'Do you have ‘secret’ cash in your wallet/purse?' blog discussion



  • ElkyElky
    ElkyElky Forumite Posts: 2,459 Forumite
    I have a small but very useful drawer hidden under my car seat which can be used to hide valuables. After shopping, I would stick any change I had in my hands into the drawer which had came in useful to pay parking and such.

    I wouldn't ever leave larger amounts in the car. People in my area would rob a car if they saw a £1 coin sitting next to the gearstick.
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  • persian_star
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    I have to admit I don't, but this reminds me of when I was a Brownie - among other essentials we always had to have on us was a 10p piece - the cost of a phonecall in a phonebox in case of emergencies. Having that stash of essentials has never left me tho, so although I don't hide money, I always have a plaster, an asprin, lip balm and chewing gum (among a few other 'essesntials') that live in a little bag that gets moved from bag to bag as I swap them! :)
  • barijohn
    barijohn Forumite Posts: 75
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    I also have a secret stash but mostly in case I forget my wallet. It is attached to my car keys so as long as I am out in the car I have the spare money. Though it only has £10 in it at the moment as that was all I had on me when the pod came through the post

    Cash Stash Keyring Here is the link to one.
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  • nomoneytoday
    nomoneytoday Forumite Posts: 4,866
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    I keep a £10 note, and a supply of 10p coins as my bus fare is £1.10 ;)
  • MoneySavingUser
    MoneySavingUser Forumite Posts: 1,667 Forumite
    No but I do keep some in my backpack and car incase I lose my wallet!
  • andrea_louise
    andrea_louise Forumite Posts: 411 Forumite
    I always keep a £20 in case of emergency, in my purse. I have also started keeping a £20 in a pocket of my handbag - which gets used more often than the purse one. Being forgetful, on a couple of occasions, I have left home without my purse. And it's always replaced the same day. ;-)
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  • loveabargain13
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    I have a secret £20!! hehehehe can't believe my secret is out, my Mum does the same, normally keep it in my bag at the back zip section :)
  • [Deleted User]
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    When I was travelling round the states a few years back, I used to keep 20 dollars in my driving licence wallet (as I always kept that in my back pocket).

    One afternoon in Alabama, I was stopped by a policeman who believed I may have driven away from a gas station without paying (I hadn't). He asked to see my licence and I handed it over. An icy cold feeling then engulfed me as I realise I had just handed over my licence, with what looked like a pathetic attempt at a bribe, to a 6 foot, mirrored sunglasses wearing cop in a small town in Deliverance country. Oh, dear God....
  • lilian1977
    lilian1977 Forumite Posts: 5,024
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    Just a note to everyone who has posted - make sure you check those emergency £20 notes - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/consumertips/banking/7397202/Elgar-20-note-no-longer-legal-tender.html

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  • fififoofoo
    fififoofoo Forumite Posts: 141 Forumite
    Always have the emergency £1 coin in the bottom of my bag for those unexpected times - plus inherited my dads old wallet and found a £50 pound note hidden in the lining (still not spent it but I know its there!)
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