The Great 'Home Exercise' Hunt



  • Turn your TV to channel 282 fitness TV and try their daily workouts,Also stay on the Wii Fit programme.
  • There are organisations who will pay you to walk people's dogs so not only do you get exercise you also get paid for it. They vary from area to area but searching online should find one near you.
  • Eric_Pisch
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    nmmerri wrote: »

    I have discovered the best free way to lose weight with one very simple exercise that anyone can do at home. It's called 'Put Down the Spoon'!:D

    i have the follow up diet

    stand away from the pie!
  • As someone who is short on time as well as money, I was looking for a easy and cheap way to exercise at home!

    The mini trampoline is a fun and cost effective way to keep fit. You can do it in front of the telly or with your ipod for as little as 15 minutes a day for a decent aerobic workout.

    Its also great alternative to jogging or running as it is much easier on the knees!

    Initial outlay on the trampoline is £20-£30 but its a one off expense and beats paying for the gym.

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    I've taken up running with my dog, slowly building up the time/distance I can run for. Really noticing the difference in my clothing now.
  • thor
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    I walk everywhere but don't regard this as exercise as it is only beneficial fitnesswise for people who are really out of shape or elderly or infirm.
    My main exercise is running. It is virtually free and gets your pulserate up for a decent period of time so the heart gets a workout.
    What I would really like to do is HIT running which I believe is the ultimate form of exercise but as I have a problem with my medial ligmament I am unable to run 100% flat out and so will sadly not be able to manage it.
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    I was just over 17 stone after my 2nd child and wanted to loose the weight but had no time & very little money. I waiting until Argos did their new years resolutions January sale of exercise machine & equipment and purchased a cross trainer. I test them out in John Lewis and other exercise shops and took a chance that this could be good based on the research that I did. I used to visit David Lloyds in my fitter, slimmer pre children days and knew that I loved using this machine to I purchased this with the aim to loose the stones.

    Months later I posted on MSE about how I could do exercise infront of my favourite TV shows. Wow someone said why don't I just move my cross trainer infront of my TV!!!! :j I now have it infront of my TV in my bedroom and I love watching Desperate Housewive while doing 20mins on it. I even exercise while watching Toy Story II with my boys sitting on the bed.

    The following year I purchased a step and weights from ARgos again in their January sale. The weights are for my ankles and the stepper is in the living room to watch TV shows while exercising.

    For my arms like many I use a tin of beans. I do 20mins on the stepper with the ankle weights on and doing arm exercises with the cans all at the same time. .. again while watching my favourite TV show. No need for exercise videos.

    Purchased arm stretching elastic things for 99p from the charity shop. I just popped them in the washing machine and they are completely new now.

    I now have two exercise zone. Bedroom & living room both infront of the TV. I love watching TV and combining this with exercise that I have got at a reduced price creates my own gym at home. I don't have the time or money while running the house + kids to visit the gym so this works perfectly for me.

    I did try out a stepper that I got from FreeCycle but did not like it so I gave that away to someone else. I tried exercise videos & dvd from charity shops but I did not like them too much but for just £1 or 10p it is worth a try. My local library also lends out exercise DVDs.

    I am now 10 1/2 and kept it off.
    “…the ‘insatiability doctrine – we spend money we don’t have, on things we don’t need, to make impressions that don’t last, on people we don’t care about.” Professor Tim Jackson

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    Combo Breaker First Post First Anniversary is amazing, dont fork out on weightwatchers online subscriptions, it is all free they have food trackers exercise trackers which show how many calories you burn, a whole porgramme so you put in your weight and goal and it wil work out a programme for you, forms, teams, articles, it is brilliant, i have lost weight using this before, am now using it again after my pregnancy, it is American, but people all over the world use it and their are british spark teams and the food tracker has british foods added, plus you can manually enter british foods and save them for future use.

    I also walk everywhere within a 2-3 mile radious, and have follwoed the Couch to 5k programm which is free from cool runnings

    this guy has made free podcasts to accompany the run which means i can just down load them and follow his prompts, I have never run before and now I am on week 8 of a 9 week programme running 28 mins straight almost 5K

    I also collect home exercise dvd's when on sale , and use these plus have collected weights ect from freecycles and use these regularly to strength train, so much cheaper than a gym

    GREAT!!!!!!!! My partner MUST get a phone that can connect to your podcast. Never thought that you could get something like this. He really wants to be able to run. Partner get your iphone now!!!
    “…the ‘insatiability doctrine – we spend money we don’t have, on things we don’t need, to make impressions that don’t last, on people we don’t care about.” Professor Tim Jackson

    “The best things in life is not things"
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    agw wrote: »
    Gyms and the exercise industry would want you to believe that machines and weights are the best way to train. Personally, (And I'm not a fitness trainer or medical expert), I think free weights are good, but body weight exercises are best. Though be warned, some of the following exercises can be extremely difficult and you can injure yourself. Here is a basic list of exercises that you can use.
    • Push ups/press ups
    • Pull ups
    • Dips
    • Squats
    • Squat Jumps
    • Wall squats
    • Calf raises
    • Lunges
    • Step up
    • Sit ups and Crunches
    • Plank
    • Flutter kicks and leg raises (these are ab exercises)
    • Jogging/running
    • Skipping (it would be best to invest in a skipping rope for this)

    I mentioned that the above list is only a basic list. Because each item on the list can then be elaborated on.

