October 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • hey all!

    haven't spent anymore on groceries yet. Yesterday we ate at my parents and today i fried a whoopsied stir fry (10p) for tea and made served it up with basmati rice with pinto beans.
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    Somehow I'd added up my spends wrong, but now I've had a recount I haven't spent quite as much as I thought I had (only £2.96 difference but every penny counts, lol!), anyway I had another spend of £7.38 today on milk and cat food.

    Tonight I made chicken fajitas, using up the last of the chicken I had in the freezer, and some peppers which needed to be used before they went manky. OH is a bit worried that we won't make it to the end of the month with just £73.50 left in the budget, but we should be ok even if we have to have something with sausages or minced beef every day as we have loads of both of those!
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    cw18 wrote: »
    But I don't want to stick loads in the freezer (if I can even find space) without knowing I like it first - so I really need to find somewhere I can get a one-person portion to try

    Our Mr T sells it off the deli counter - they'll even give you a slice to try :)
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    Another £1.29 spent on two huge hands of bananas. Think I'll be having bananas sandwiches for my lunches for a few days considering how little I have of my budget left! :eek:
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    Hi peeps,

    just updated my siggy as £4.32 was spent in the local Co-op last night.
    Whoopsied sausages and a huge bag of spinach so i`ll make soup with the spinach later, i also got a small pot of double cream anmd some more of the half price G&B choccie :D

    I need to pop out for some eggs later but thats all that we should need until the weekend and even then it should be a fairly small shop this time around.

    I`m finding that making soup for lunches is saving quite a bit and its nice not having to hunt around for sandwich fillings, i made soft cheese with garlic and liver and bacon pate yesterday so thats the breakfasts sorted for a while as i`ve frozen quite a bit of the pate. DH has gone off sweet stuff like jam on his toast in the mornings so the soft cheese and pate will be just the thing without breaking the bank. I also have a tub of peanut butter hidden at the back of the cupboard for when he fancies a change.

    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
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    Hippeechiq wrote: »
    I've only "discovered" them myself this year, and I love them. I halve this recipe, as only OH and I will eat this type of meal MOROCCAN CHICKEN THIGHS It's totally lush. Monday[/i] :D

    Mmm - that looks lovely! Perfect excuse to buy some wine! :rotfl:

    On a negative note, I had a moment of weakness last night and had some fish and chips from the chip shop - £5 spent <hangs head in shame>.
    I really didn't NEED it since I have tons of food in - I just WANTED it. And I very rarely have takeaways anyway so I fancied having a treat....
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    hello Peeps ,aren't we all doing brilliantly this month.I think the onset of worrying about Christmas coming is focussing us all on our spending.I have so far still not been to a shop and my £7.00 from Sunday until this Saturday is intact.My freezer is getting a good rummage everyday and I am doing my best to use what I have .Tomorrow I will need to buy some free range eggs from the butchers and half a cucumber.I thought I needed tea bags as well but have found a packet at the back of the cupboard that I had overlooked so hopefully thats all I will need.I shall only take enough out with my when I nip across to my shops to buy what I need and no more.I am frugality personified this week thats for sure :):):)
    Saturday night I am going to another quiz night and have to take some nibbles so I am going to do some baking on Friday ,probably some Twinks cookies and maybe a Lemon Drizzle cake, no point buying in when I have the ingrediants in the cupboard. I can probably rustle up some sausage rolls as well as I have puff pastry and sausage meat in the freezer as well,that should cover things.Glad to see that we are all being really frugal and watching the pennies .Next wednesday when the spending review comes in there are going to be some severe cuts I think and having already been cutting things back will help a lot of us.
    keep up the good work chums
    Cheers JackieO xx
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    back from sainsbugs and t3sco , £36 in mr s and £18 in mr t

    mr s had large chickens on offer for around £3 ( instead of £5 ) dont know if it was just our one or if its a national thing

    also got some niv3a q10 night cream for £4.98 ( half price :D)

    spent more than i meant to ( the chicken wasnt on my list but couldnt turn that down , I will cook it tomorrow and it will do us 2-3 days )

    Sunnyday i like the idea of the pate for lunches , i get fed up of thinking of sandwich fillings , my teenage DD's wont take anything with , pickle , onion, fish or coronation chickn as it makes their breath smell and they wont take egg as it makes everything smell
    so it cheese or ham :cool:
  • OH has taken a small list with him today, which means we will get exactly what's on it. It does include wine so the total will jump up, but friends are coming for dinner on Saturday.
    Made my first soup of the season for lunch yesterday, and have plenty left for today, I agree it makes lunch easier.

    Re sandwich fillings, one way I stretch eg cheese or tuna. Buy the smallest pot of the cheapest value coleslaw (usually cheaper than white cabbage unless you want 3 tons of it), add at least one grated carrot. Can also grate & add anything else you have a bit of, celeriac, fennel, celery etc, and/or a handful of seeds, and extra seasoning if it needs it. This also makes it much less runny. Then mix this with grated cheese or tuna.

    I'm making a chilli tonight, using a small pot of LO Bolognese and black eyed beans (currently soaking), plus whatever else it looks like it needs:)

    Thanks everyone for all your ideas, they really do help.

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    Afternoon all!
    Just done a tally up, so far i'm at £163.47/£225 which is good as just fresh fruit/veg/milk/maybe some bread/eggs until the end of the month....oh and that includes my first app foods order :j
    Glad to hear everyone is doing well.
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