'Wow it actually types as I talk! Sadly my RSI is back' blog discussion

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  • Bless...hope it clears up soon.

    As a side note, if you seem to get bouts of it, perhaps once you've got the Dragon trained you could use it a bit more when you aren't sufering from a bout of it in order to help stop it coming back?

    The quality was pretty good, though. :)
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    Wow, I am genuinely impressed with how well Dragon coped, it must have moved on enormously since I used to it last (probably v.8) but I can't believe all the different versions of v.10 they now offer! Will take a closer look when I'm feeling a bit more flush...
  • I had an earlier version but it couldn't get around my accent.
    The other problem was when I made a mistake and said "sh*t" out loud it typed Sh*t on the letter I was writing.
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    Awwww, poor Martin. I hope your asylum improves soon.:D

    Talking of which (the asylum:D), how are the bunk desks going in MSE Towers? Are you up to three storey bunks yet?;)

    I can't keep up with all the MSE staff.:o
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  • I had problems with RSI in the past, but I've started using a Microsoft Natural Keyboard whenever I can, and they've pretty much gone. I'd highly recommend them.
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    Considering you have not given it a chance to learn your speach that is amazing. I think I may take a look at it too at technology has obviously moved on in leaps and bounds since I last tried one out.
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    Wow, I'm very impressed at how few mistakes there are in that post.

    My first encounter with Dragon software was 10 years ago, I did my work experience at The British Library and as a leaving gift they gave me a load of cool computer goodies (demos etc) including a mini microphone and some dragon speech recognition software. This could well have been the very first version, as it was terrible, albeit hilarious to read back afterwards!

    Sorry about your RSI, don't know what it's like but it must suck :(

    Get well soon!
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    I had an earlier version but it couldn't get around my accent.
    The other problem was when I made a mistake and said "sh*t" out loud it typed Sh*t on the letter I was writing.

    That made me laugh out loud!!!!

    Hope you get some relief soon, Martin.
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    It’s also a little bit of a struggle to learn to punctuate a syndicate

    Funny Martin, I was just going to say exactly that!!!!! :D:D:D
    You're spelling is effecting me so much. Im trying not to be phased by it but your all making me loose my mind on mass!! My head is loosing it's hair. I'm going to take myself off the electoral role like I should of done ages ago and move to the Caribean. I already brought my plane ticket, all be it a refundable 1.
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Hope the RSI goes down again.

    I was also impressed with the quality of the software - you talk so fast on TV, I'm impressed it can even keep up with you!
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