June 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    afternoon all,small spend today of £16.72 in mr a's.and i am up to nine nsd so far .got alot of birthdays this month which does not come out of this challenge but i still end up spending money on somethink !
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    highland fling and yummy mummy - may I suggest misers white choc cheesecake which I have been making for years...

    If you use supermarket value/basic stuff it is cheap - but I am always asked for the recipe.... Costings below are Mr. S. I notice the soft cheese has gone up from 27p on my last delivery, and the butter is 98p when it was 85p :eek:

    misers white chocolate cheesecake
    100g digestive biscuit crumbs (8p) and 50g melted butter (20p)for your base

    200g white value chocolate (54p)
    142ml double cream (56p)
    200g value soft cheese (45p)
    decent vanilla essence (optional but nice)

    whip the cream, add soft cheese, add a bit of decent vanilla essence if you have it then stir in slow melted white chocolate. Put it on top of the base and leave for a few hours or overnight. Much cheaper and a lot less faffing then gelatine, etc.

    I have made it with raspberries stirred through but my lot preferred it plain. A fruit coulis made with frozen summer fruits (25p for 1/4 frozen packet) and a bit of sugar goes down very well.
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    nsd today:j

    dd made soup towards sunday lunch (delish! her second time making the recipe so just a little supervision this time)

    and i've made some soft flour tortilla for lunchboxes tomorrow.

    really fancied popping to mr t for the whoopsies but i would defo have wanted non whoopsie treats too so best i stayed away

    hope everyone enjoying the sun

    poppy x
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    Me, 10 yo dd, and the dog. all food and drinks, in and out, plus household shopping.
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    Oh Dear. I fear it is starting to go a bit wrong...... I got up this morning with a list for my shopping but didn't feel too well (TOTM) - I decided to make do for today and go shopping tomorrow. DD's were not amused that we had to have tesco light choices sausages, beans and Sainsbury's basics mash for dinner and boy did they let me knowit! Anyway after lunch I decided to do a bit of baking for packed lunches and realised that I needed eggs and dog food (not for the baking obviously but..) so I went round to the little tesco express and spent £20.99 on dog food (enough for the week), a Good Housekeeping magazine (I used to just throw these in my trolley before I joined here, and I got home and was horrified to find that it was £3.60:eek:), eggs, 3 packs of pork loin steaks (on offer for £10) and 2 milky ways:o. I am going to have to make sure that I get back on the straight and narrow PDQ. My meal plan is done but has gone to pot today but it should be okay for the rest of the week. All I need to buy for the meal plan is a chicken, milk, f+v and bread, so I hope I don't fall back into bad habits as I am really skint and my income has gone down by nearly £500 a month due to tax credits:mad:

    Wssla - the only cinemas we have around here are Odeon, Vue and a little independent one but that card sounds great!

    Hex2 - that cheesecake sounds lovely! I have all the ingredients in except for the digestives and the chocolate so that might be a cheap option for a dessert in the week.

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend - it's pouring rain here today!

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  • 3 NSD for me.
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    Just popping in to update sig.

    All the talk of the cineworld cards has brought back memories. Back in 2000 we all had one each in this family (5 of us:eek:) but I knew where my kids were during the school hols:rotfl:
    Thay have been cancelled one by one as the kids left home and OH and I finally gave ours up about 18 months ago but they were so good. I stand here and admit I saw Pirates of the Carribbean 23 times:D and I won't tell you how many times I saw Lord of the Rings but I used to take a packed Lunch to the 12 noon showing every Thursday.

    GC not going as well as hoped this month but have plenty in so might be able to turn it round yet. The diet is going well but I have just printed out the cheesecake receipe - oh dear.....
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    JayJay14 wrote: »
    I stand here and admit I saw Pirates of the Carribbean 23 times:D and I won't tell you how many times I saw Lord of the Rings but I used to take a packed Lunch to the 12 noon showing every Thursday.

    Hahaha :rotfl::rotfl:that's really funny... good idea though!!

    Thanks all for the tips on freezer boxes, I've planned a trip to Ikea for later in the week and will pick some up then.

    GC not been great this weekend, will add it up tomorrow and update then. I was compelled to buy beer and ice cream yesterday... Mr S had carte d'or on bogof, so I got some chocolate for DS and some caffe machiato for me.... YUM!!!!
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    Have failed this month and it's only half way. total so far £160.02 so think will have to raise total for next couple of months back to £175.00 will be well over this month!!!
    Mortgage free as at 1/9/13 :j
    To start work on the credit cards now!!
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    wssla00 I also have a Cineworld card- I normally use it a couple of times a month so £13.50 is such good value (its £8 a ticket here).

    It's £8.95 here :eek: but saw death at a funeral and it was pretty funny...wouldn't see it again though.....

    Still...cheap night! Just come home and bolognaise waiting for me!

    Have a good night everyone
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    So far so good for us this month, despite having a big bday bbq yesterday! At the rate we're going, we should be able to meet this month's target, which I will be very pleased about since it's my first time joining in the challenge.

    We seemed to do a very good job of buying just enough food for the party, we had no leftover food after the bbq aside from crisps! :j

    So we now have enough of those to feed a small army along with bottles of soda and received bottles of other fizzy goodies as pressies which will cut out £5 out each week of what I normally allow myself for wine. :D
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