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  • I agree that Sunday evenings are the best time to end. As well as having time to bid, you will also have time to invoice, package and label ready for posting.

    I do not, however, use the 10 day format unless it is for a larger item which people will need to have time to consider and possibly view before buying. I find the shorter 3 or 5 day listings more productive for mass items.

    I recently sold some Fisher Price toys and the list runs to pages and pages. Buyers will get bored looking for something 10 days back and the shorter listings get you onto the first few pages quicker.

    Happy selling!
  • I always thought sunday was the best time however due to a high volume a watchers, ebay always seems to run slower weekends. Has anyone else noticed that?
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    The best time depends on the type of item, ask yourself when do people who want this item go on the internet? Think teenager vs parents etc.

    The bored office worker Friday afternoon is a good one for impulse buys!
  • If you aren't in when you want to start an auction, use the Turbo Lister (free to download) and you can use it to schedule your start time. Handy if you want to go to the pub!
    Good luck!

    You have to pay a fee if you want to schedule the start time to anything but immediate. Can't remember how much, about 5 or 6 pence I think (don't quote me on that though!)
    You can also (or you could) schedule a start time when listing using ebay rather than turbo lister but again you have to pay.
  • A good time is at lunch time between 12 and 2 weekdays in the winter! bored people who don't want to get wet!
  • ..... and send an email to those who made the best unsuccesful offers drawing their attention to your auction. I look at the selling prices of completed auctions for the same item and if a recent auction has had high unsuccessful bidders I include a BIN a bit higher than the successful bid as well as the standard auction. You can often push those bidders a little higher than the previous auction's selling price for the security of not being outbid again.

    No don't do that, it's against Ebay rules and you could get yourself banned. ;)
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    Hi, I am totally addicted to selling on ebay and always always used to end on a sunday or weekend evening, recently though i listed some items to end on a wednesday evening and they went through the roof, i've also ended on a thursday too and it was the same so maybe more people go on during the week at the mo? I don't know but it works for me lol:j
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    As mentioned previously eBay can be prone to crashes and general slowness on Sundays due to the volume of traffic. This can have a bad effect on the prices as people are unable to make last minute bids.

    Another point - it is free to schedule listings if you are subscribed to Selling Manager Pro (£4.99 per month), but I guess that if you were subscribed to SMP then you would already know that.
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    Hi all, I buy and sell alot of everyday household things on ebay, and forever decluttering the house. I have noticed recently that my stuff dont go for what it is worth, whilst other ppl that sell the same stuff get more than i'd be happy with.

    Just wondering does anybody know when the best time of day or day of week is for auctions to end. I dont know if it would be worth doing a poll to establish when ebay is mostly used, home or work, day/evening.

    Just trying to boost my sales, must be doing something wrong. Thanks in advance for any advice!!
  • A poll would be a very good idea as it's obviously different for each individual but to get an overall picture would be very useful. Personally I've tried to aim for items to finish on a Sunday, late morning - more people up, pubs not open, Sunday dinner not ready etc. etc. but maybe I'm missing something obvious (like all EBayers will be at car-boot sales?!) Hey, this could develop into a thesis for my next PhD...........well, my first PhD at least ;-)
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