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    I think most people believe sunday night is the best time for an auction to end.
    So if you are running a 7 day auction then list it on sunday evening and a 10 day auction should be started on a thursday evening.
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    I think it depends what the item is that you are selling and who you are aiming it at.

    If it's aimed at young mums then I suppose you'd have to avoid the school run, bedtimes etc.

    Lots of people seem to access ebay from work. Retired people can no doubt access ebay at any time.

    Sometimes I do a little market research on ebay to see what items are selling for a good price. I'm thrilled when I source similar items but invariably they don't reach anywhere near the other persons price.

    I do have one seller in my favourite sellers list and she/he could honestly sell a bag of ice cubes to an eskimoo. I don't buy from them, but I read their listings in amazement. Hats off to them though, their listing description skills are fantastic.
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    Make sure as well that you don't have any odd terms in your auctions putting people off, and that if your competitors are taking paypal then you are too. Look at the other auctions, is there anything there that stands out differently to yours?

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  • fad1211 wrote:
    Hi all, I buy and sell alot of everyday household things on ebay, and forever decluttering the house. I have noticed recently that my stuff dont go for what it is worth, whilst other ppl that sell the same stuff get more than i'd be happy with.

    Just wondering does anybody know when the best time of day or day of week is for auctions to end. I dont know if it would be worth doing a poll to establish when ebay is mostly used, home or work, day/evening.

    Just trying to boost my sales, must be doing something wrong. Thanks in advance for any advice!!

    Hiya, if you look at the Omniture thingy, do you have a shop? it will show all the times people come in your shop. I disagree that people buy loads at the weekend, the mornings, 8-10 and from 4-6 loads of people shop from work. Good luck.
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    Is it me or is it quiet on ebay at the moment?
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    FloFlo wrote:
    Is it me or is it quiet on ebay at the moment?

    Yep i've thought the same too.

    Hopefully in the run up till Christmas, sales will start to speed up.
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    I agree that it depends on your items. As my items aren't everyday they don't do well ending in daytime. Since the fee hikes I'm not ending auctions every night but try and do 10 days - start on a Thursday to end on a Sunday night and I also have some ending midweek. I put loads of links to the shop and as they are the same starting price as the auctions a lot of people don't wait and will purchase them on a BIN.

    I really use my auctions to advertise the shop but haven't been doing as many as I used to, to try and save money on fees.

    It has been quiet and I think most of us are feeling it. I'm having flurries of sales then nothing but fingers crossed the next few months should improve things.
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    Sunday 7 day auction at around 2pm-3pm, works all the time on anything I sell!
    Kind Regards
  • Think its already been said but Sunday evening is the busiest time for Internet use in the UK.

    Would go for ending it either at the top or the bottom of the hour (It's when TV programmes have their ad breaks!) between 8 and 10 is the best time I think I read somewhere! (prob on here!)
  • As mentioned previously it all depends on your target market, and when you guess they have time to actually look at the site. From personal experience I tend to run 10 day auctions starting early friday evening. I do this for two reasons, as follows (target market is mainly <25 yrs of age)
    1. I get two weekends for people to actually notice the items and attract more watchers, during this time I usually find someone actually makes an offer on the item, if this offer is acceptable then it's not against the rules to end the auction early as long as the person is in the highest bidder position you can then adjust the amount owed to you through the postage section when you send the invoice. (Note, this lowers your final listing fee as well)
    2. I figure ending on Monday evening, my target market has had their fill of drink over the weekend and are in chill mode preparing for the sessions to start later in the week. This is confirmed by the fact I know I can pick up sale items cheaper on Sunday evening and then relist the following Friday for a healthy profit 10 days later.

    These facts can be stated with confidence as the new boiler has just been paid for via ebay profits, and I have'nt spent a penny of my salary on nights out for over two years, Happy ebaying!
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