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  • immoral_angeluk
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    I once found £40 on the floor of a market. I asked around but noone claimed it so I kept it. Bonus :D
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  • DarkConvict
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    I found a £10 note last week when in Devon, then my GFs mom the same day found £15 rolled together in a field, and my girlfriend the day later found a £5 in the car.
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  • natsing
    natsing Posts: 555 Forumite
    I regularly find money in the street, have found £5 in Birmingham city centre, and £20 outside a supermarket, it all adds up, I once found £45 at work (it was a museum) handed it in, but no one claimed it and I got that back. Iwasn't very MSE back then so I wasted it, now it'd buy me a weeks shop with some to spare!
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  • ThinkingOfLinking
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    I've been collecting roadkill for ages now. Found a £10 note the other day. :) It's mainly just the odd penny I find but it does all add up. :)
  • sharica
    sharica Posts: 240 Forumite
    I found a penny today :)

    I was in wakefield on a minibus About 20 yrs ago and saw a £10 note fly past the window.. I Got up said stop here please to the driver, Got out and ran after it.. I went flying, skidded on the gravel by my knees but got the cash.. Result
  • thesim
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    I found 5p today :D

    (every penny is counting...7 days until payday!!!)
  • chickadee
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    My son is horrified when I do this. He says it is dirty. Somehow he thinks the change he gets in a shop is clean :rotfl: It must be the process of handing it over the counter that does it!
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  • thesim
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    ^TBH I thought this up until recently...but providing I wash my hands I'm ok picking it up. Same as handling any money!
  • amy.c_3
    amy.c_3 Posts: 7 Forumite
    i used to turn my nose up at picking up pennies, but now i do it all the time since i realised that it all adds up. i'm going through a particularly financially trying time at the moment, so went through my collection of handbags (part of the reason i'm so broke) and found almost £2 in change. anything less than 5p goes in my piggy bank. my partner and i emptied the piggy bank last month and treated ourselves to a domino's pizza with the proceeds. the best bit was, it was a tuesday so it was BOGOF! yay!
  • MoodyBlues
    MoodyBlues Posts: 281 Forumite
    I have to admit I have found a fair amount of money in the past. Lately however I have just found pennies.
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