June 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    I've been Money Tipped!
    I didn't get around to making any bread and dh went out to buy some for his packed lunch, £1.44 for a seeded batch!:eek: I have stashed 8 slices away in the freezer so that it doesn't get wasted! (just the 2 of us here) I must make sure I get the bm back in use asap!

    Had the M $ S roasted chicken today (very nice) with mash potatoes and asparagus (locally grown) and there is enough meat left for a curry, sandwiches and stock (bubbling away in the sc) for some soup. We made the meal deal profiteroles last for 2 days and the wine is on the wine rack for later.

    I'm finding that if I think something won't be used up right away then it is wise to pop it into the freezer for later, trouble is the freezer is now full of odds and ends!

    Almost out of potatoes so will be working on the packets of AF couscous next week!

    18 days to go!
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    hope everyone has had a good weekend. Its been a NSD for me today :j at last. My cousin cooked a lovely roast dinner for us all topped off with choc gateau :j Tomorrow i need to get bananas and bread, my dd wont eat the homemade bread, shes 4 and prefers the shop bought :( i did use the HM for her packed lunch one day last week but they came home uneaten so the little moo knows the difference but shes one fussy kid anyway. Tomorrow im going to try and stick to the bare minimum when i go out and not get lots of bargains ;)
    I will lose 2 stone by this summer!!!!!!
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    Hi all, nsd for me:j the chicken for the roast today was very small so going to be hard to stretch anything from it :o maybe just a spot the meat stew! Been to the allotment to collect lettuce, radish and thinings of carrots so free shopping:D . Was going to do some batch cooking this evening but they are all in a very hungry picky mood and seeing as the sponge I made today for snacks (I use a roasting tin so it was a fair size!) has already gone! Think I wont do anymore baking until they are out of the way tomorrow and it may stand a chance of making it to the freezer!
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    Spent £13.74 at the weekend which was mostly fruit and veg and some yoghurt as had run out.
    Never got around to making the pork and apple burgers on Saturday as we came in far to late so put the mince in the freezer along with the other pack that was already in there. It will get used when next do meal plans. Plated up an extra roast dinner today which son will have tomorrow as we are out again most of day and will just grab soup and sandwich when we get home.

    At the moment any money left at the end of the months GC is just going into our every day account we already have but next month may think about opening one just for these savings, I think it will perhaps make it seem more ‘real’. :rotfl:
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  • Hi all, still here. So little time though at the moment as very busy growing my own. Have been stuck under a lettuce and rocket mountain all week and trying to find inventive ways to use it up. Made Rocket Soup yesterday, hmmmm ok, but very heavy on the rocket and a bit bitter, DH struggled through most of he's as did I, but unfortunately the rest ended up in the compost heap, I need a new recipe. Have a fairly big T*s*o shop coming tomorrow and hopefully I'll be able to stretch it. Must update my sig. asap as all behind with that too. I'll do my best.
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    This weeks spend was £32.79, so total so far is £61.79.
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    Here we are half way through the month nearly and i seem to be doing really well I have had NSD fri and spent 1.50 on drinks sat and 2 on bread and fruit bags today. This from the girl who spent 500 on food in may!!! Needs must payday is 15th and so at the moment i have nothing in my purse - food wise think we have eaten the best we have in ages because i have actually planned what we are going to eat in advance and have been baking twinks hobnobs and weetabix brownies on a regular basis - they go down very quickly:)

    Tesco shop arrives Tues day (payday) and includes a bottle of malibu - its my birthday next saturday !! - and enough food to make main meals til the end of the month and pack lunch stuff for at least a week - so i think i should come in well under budget this month but currently i am avoiding the takeaway but that may call to me on my b'day weekend.

    If i can come in under 350 this month i will be ecstatic cause that means maybe in a few months i will be able to start putting some cash away each month rather than having no money by the end of the month.
    Been stupid but have no regrets starting to slowly sort my finances now the kids are growing
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    Another NSD for me and managed to use up several things from freezer....still several dinnersworth of protein in there, hoping to have most of it gone by end of the month.

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    Had to get some fruit, veg, milk and a few other bits today, which came to £25.27, but I had £4.50 in vouchers so only £20.77 spent out of budget. Total spent on groceries so far this month £89.92 out of £160, and freezer is almost full so hopefully I won't have to buy too much more before the end of the month.
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  • Hi everyone. Hope you've been enjoying the nice weather and dodging the downpours! I haven't updated since the beginning of the month and things have gone a bit awry. There are reasons for my overspends - mostly to do with extra kids here over half-term and keeping eldest daughter supplied with choccy to see her through her exams!
    I have noticed some people working out their budget as a percentage and the amount of month left in the same way and I thought that might help me to focus a bit more, so I have spent 75% of my budget during 43% of my month - not so good. But the situation is still rescue-able I think, so am in for a couple of small shops over the next 2 weeks and more NSD's.
    Had my 3rd NSD today and I really like the feeling at the end of the day - I feel that I have triumphed over the organisations that want to part me from my money!

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