June 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    My weekly shop came to £19.11 yesterday, and I'm going to try and only buy some milk during the week. Got £64 to last the rest of the month, but I've got to feed my mum and dad for a week when they visit me, so getting slightly concerned that I'm going to go over budget. I've got no idea what to cook for them whilst they're here...but at least they are going to take me out for dinner for me birthday :) My dad's not keen on things like pasta so may be salads, shepards pie and curry for them!
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    Have just spent ages posting and everything has disappeared!!:mad: Was really difficult too as I have not been very good this month and have been burying my head in the sand and not posting.:o Have had an unexpected an unplanned free!! holiday:j:j (got loan of mums caravan for a few days at half term) so everything gone to pot, Just added total for June and added up to £182.64!! so far thats an amazing £52.64 over for June!!:eek:got 10 days to go yet so got to be good now. Was my birthday on Friday so we are having all the family over today so spent quite a lot on bbq stuff for today that is if weather keeps up if not we will have an indoor one:rotfl: but I am looking forward to seeing them all.
    Went to Mr Al** yesterday and they have lots of salad stuff for 39p each 6 tomatoes, little gem lettuces, radishes and cucumber. Was shocked at how prices have gone up these last few weeks! :mad:
    Was very good last week, :Ahad 4 NSD days and posted a meal plan which we more a less stuck to and I am going to do the same next week and live out of fridge and freezer. Anyway off to bake some burger buns and cakes for this afternoon so have a lovely day everyone and hope you do better than me. Savvyshe xx
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    Went to the pictures tonight with DD1 to see Sex and the City 2. I agreed to get some Ben & Jerry's and popcorn as we don't normally and the whole outing cost £36.70:eek:Popcorn and a diet coke was £8 and the tickets were £8.75 each

    That's why I have a cineworld ticket. Use it on orange wednesdays and another person goes free and I take my own stuff in my bag to munch on :) I'm off to see death at a funeral today on it :) so should be a good laugh! The card is £13.50 a month and is unlimited (although you pay an extra £1.50 if you want to see a 3d film) but it covers almost all of my entertainment for the month, plus a friend every week so it's pretty good value.

    A NSD day today for me- death at a funeral and going to pick some free plants up too :)

    Have a good day all!

    ETA: Happy birthday savvy she! :bdaycake:
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    May I join you this month? This is my first time with the challenge but I do try to keep a note of my spending. Since I moved house in February my spending has gone through the roof. I simply cannot afford it. Eventually the money you borrow from Peter to pay Paul needs to be repaid to Peter!:mad:
    My payday is 16th of the month so I will be starting my June grocery spending then. My budget is £150 for myself, two boys & 1 pigeon murdering cat (Wish she'd eat her kills as I'd spend less on catfood!!).
    I have a full freezer & some storecupboard items so I plan to take an inventory & mealplan so I hope to have at least a weeks worth of main meals & puds.:)

    Well done to everyone so far xx
    When I grow up I want to be a M.S.E.!! :D
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    Well Ive had about 4 no spend days so Ive been very good. I did my topup shop today and stuck to only what I needed-all in Iceland 12 eggs,8 pints of milk and 2 loaves of Kingsmill bread so caost was: £4.70. Could be an expensive day at the dentist tomorrow though as my tooth has broken and the filling come out eating the free toffees brought back from Devon from my friend. Now-I do know better! If you are over 40-you "suck" toffees! Also did my first "Avon" round today sop popped out my brochures,met new customers and did shopping in just over an hour. Even managed to pop into a playgroup with a big bag of cardboard and paper Id scrounged from our packaging at work over the last few months.
    Time- saving/moneysaving/earning and recycling in one and a quarter hours! Just don't mention installing routers fror friends and things that won't work with out any reasonable explanation! Used up-lots of goodwill and patience but I shall recover!

    Hope you do well with Avon, Ive been thinking about it but I don't think id do very well around here.

    Ok-whoopsies are the reduced items-either close to their end of shelf life/dispay until date or damaged in some way.

