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September 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 August 2010 at 9:03PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • £3 on booze :( I have so much stocked up that I think I'll be within budget at the end of the month. Enough bread rolls and frozen burgers for nine lunches, 3 portions of chunky veg soup, frozen loaf of bread, plenty of root veg and copius amounts of dried beans and tinned/frozen fish.
    It's a good job I gave up smoking in June!
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  • mongmoney wrote: »
    I have fallen off the wagon a little bit this month as I went bonkers in Mr S and took advantage of the laundry product promo- for those of you that don't know- ariel, fairy, pampers, spend £10 get 2 till spits, go back in and do it again, and again, system keeps giving till spits as long as you spend £10 on qualifying products. Martin gave me the heads up in the weekly email.

    Thanks for this. Have just come back from Mr S and have got my first till spits. Hope you don't mind but just need to ask a couple of things before doing it again. At what point does the till take off the 2.50 vouchers ? If I buy three bottles of detergents they will come to £12 but if you take the vouchers off they will come to £7 so do I still qualify for more till spits as I haven't spent £10 ????? Really dont want to embarras myself :o....... hope you can help....
  • Hello,
    It seems it's gonna be another over month for me, just totted up totals so far..... £184.33/£200 with one weekly shop appx £20 and 2 milk/fruit shops left (£5?)- so not gonna happen! I am racking my brain trying to figure if there are any non-groceries in that lot! I wonder if I am aiming too low? It's only/DD 2yo and DP!!!!! My budget does include toiletries, we have a couple of veggie meals a week.........
    Any ideas?
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  • russetredrussetred Forumite
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    Mr T has reduced Olio corn oil in store.1 litre normally £1.68 now 42p bought a few as this is cheaper than my big container of veg oil.In the freezer section chicken stir fry cubes were down to £1.54 didnt get any myself as I still have loads of meat in the freezer.I did really well on whoopsies at the co-op though. I got 3x twin pack melton pork pies, 1 x finger rolls, 3 x pepperoni pizza, 1 x twin pack lemon mergingue muffins, 1 x double chop chip muffins and 2 x four pack of choc chip muffins for the princely sum of a £1! The BOGOF still worked on some items so I was well chuffed.
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  • Afternoon All,
    I'm so glad that lots of us are taking advantage of the Mr S laundry promo. I did it till my cupboard was full then gave my last two till spits to my auntie.
    I spent £6 at the c'op on lots of reduced meals. Usually £2-49 each, I got them for 62p each, well pleased. This may be due to the fact that my local c'op is opposite a Mr T express. I may try going again to see if this is a regular opportunity, at about 6pm ish.
    Even with my recent bulk buys I'm still under budget, can't wait to see how much I end up spending this month. I do feel that this thread has really helped focus me, so thanks to all of you.

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    Another $28 gone,in FF,Al*i and the market,still $7 of that is fruit for the week,and there's only 2 of us.
    Grocery Challenge
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  • Evening, think i'm the only one not taking advantage of the laundry offer in Mr S! I have enough laundry detergent/ fabric conditioner to sink a battleship, don't have anywhere else to store stuff!

    I have just over £110 to do me for the rest of the month, should be doable ( is that a word? It looks wrong!)
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  • Grr! Want a bit of a rant...

    I'm on a work trip this week and work aren't paying expenses. So, I've been bringing my packed lunches with me which was fine until today at lunch one of my colleagues said to me, "I can buy you a drink at least if money is so bad you have to bring your own food with you". Made me feel so carp, and put a downer on all my good GC savings. I can afford to buy food from the ridiculously overpriced cafe but I choose not to cos there are better things to spend my money on, like my credit card bill!

    Stupid people! /rant over! :o
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  • Hi again

    Just to clarify my £280 budget does not include formula or nappies at the moment, it does include toiletries. I do buy a lot of own brand/value food, have done for a long while. I only have a couple of must haves and that is at least Willow Farm chicken or free range from mr T. Finest sausages and decent bread. I live about 15 min walk from Tesco, not sure that this is a good thing!! Do find a few whoopsies but obvioulsly need to try harder. We do have a home bargains in town and often get bits from there.

    Did a big shop at Mr T last night spent £102.66. Hopefully I haven't blown the budget completely.
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  • £3.80 to add for yesterday and todays spends at n**to.
    Think i'm doing better than i thought, though ive probably just jinxed myself now. I think i'll try and get someone to nip me to Mr S ths week to try out the wash detergent offer, though i noticed that Mr M has one on too so i'll have to compare the prices.
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