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September 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 August 2010 at 9:03PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Well three NSDs for me!! Woohoo!

    And for the first time I'm still in credit in my current account halfway through the month :) Only by 86p but there we are!!
  • Hi aliwali!

    I have 3 children aged 4,2 and 7 months too plus me and DH-I reckon £260 is doable, mine this month is £220.

    Good luck :)

    Sorry if Im saying what you already know but I save ££££ on farmfoods milk and bread offers 8 pints for £1.50 and 2 hovis loaves for £1

    HTH x
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    cw18cw18 Forumite
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    GC spend of £6.80 for me today

    This was made up of £4.20 on full price items - milk, lettuce and cucumber from A!di, and Mvller Corners from Mr M (currently on a 10 for £2 offer :D) - and £2.60 on Whoopsies worth £12.99 (all from Mr M, and including a 170g piece of 'The Best : Brie de Meaux' which was reduced from £2.29 to just 9p :T)
  • WinchelseaWinchelsea Forumite
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    Just called in for a quick update. Haven't been around lately - trying not to switch the laptop on too much, as monitoring my electricity use.

    Had frugal (but tasty and nourishing) meals last week, until Friday, when I went away on a course, which was prepaid, with all meals provided. So I have not made big dents in this month's GC budget yet, and not much reason to, as have plenty of stores (apart from cheese, but can manage without that for a little while as I have plenty of other sources of protein).

    Thought I'd check in mainly for some inspiration to keep me on the straight and narrow - and it's worked, especially the discussions on the pleasures of budgeting, e.g. JulieGeorgiana - thanks for that.
    Keeping three cats, the car and myself on a small budget, and enjoying life while we're at it!
  • Another £28.27 for me over the weekend.
    I stocked up on dried dog food, a few other bits we needed and had a really good whoopsy haul tonight at Mr T i got £23.41 worth of stuff for £4.88 including a lot of meat. Well it would be rude not to buy it wouldnt it! lol
    Best go and update my signature hopefully i'm still on target.
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  • Whooopsie... went to see my cousin tonight and stopped on the way back for some tobacco ( I know but its my only vice).

    Anyway I decided to check out Asda for any bargains, spent a whole!!!!!! 97pence. I cant ever remember spending only 97p in Adsa.

    4 bags of parsnips from 97p a bag down to 16p
    1 pack of black pudding from 99p to 29p

    Yay.. with that and my 12 pointed sweet peppers for £1 off the market (£1.49 for 2 in asda) I am rather proud of today's bargains!
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    Morning all - have had another couple of NSD's so I am feeling rather pleased with myself :D
    Did get a loaf on Sat and a leek, tub of cream and a teeny bit of gruyere for a recipe on Sunday but my lovely Dad paid for them for me :T

    Will need to get some shopping tonight as I need mustard, mayo, coleslaw (or something similar) and some bakers. Will have a look for whoopsied items aswell as tonight is my only chance to do so. Will update later this evening when I get home from work.

    Hope everyone has a good day :D
    Emma :dance:

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  • I have to buy bread and milk later today so that will be about €5 (I need 4 l of milk).

    I was waiting for the coffee shop to open this morning (stupid o'clock) and I went through my handbag as I had the loyalty mailings last week. I spent the €13.50 in SQ last weekend, but I have €6.50 worth for Mr T and another €8 for Dunnes, as well as a few coupons for things I actually buy (for a change, usually they're things I don't touch!).

    I need to use a bunch of both before the end of the month, so I will go to Mr T this week, and Mr D next week. I reckon I could come in under €200 at this rate of going for the month! :0
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  • I went to Mr T this morning for some essentials (potaoes, carrots, Apples, Marmalade and 1 Tomato)

    And for the THIRD time running they put my single tomato (£1.86kg) through as a cherry tomato (£4.16)... if you say nothing and go to customer services they refund the whole amount :D

    I got a FREE tomato today (worth maybe 18p... but oh well!!)

    £4.58 - 41p = £4.17 Spend!
    We spend money we don't have, on things that we don't need, to impress people we don't like. I don't and I'm happy!
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  • Hello everyone, sorry I am so late joining but OH pay dates have altered so my month will run from 10th -10th, and i am not sure how i will get my head around it - i Know that sounds daft but I am easily confused!! £200 for Sept please! Suffering with a cold and although we need to do a shop I cannot get motivated to move from under my cosy blanket so I am doubtful I will go. Going to write a meal planner and a decent shopping list, so I will have been productive even if poorly!
    Have some peaches in desperate need of using up and i am tempted to make chutney, I heard someone mention 'curried peach chutney' but i can't see a recipe, if anyone has one would you share? Pretty Please!! :)
    Will read back through the thread now!
    August: £149/£150

    Sept: £200
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