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Walking back to my car today I found a 20p piece on the floor so I picked it up. I have seen money on the floor many times in the past and thought nothing of it. Maybe I am getting to the point of stupidity or something, but from now on I am going to pick up every coin I see. If anyone else finds some money on the floor then I urge you to do the same and post it here! I wonder just how much cash is lying on our street unclaimed!

TOTAL AT START £13606.90 27/03/2018
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  • Fitzer2000
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    I've always picked up pennies, and always will!!! Money is money and at the end of the day it all adds up!
  • luxor4t
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    Some of us have been doing this for quite a while!
    See this thread:
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  • scattymam1
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    See a penny, pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck!

    I once saw a programme where this guy roamed the streets and collected money, he knew the places to go, like the town and taxi ranks just after the pubs and clubs shut, think he was from London, but he had collected well over a grand in a year! if I remember rightly. However this is probably not the safest of things to be doing!!!
  • Poosmate
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    Yay! Check out my signature! I found £1.25 just within the last week! My total is from April this year and I think this year is going to be slow because I no longer visit one of the money finding places I used to go to.

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  • Fang_3
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    I know someone who (seriously) backed up a packed bus for 50p.
  • thesim
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    I started doing this recently...I found £1.50 the onther day :T
  • d3mon4ngel
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    I always pick up money if I see it. Not kept a track of how much though... might start doing that :D
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    I work in a school, and on the playground at the end of lunch, I managed to find just shy of £20 in 1p's and 2p's, with the occasional 5p - £1 etc for good measure!

    I shall now be doing this on a daily routine! lol
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    Found a £5 note blowing around in the street the other weekend, score :)
  • downnotout
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    All very good to hear! I have been a little less lucky since this thread started! Maybe a running total in my signature called Street Cred :D might change my luck?
    TOTAL AT START £13606.90 27/03/2018
    TOTAL CURRENT £13445.90 29/03/2018
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