come up with 36p. Car park man says it's no good and I will have to go to a hole in the wall. At this point no-one can get into the carpark until I come out because it is full up, and there is also a very long queue of other cars waiting behind me to get out. DD is also in the car with me and saying, "What's wrong Mummy?". I point out that I can't actually reverse back or go anywhere other than out. He eventually lets me out, and one of the car drivers who was waiting to get in shouts very loudly, "THIEF!".

    Ooo the shame. Since that day I've kept the secret £10 or £20 in a compartment in my purse I know hubby won't be bothered to rummage through...


    What a horrible experience to have to go through. I'd imagine it was very upsetting at the time. But you learned a valuable lesson and it'll never happen again!

    I try to keep £20 in the small change pocket of my jeans when I'm out and about, but it definitely takes a conscious effort not to a.) forget to put it there and b.) forget to take it out when I get home, hahaha.
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