Argh! UKPC Ticket in Merry hill!

Hello all!

Just returned from an expensive shopping trip at merry hill, only to return to a PCN slapped on the front windscreen!

This was for parking in a disabled bay, which is not very clearly marked. I didnt realise it was a disabled bay as it didnt have the big yellow zig zags either side, and the next bay to the left of me wasnt disabled - so I thought my bay wasnt disabled due to the bays width, and having no yellow zig zag lines on the left hand side like the rest do!

The ticket says " Parking attendant had reasonable cause to believe that the following contravention of the parking regulations had occured: Parked in a disabled persons space without clearly displaying a valid disabled persons badge". Therefore a parking charge of £70.00 is payable within 28 days. A reduced charge of £35.00 is payable if payment is recieved within 14 days beginning with the date of this notice.

I did take a picture of my car parked in the said space, and the markings are pretty poor! I have been reading that these kind of tickets are not enforcable.

What do you think I should do, as I am in two minds whether to just pay the reduced amount!

I have had some sound advice from another forum, but thought I would see what you guys think?




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