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  • Nuclear_Bear
    Nuclear_Bear Forumite Posts: 7 Forumite
    This is typical of the bureaucratic way these organisations work. I recently had a phone call purporting to be from RBS and the caller asked me to confirm personal details to verify my account.
    Them 'can you confirm your address and post code'
    Me ' I don't do that over the phone when I don't know who I'm talking to'
    Them 'but we need to verify your identity'
    Me 'I don't give out details over the phone'
    Them ' I just need you to confirm your address and some other details so I know who I am talking to'
    Me 'I don't give out details over the phone'
    Me 'Is this about xxxxx?' (which I had been in contact with them about)
    Them 'I'm sorry I can't discuss that over the phone'

    You couldn't make it up!
    Living in the light of HIS word!:rotfl:
  • oxenryd
    oxenryd Forumite Posts: 478 Forumite
    lucylucky wrote: »
    I take Martin has no accounts with them now?

    I was thinking the same. If it's not closed, I'd be disappointed. Martin is the first person to tell people not to put up with cr*p. Would kind of ruin the image I have ....
    Originally Posted by Dr Cuckoo3
    Your bank and bank card does say something about the kind of person you are: Big 4 banks=sheep;),Santander=someone who doesnt mind incompetence:p,COOP=Ethical views,a campaigner:cool:,First Direct/Coventry=someone who thinks they are better than others:o,NI Bank card when living on the mainland=Aspergers :D
  • Googlewhacker
    Googlewhacker Forumite Posts: 3,887 Forumite
    To be honest I have banked with LLoyds throughout my life and have had only excellant service throughout.
    The Googlewhacker referance is to Dave Gorman and not to my opinion of the search engine!

    If I give you advice it is only a view and always always take professional advice before acting!!!

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  • Terri31
    Terri31 Forumite Posts: 45 Forumite
    The hoops we are forced to go through trying to communicate/ask a question/solve a problem in almost every organisation test us all every day... anyone tried to contact an embassy about visa requirements lately????!!! If ever I become exasperated I do sound off but first say look, it's neither your fault nor your responsibility but I would like you to convey to your managers that this situation [be precise] amounts to appalling customer service and needs to be addressed.

    Unless we communicate our dissatisfaction nothing will be done. And I can't take much more!!!! :eek:

    Entire sympathy Martin. When you become PM please tell them all to simplify their communication procedures and have real, informed people on the end of phones pleeeeeeeeeeease!!
  • gilligansyle
    gilligansyle Forumite Posts: 4,124 Forumite
    All of this just shows what we are told in courses at work about customer service - if someone gets good customer service they MAY tell one person, if they get bad customer service they WILL tell as many people as they can.

    I have found Lloyds systems to be appalling, they expect you to jump through lots of bureaucratic hoops.
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  • hullfaithful
    hullfaithful Forumite Posts: 5 Forumite
    I've been trying to change my name with natwest for 4 years. I go into the branch - I write to them, they tell me it's done and then I call up a call centre who tell me the name I have given is incorrect. The scary thing is they always proceed with the call anyway! So much for security. And, ny maiden name which was 2 name changes ago still appears on the bottom of an annual statement!
  • j_jay4
    j_jay4 Forumite Posts: 8 Forumite
    It is soooo nice to know that we're not the only ones that have to go through this sort of rubbish. It's not just Lloyds TSB it's every other major company with call centre customer services. You can spend hours on the phone being transferred from one department that don't know how to deal with your simple request to another. The truth is the software systems and the staff using them on the other end of the line are incompetent and it should be unacceptable, but the common man doesn't have a voice in this multinational business world. It's people like you; Martin that give us this voice and through your work you are hopefully making major changes to the way these businesses are run.

    We are not stupid lemmings and we will not put up with such poor customer service. Our business will be greatly accepted elsewhere and you have no right to stop using taking our custom there.

    That's my 2 pence, Virgin Media have a lot to answer for.
  • j_jay4
    j_jay4 Forumite Posts: 8 Forumite
    katiepatie wrote: »
    you should have contacted the fraudsters that manage to change my address and phone number at lloyds, then increased my credit card limit and removed 6000 from it.....all in the same day! now that's fast service lol

    lol this is hilarious, it's a credit to Lloyd's speedy service, they do look after 1% of their customers at least
  • niamhirl
    niamhirl Forumite Posts: 41 Forumite
    "though listening to an overseas with poor English being wrongly told ”you are not allowed to bank with us if you have any other accounts”,I was already feeling a little angry with the branch"

    I found this interesting because back in Sept 1995, (Lloyds TSB was just LLoyds). I as an Irish person starting university in North Wales tried to open a current account to pay rental fees etc from. I was told that I couldn't have an account as I already had an Irish current account. I explained that I needed the current account in Ireland because I would be staying in Ireland during the holidays. They were still insistent that I couldn't have an account. I asked why and was told that if I had an account in a foreign country I could use it to launder money, I then asked why I would want to lauder money in an Irish account when the tax rate on any savings in any account was higher than in Britain. They would not give me a satisfactory answer so I got fed up walked across the street opened an account with one of their competitors without any problem.
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  • Jinxed
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    I'm happy to have never been with Lloyds TBH (my sis was and has had no end of problems!!!!). Always been with Natwest and never had any issues (eeeek jinxed myself now...). It makes me mad when people in Customer Service give such bad service, I prided myself on great customer service when I worked for Vodafone, always the one to call someone back and take ownership of a problem (it was drummed into us) and yet now after being made redundant last Aug I can't get a job in Customer Service...even with my track record!!! It's maddening cos I coud run rings round some of these people!!! (BTW VF customer service has gone really down hill since they ditched UK customer service!!!)
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