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  • scr1977
    This makes me think of when a washing powder is branded as "new and improved", many have done this so many times that they must have been awful the first time they were released.
  • Clive_Woody
    Clive_Woody Posts: 5,856 Forumite
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    Almost as clever as the products that are marketed as 70% fat free.

    "We act as though comfort and luxury are the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about” – Albert Einstein
  • Barbara31
    would be even better if they could be used for food!
  • flibblesan
    Barbara31 wrote: »
    would be even better if they could be used for food!

    Yeah I think you are confusing 'double points' mentioned in Martins post with the current 'double your vouchers' offer.
  • Frankie56
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    flibblesan wrote: »
    Yeah I think you are confusing 'double points' mentioned in Martins post with the current 'double your vouchers' offer.

    Thanks for that. I was just about to say they said they were closing it on 5th September. It's the voucher scheme that's finishing. Would be good if we could use vouchers for food.

    Yes, it is crafty of them, isn't it?
  • NeverInDebt
    NeverInDebt Posts: 4,634 Forumite
    Makes me laugh at Tescos pricing

    They appear to be worse of most of major supermarkets I use dont shop at Asda as we dont have one locally

    Worse offenders

    Emphasize price reductions on shelves, cheap @ Tesco than Sainsburys, Asda etc
    Multi packs that can end up more than buying two small packs
    Price reduction label a whopping 1p saving over original price
  • thepearce
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    edited 23 August 2010 at 5:49PM
    ......and what about how they try and justify the increase in the clubcard price of airmiles?

    Seems to me clubcard points have been devalued (definitely with airmiles but will other deals follow?). Luckilly I converted all my points (many harking back [in a Trigger's broom style] to Beef in Gravy) into airmiles at 120 recently). If anyone has been saving points the "justification" is of little use.

    Before double points was launched
    (at old rate: 60 miles for £2.50 in Clubcard vouchers) Spend £100 a week (for 19 weeks) - You collected 456 Airmiles

    With double points

    (at new rate: 50 miles for £2.50 in Clubcard vouchers)
    Spend £100 a week (for 19 weeks) - You will collect 760 Airmiles
  • not_loaded
    not_loaded Posts: 1,187 Forumite
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    I just wish that ALL of the supermarkets would bring in a fair pricing margin policy, and stop messing around with all these ridiculous schemes.

    The UK has gone rip-off mad. This has been the case for many years now. The poor suppliers get the absolute minimum net from the retailers, and the retailers then apply the biggest possible margin they can get away with.

    Browse around the online sites for the supermarkets, compare between them, and you can easily see this. This would be hard to do visiting each supermarket, but it's a doddle online of course.

    If you get home delivery, they also add extra money on AFTER you have checked out. I've had this problem with Asda and with Tesco. With Tesco, they took £15 extra from me one week by increasing prices after I checked out. When I asked for it back, they refused several times.

    So I changed back to Asda for my deliveries, and within 2 weeks Tesco are emailing me, offering me £10 off my next delivery to come back to them! Idiots!

    The same applies to many other suppliers of course. Why, for example, should it be cheaper to drive a 3 litre Mercedes (one person on board) into town than getting on the local public transport? :mad:
  • irrelevant
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    I must say, I find Tesco pretty useless for me - we've only a "Metro" store anywhere reasonably nearby, and any time I've tried to do my shopping there, I've ended back up at Sainsburys or Asda anyway, fillling in the gaps.

    I dare say the points are worthwhile if you can collect enough of them, but my last clubcard statement had my points carried over again because I'd not earned enough for a voucher. The last one I earned was a single £2.50... I think the previous voucher I got expired before I got around to trying to spend it!

    Now if anybody can suggest a decent use for nearly 60K nectar points..

    (What actually bugs me most about Tesco is Sainsbury's relentless use of shelf-edge tickets telling me they are just as cheap as Tesco... I corrected one, once, having just been in Tesco and noting they were actually cheaper than the quoted price! It disappeared never to return. Neither are as cheap as Asda anyway. But that's another moan..)
  • I have avoided Tesco for a few years now. It took a while to wean myself off them, but I managed it in the end. They are by far the most corrupt and unethical of all the big supermarket chains, and I'm glad not to shop there. I do miss my Clubcard vouchers, but it's a small price to pay.
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