    For example the Push up or press up can then become a list in itself.
    • Push ups on your knees - Similar to normal push ups but with you resting on your knees - Good for beginners
    • Push ups with body elevated - Rest your hands on an elevated platform so that your upper body is higher than your feet. The higher they are, the easier the exercise. Good for beginners
    • Regular push ups - The normal standard push up that people know. With hands shoulder width apart
    • Wide push ups - same as above except hands a wider than shoulder width
    • Diamond push ups - form a diamond shape with your thumbs and index fingers. Place palms on the floor, spread legs and do a push up.
    • Dive bomber - hard to explain this. Type it into google and you'll get a good explanation together with a video demonstration.
    • One arm push ups - Spread your legs and use only one arm
    • Plyometric or clap push ups - Do a clap between each repetition by pushing your hands off the floor. Careful, this is difficult and you could very easily land on your face.
    • Push up with feet elevated - opposite of the body elevated. Your feet should rest on something. The higher your feet, the more difficult it gets and the more your shoulders get a workout.
    • Hand stand push ups - Be warned, this is extremely difficult and if you are not strong enough you can seriously injure yourself with this. You could land on your head, neck or shoulder. Do at your own risk. However, if you are strong enough, this would be great for your shoulders and triceps. Better than a using a barbell or dumbbell.

    Everything on the basic list can be done for free, and can also be modified or elaborated on to get several more exercises as I have shown with the push up. Just do a bit of googling and you'll find a lot more. Or just look up body weight exercises. Or look into the fitness regimes of; elite military units (SAS, Navy Seals, etc), boxers, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters and gymnasts. They all use a large amount of body weight exercise and are some of the best conditioned people in the world.

    If you don't mind spending a bit of money on equipment. The basics would only be a set of weights, pair of dumbbells and a pull up bar. If you want a little more, add a barbell, buy more weights, a bicycle and a membership to the local swimming baths (Only the pool, no need for the gym). If that's not enough, get a kettle bell too.
    You don't need more than this to get in shape.

    Also, if you think this is only aimed at men, it's not. This can be applied to women too, if you don't believe me, check out this website gubernatrix . co . uk. It's mainly aimed at women, but can be used by men too.

    If you think you need to spend a fortune on running shoes, look up Chi running or Pose running. They show you shouldn't really need to spend that much on shoes but focus more on form. Or have a read of this book that has worried a lot of the expensive shoe retailers, Born to run by Christopher McDougall.

    Of course, if you're not very fit, this may all seem very daunting. Remember everyone started from somewhere. Majority of people didn't start fit. But after a bit of dedication, perseverance and discipline, they then became fit.

    I must repeat, I'm not a fitness expert, or a medical professional. Just someone who has doesn't have a lot of money, wants to get into shape, and is on the internet a lot. :) Majority of the good things I have read recommends seeing your doctor first. Then taking it slow and building a foundation of fitness. Once you have that, then you can go a bit harder.

    And remember, the exercises will help you get fitter. If you want to focus on looking better, you'll have to look at your diet too. There are many ways to do this without breaking the bank, but I'll leave that for another time.

    WOW. I have lost the weight and now I am looking more at toning and maintain the loss. There is a lot to look up and thanks for writing this long thread with loads of references to further reading.... :T:T:T:T:T
    “…the ‘insatiability doctrine – we spend money we don’t have, on things we don’t need, to make impressions that don’t last, on people we don’t care about.” Professor Tim Jackson

    “The best things in life is not things"
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    This is my last post here for now. I have just read all post and commended and thanked. I must mentions about my kids.

    We have made the living room into a mini circuit room. The furniture are all just happen to be around the room where they can jump from chair onto a sofa then under the dinning table then crawl through the tunnel over my step and leap onto the trampoline from the top of the arm chair. We have a kids trampoline in the living room and the kids always do about 10mins on it each. My partner put a safety mirror in front of the tranpoline as the kids love watching how high they can jump.

    I sometimes time them and say how fast they complete the circuit around the room. Mainly the kids just climb and jump around. We keep an eye on them age 3 & 6 when they are doing this. Our only rule is they are not allowed on the dinning table. We the kids use the armchair to climb. Sofa to as a crash mat & roll mat. Dining Chairs & table to crawl. Trampoline to jump while watching jumping formations. Tunnel to crawl.

    We also use balls for kids to hit about inside the home knowing that it will not break anything in the house.
    “…the ‘insatiability doctrine – we spend money we don’t have, on things we don’t need, to make impressions that don’t last, on people we don’t care about.” Professor Tim Jackson

    “The best things in life is not things"
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