    Re the pork-they tell you this in case you don't have a decent freezer. No reason pork shouldnt be ok for 6 months.
    After all-if it was frozen pork it would have a lot longer than a month on it and it was fresh originally. Always freeze meat as fresh as possible though-straight in the freezer when you get it home rather than a few days later. There no meat only a month old in my freezer!

    Thanks for that advice and I love getting whoopsies, makes sticking to my budget easier :D
    rosieben wrote: »
    check out the Gammon and Coke thread here ;)

    Whoopsies are reduced items, usually yellow-stickered; :)

    thanks for the link ill have to try that out

    Well I went over my budget this week but only a little, so need to try harder next week. Ill update my signature soon.
    Went for a BBQ so it should have been a NSD but didn't like taking nothing with me so I bought stuff to make a strawberry & raspberry flan and cup cakes :)

    Ill have to find out if there is a waitrose near me, the whoopsies sound good there :)

    At Mr S Friday I got 3 lots of fresh meatballs knocked down to 45p a pack so they went in the freezer

    Lol Felinefantastic not leaving the house is a good way of getting a NSD :D

    Highlandfling That recipe sounds lovely ill have to try that

    Well im off to try and make a meal plan for next week, my first time so hopefully I do it and stick to it!

    ETA: Happy Belated Birthday to W2BMS & Mrs Woolfe & Savvyshe!!!
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    Well I had a bit of a blip so signature updated accordingly. 3 bottles of wine, crisps and other bits we did not really need bought but life is for living and fingers crossed that by being good with the meal planning this month. Did stock up on some £1 clover whilst in the co-op.

    Bit annoyed that the chicken breasts I had delivered that are dated till the 15th stink to high heaven so instead of making the nuggets for the freezer they have gone in the bin!

    I have made flapjacks, double chocolate brownies and a roast dinner today. Will pop the bread machine on in a mo to make rolls for pack-ups. Chicken will be used up on sandwiches during the week and I will make a stew/soup with the carcass for my lunches this week. Meal plan done for this week but need to get more milk, fruit and cereal so will do small shop to get me through week and then I will keep out of the shops!!
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    Please can I change my total to £60.00?

    I have upped my total by £10.00 as have bought some bits that I don't actually need at the moment, but want to make sure I have enough stuff for when i'm off work. I went to Asda last night and got teabags, sugar, pasta, oil, washing liquid, bleach and body spray amongst other things, but these are all things I will need in the next few weeks. Also got some toilet rolls in Coop this morning which are on offer. That was my fourth visit in a week to try and get them, so glad they had them as I was starting to look a bit weird :p

    Asda - £18.53
    Coop - £2.95
    Grocery challenge - Nov: £52/£100
  • Afternoon All! :j

    Fab NSD yesterday but had to face Mr T's today as cats had run out of dry food and one of them squeaks for England when none of that for him!:cool:

    So spent about £42 so will update sig when I can be bothered to go and get it from downstairs! For anyone intertested Mu**lerlights still on offer at 8 for £2 and also Whisk3rs at 3 for £7 which is good value if your cats will eat it (mine are so fickle its hard to telll!) . Also 2 Finish 30's for £8 which is also not bad value wise (or the normal ones are 100% free for £8). Don't normally shop in Mr T's but this week it was worth it.

    wssla00 I also have a Cineworld card- I normally use it a couple of times a month so £13.50 is such good value (its £8 a ticket here).

    Have a great day everyone- will get receipt at some point and be good and proper with my sig! In my defence have done batch cooking for the week along with dinner :D

    Smell of fresh bread from the kitchen is calling me away....:T
    June Budget= £151.41/£150:cool:
    10 NSDs (with teenagers :eek:!!)= 8
    Reduced my overdraft a little today- slow but sure!:A
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    OH told me this morning he'd run out of pop:mad:,at him he could have told me yesterday,so been to Mr.S'sand spent $9.10 then called at corner shop to get some more sugar and other bit's that was cheaper there so $5.03 more gone so total today is $14.13.
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    pepsi-kins wrote: »
    Then went to the farm shop, by Heligan Gardens, I spent £49.37 in there, but that will last for ages, by the time I've had a cooking session.

    Mmmmm..... Lobbs....... yummy!!!!:D
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