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    MoodyBlues wrote: »
    I've found quite a few notes in the past. Many times they have been near banks, so have handed them into the banks and received rewards! Found about £300 once in bundled notes with an elastic band around them. Handed that into the police, left my details, and heard nothing..

    Snap, but I found a wallet full.

    Interesting process at the Police Station, you get to fill out a detailled form - when, where, etc when we got to the details of the item found (ie the contents of the wallet) the desk clerk decided to take over. She didn't count the money in detail & just wrote 'notes and coins approx £xx'. The real amount was over £20 higher (from the corners of the notes plus the pound coins in the change pocket).
    You get a copy, which includes the information that you will be informed if the item is collected & the fact that you have the right to claim the item yourself if the owner is not located within xx time.

    What a surprise, they 'forgot' to tell me it had been claimed, in fact the guy who answered the phone was quite brusque & demanded to know what business it was of mine - he had to back off when I read him the relevant part of the form.
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    I am always on the look out for dropped coins and notes, I always seem to find money earlier in the morning when I walk the dog. Usually outside pubs early on are the best times. I have found a few £10 notes over the years but mostly the odd 10p or 5p.
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    the most i have ever found is 50p just recently in the local swimming pool changing rooms

    DD2 is really lucky, she has found a £20 note in sainsbugs , a £5 on the street £10 in the local leisure centre and another £5 cant remember where

    I found a cent in london the other day lol
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    I always bend down to pick up anything I see dropped in the street...although I do tend to "kick" the coin first (after falling prey to a group of builders who had glued a 50p coin to the pavement near the site where they were working - I can still hear the sound of them laughing as I tried to pry the coin from the pavement!! :o).

    Best haul: a £10 note in a shop doorway in Chelsea on the way to a Weightwatchers meeting many years ago, when I lived in London. I didn't really want to go - money was tight at the end of the month...;) - but I made myself go, and was glad I did. There was nobody nearby, so I pocketed the cash, paid for my WW meeting and was £5+ up on the situation!! :T


    P.S. I, too, try and pass the money on, but as I am generally with Mr P or my parents, it still tends to be a family bonus!!! :D
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    As I always say to my children... See a penny pick it up all day long it brings good luck...
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    We were tidying up the front garden a couple of weeks ago and found 75p - Result!
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    Found a pound when coming home from walking the dog yesterday. I have not shared it with the dog though as I saw it and picked it up, he missed :rotfl:
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