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    rothwellm wrote:
    1. I get two weekends for people to actually notice the items and attract more watchers, during this time I usually find someone actually makes an offer on the item, if this offer is acceptable then it's not against the rules to end the auction early as long as the person is in the highest bidder position you can then adjust the amount owed to you through the postage section when you send the invoice. (Note, this lowers your final listing fee as well)

    Isn't that whats known as fee avoidance? :confused:
  • Im not sure I agree with the Sunday nite thing.

    Losts of the things I sell are the things people like myself would buy and poeple like myself are in the pub on a sunday nite playing pool etc before going back to work the following day!!

    My mum has her listings end 10/15 minutes after programs like Eastenders and coronation Street. The ideal being that people check their ebay and spot the item ends after that paticular program, when theyd be logging back on anyway.

    This has been really successful for her after trying the sunday nite thing.
  • im selling my nintendo dS to end at 11.30 sunday evening

    do you reckon this is too late ?
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  • So does everyone still think Sunday evening is still the best time to end? I'm selling a Marin Lucas Valley Hybrid bike. It is a city road bike so I was thinking Monday afternoon/evening might be best for worker bees.

    Has anyone noticed a big difference between Monday evening and Sunday evening? Listing a 10 day auction to end Monday you still get both weekends so surely there can't be that much difference?

    Are people still noticing ebay crashing on Sunday's? Don't want to miss out on those last minute bidders.

    I'm thinking Monday evening might be the best of both worlds as I'm listing from London (collection poss) where bikes have become a must have fashion accessory and I'm worried that all the East London cool cats might still be out Sunday evening :cool: :rolleyes: . But as I'm selling nationwide (with postage) if Sunday generates significantly more traffic than Monday evening then I will list to end then.

    Sorry this has turned out into a bit of an essay!
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    For what I sell it makes no difference when I list! I sell rare collectables and I always list things at different times to see the difference - there is none! Items finishing at 4am on a thursday morning sell equally as well as items finishing at 8pm on a sunday! It all depends on what you sell - if people want it time is irrelevant!
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    I would say sunday evenings aswell but you do have to be careful whats on the tv aswell.
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  • Thanks guys! I'll definitely check the TV listings!
  • Tuesday to friday between 6pm and 9pm
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    Any night ending after tea time but before 9pm(when most of the popular stuff starts on TV),so 7-8.30ish.Remember if you are selling something more likely to appeal to a US or other overseas market to take time difference into account when listing,no good if the market you expect to buy will be asleep or just getting to work when your auction ends.
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  • I found selling items between 6:30pm and 9pm to be the most profitable time. Also 7 day listings starting/ending on monday, tuesday or thursday to be consistently more profitable. If you are ending an item at the weekend then I find just like every1 else ending it on a sunday evening is a good idea and starting it on a thursday evening with a 10 day listing will give u max exposure! anyway that's my 2 cents. Im happy to answer any questions you folks may have. Enjoy your weekend!
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