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September 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 August 2010 at 9:03PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • sistercassistercas Forumite
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    ooh the sausage casserole sounds yummy , think i will do that for tea tonight ( was going to do a pasta bake)

    it will be a NSD today :D

    going to make some boodles biscuits courtesy of weezls cheap family meals they are gorgeous, made some the other day and they had all gone before they were even cool :D

    heres the link :
  • sistercas - thanks for this Link - will check these recipes out later, budget creeping up this month and forgot that with the Girls being back at School they need Dinner money this month, prices are rising and I don't think I'm going to come in on Budget this month.

    Off to shops later as we're running out of Fruit again - girls are 14 and 12 so eating like they have hollow legs.

    Have a good day everyone.;)
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  • I've had a serious derailment from the Grocery challenge "keeping on the rails with foody bills" :eek::(:eek:

    It was such a yukky feeling when my name was no longer on the list so I'm back on track after visiting various relations and friends through July and August - it was lovely to see them but I need to start tightening the budget again!

    Please can I start again with a budget of £280 for september ?:o:o

    I've kept my receipts (£75 so far!) and I have really missed catching up with the tips and ideas and everyone on the forum:A
    Pretty please?
    May you fill up the great clutterbucket of life and may all of your leaks be in cheese sauce:D
    Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without:cool:
  • greent wrote: »
    Tinned sweetcorn freezes fine - I just rinse it of the slimy stuff first and pop it in a freezer bag (if I have enough space I try and do it all nice and flat, and then I can break it up into individual bits rather than a block, too! :D)

    Ooh thanks! I'd been idly wondering if it did!

    Annoyingly, now I am getting the same size tin as the value range one but not the actual value one, as that is packaged with added sugar and salt instead of just in plain water and Do Not Want that! Can't really fit the big bags of frozen veg and things in my freezer either (only one of these bags at a time), else I'd just get those. Dammit I want a freezer all of my own.
  • I had a spend of €10 last night, rather than my hoped €5. I got the milk and bread, but also got bananas, garlic bread (for dinner) and a multipack of crisps. DD got one of the kiddie trollies so I didn't have to carry a basket - she adores being the person "doing the shopping".

    The garlic bread, and the addition to the sauce of some older mushrooms that needed to get used, meant that there was a good sized meal for DH and I last night, with a leftover portion for DD tonight (even some GB so she will be thrilled).

    I still don't know if DH will be home for dinner tonight, so i will either be having prawns with a jar of sauce and rice, or getting a single portion of fish with some pasta probably.
    I have enough leftover spaghetti
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  • elf06elf06 Forumite
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    Well I got my few bits last night to the tune of £10.90 :eek:
    Oh well I did get a bottle of wine as a gift for someone (reduced from £8 to £4) plus a card and bottle bag for same person.
    Normally this wouldnt be counted as GC as I budget seperately for gifts but this one was an unexpected oneso will be counting this one.

    Sig has been updated already

    Shouldnt be spending anything else today as I have no plans to leave the house other than picking DS up from nursery (and there are no shops there :D)

    have a good day everyone
    Emma :dance:

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  • Quick update - spent £3 (ish) in Morrisons Friday - bought wine + chocolates for friends we were staying with, chocolate for their kids and yakults for DH but had a £5 voucher so only came to £3 :D

    Another £10.70 in Morrisons on Monday for some fresh stuff to get us through the week. I had planned a tomato-ey chicken curry last night but DH didn't fancy it and started mentioning the T-word (takeaway) so I rummaged through the fridge and found half a block of creamed coconut, mixed it with water to make coconut milk and made a kind of korma - turned out absolutely delish if I say so myself :T saved money and used up something that really needed using!

    Nothing meal-planned for this evening as we are going out for a meal to celebrate our 3 year anniversary
    Sept GC lost track/£160 :(

    Oct GC /£160
  • First off - hope things get better soon Hippechiq. :)

    Small spend today of £3 at Mr S...but that's nothing compared to the 'extras' for entertainment/alcohol which comprise part of my grocery budget this month, for which I've been slyly updating my siggy alone! Next month (Sept), I'm going to go back to the grocery budget, but allocate my own seperate entertainment budget in addition to this. I don't like looking at my total spent at the moment, knowing that I am actually doing better on the grocery part and it's bit demotivating!

    I guess different ways work for different people, and I'm still learning the best way to approach this challenge for me :o

    Off to update siggy :)
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    DFD 1st March 2011 :T
  • Up to £55 for the month now, shouldn't need anything else till next Monday. Need to use up stuff in freezer, we haven't had chicken in ages cuz keep forgetting to defrost it so we have a veg meal! Not happy defrosting chicken in micro. Gonna try chicken legs in slow cooker next week and then make a nice soup. Have really got back into the way of making soup, however last nights 50p soup veg mix from tesco turned an alarming shade of green when blended! Looks like seaweed. Ah well.
  • I have a small spend of £3.38 to report from last night - went to the corner shop and got frozen chips and veggie sausages. Am not too happy with OH as it was his turn to cook, we had lots of food in, I'd come back from the gym hungry and he hadn't done anything as the football was on :( He then said he didn't want to make any tea from the food we had in, hence the trip to the shop.

    I'm going to lidl after work today for a few bits and bobs.
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