'Do you have ‘secret’ cash in your wallet/purse?' blog discussion



  • PreciousandBootsy
    PreciousandBootsy Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    Ever since I first learnt to drive my dad insisted I always had enough in my purse to put emergency petrol in or get myself home if I'd had a drink. I usually have a few £1s in my car ashtray for emergency parking and £20 in my purse for emergencies. Don't count it in my cash though, no matter how short I get... Still haven't run out of petrol though!
  • Toonie
    Toonie Forumite Posts: 1,134
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    I have a £10 note stashed in my Oyster card holder and £10 in a wee make up bag that I use as a first aid kit. That way, if my purse were ever stolen, I'd have money to be able to get home.
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  • walltoall
    walltoall Forumite Posts: 4 Newbie
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    I've a habit of slipping a tenner in jacket top pockets when I'm putting them away. (I rarely wear suits any more but when I do I'll always have a spare tenner). I've a habit of collecting small change and jarring it. Amazing how much one gathers in a few months. I also use pound coin holders. I've two. They hold about 12 and I try to keep both full. One hidden in the car and one hidden in the garage of all places. last way I save is never to wantonly spend fivers. They get folded into a special place in my wallet and are used for train travel mostly. No fivers no travel
  • Anniekins
    Anniekins Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    I have a £5 tucked away in my purse for emergency money. I also have a few quid in loose change in my driver side door recess for trolleys, parking or if the kids have forgotten to take money for something. I've bailed them out for forgotten dinner money, youth club, St John Ambulance and youth club to name but a few!
  • Vaila
    Vaila Forumite Posts: 6,301 Forumite
    i always carry £10 in my purse for emergencies or if i see something shiny :)
  • twistedhazel
    twistedhazel Forumite Posts: 217 Forumite
    When I got my first car many years ago my Mum gave me a first aid kit for it and put in 2 10ps so that I would always be able to use a payphone to call them if I broke down/had an accident.

    To this day I have 2 10ps in the first aid kit in my car despite the fact that a)20p isn't enough to use a payphone anymore and b) where the heck would I find a payphone? It feels unlucky to not have them.

    I try to keep a spare fiver in my purse for actual emergencies now as well although it does tend to get used/replaced way more often than the word emergency might imply!
  • cmw1212
    cmw1212 Forumite Posts: 483 Forumite
    I have a friend from Australia who hid a £20 note in his wallet when he first arrived in the UK over 2 years ago - he had actually forgotten about it until he had reason to empty his wallet about 6 months back. AFAIK he put it back and plans to spend it at the airport bar when he goes back to Oz next year!
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  • Middy
    Middy Posts: 5,394 Forumite
    For some people this could have a knock on effect, a very dear aunt of mine who was hopeless with money passed away recently, and her family found money everywhere, in her coat pockets, glasses case, old handbags etc, it amounted to hundreds of pounds!

    I worked for a bank and I got customers' children whose parents died and clearing out their home and handed in old bank notes - the Florence Nightingale £10, Michael Faraday £20 and the old £1 notes! They said they found the notes in the same places as your dear aunt! One customer handed £500 in old notes!
  • padmal
    padmal Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    I too used to keep some amount in my wallet. But I also keep some in different parts of my shelve.
  • ivanidea
    ivanidea Forumite Posts: 4 Newbie
    Many years ago, I spent a week touring in Scotland, and ran out of cash. I had to detour to a big city to find a cash point I could use with my English bank card (long before the LINK network or reciprical agreements between banks). I then made sure I had a reserve £10 note, just for emergencies.
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