'Do you have ‘secret’ cash in your wallet/purse?' blog discussion



  • Money_saving_Martyn
    Money_saving_Martyn Forumite Posts: 220 Forumite
    Ah yes. I have an "emergency fiver" tucked away in there somewhere.

    Generally though that's the only cash I ever carry on me; everything goes on the cash back credit card.:money:

    £20 notes scare me - they're too valuable.

    I don't keep cash in the house or in the car as a rule, apart from the obligatory trolly-pound.
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  • horsechestnut
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    When I was travelling round the states a few years back, I used to keep 20 dollars in my driving licence wallet (as I always kept that in my back pocket).

    One afternoon in Alabama, I was stopped by a policeman who believed I may have driven away from a gas station without paying (I hadn't). He asked to see my licence and I handed it over. An icy cold feeling then engulfed me as I realise I had just handed over my licence, with what looked like a pathetic attempt at a bribe, to a 6 foot, mirrored sunglasses wearing cop in a small town in Deliverance country. Oh, dear God....

    I did the same thing, but luckily I never got stopped! Never gave it a thought until I mentioned it to someone who told me that it might be misconstrued as a "bribe".
  • lilac_lady
    lilac_lady Forumite Posts: 4,469 Forumite
    I keep enough cash in my house for a taxi in case I've had a G & T (or 2) and my family needs me quickly! I also keep parking change in my car.
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  • jetfighter
    jetfighter Forumite Posts: 248
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    Whenever we go on holiday, we always put a secret stash (of £££s and also of the currency of whatever country we're visiting) inside a pair of socks in our suitcase.

    We also have a handy pot in the car (it came with the car!) in which we put plenty of £1 coins, 50ps and 20ps. These always come in handy when nipping over the bridge to visit my mum, and having to pay the extortionate toll of £2.70 each way!
  • thatguy1
    thatguy1 Forumite Posts: 5,363
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    Brydav wrote: »
    It's called the Cash Stash if anyone's interested.

    Thanks for that, just ordered one from Firebox with a spare £5 voucher I had(can't remember where from but it was free)
  • Paulie'sGirl
    Paulie'sGirl Forumite Posts: 923 Forumite
    Always, always, always!

    For me it's just a tenner in the middle pocket of my purse. As it's not with the rest of the notes I don't count it in my "available funds". I also keep a pound coin for supermarket trolleys or the Tyne Tunnel.

  • luxor4t
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    When we had three small children, one salary & a very tight budget I kept a £1 coin in my purse - it was my "last pound".
    As time went on I found myself saying "I can't buy xxxx as it would cost my last pound" & it stopped being a safety device & became a symbol of hardship. So I put it into the collection in chapel.
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  • Bluecaster
    Bluecaster Forumite Posts: 10 Forumite
    When I was young (far too long ago) all young ladies were told by their mothers to be sure to take their 'Mad Money' when going out for the evening. This was enough to get home in an emergency and was apparently kept in some place that no respectable girl would disclose to her escort!
  • jezebel
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    I have to admit I don't, but this reminds me of when I was a Brownie - among other essentials we always had to have on us was a 10p piece - the cost of a phonecall in a phonebox in case of emergencies. Having that stash of essentials has never left me tho, so although I don't hide money, I always have a plaster, an asprin, lip balm and chewing gum (among a few other 'essesntials') that live in a little bag that gets moved from bag to bag as I swap them! :)

    I remember the 10p from my Brownie days - wonder if the brownies these days have to carry a mobile phone? ;)
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  • ukchriss
    ukchriss Forumite Posts: 741 Forumite
    I always keep £20 in my emergency purse this is in the bottom of my bag incase my main purse gets stolen!

    + I've got a secret stash of at home, My daughter lives in Scotland so its enough to cover petrol money there and back.

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