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Find The Cheapest Gas & Electricity Plus Cashback Article Discussion

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Gas & Electricity plus Cashback Article

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  • I've just been to the uSwitch site to transfer because I liked the idea of the free Champagne. Unfortunately after I had completed I checked the terms and conditions of the offer. I have posted a small excerpt below copied and pasted but with my empahsis.

    "To qualify for this offer you must confirm a switch to a new* gas and/ or electricity supplier using the comparison and switching service, on the following link only, before 11.00 p.m. on the 12th of July 2006.

    Any switches received after the deadline will not be eligible for the promotion."

    This got me a little worried, the offer is still advertised on their site and mentioned specifically in Martins post but it seems I'm already too late as the offer ran out on 12 July :(
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    Hi Neil,

    This offer is still definitely open and provided you went through the link in the article you will definitely get the champers. Uswitch are in the process of updating its page and this should be done asap. Hope this helps.
  • Got the following response from USwitch after I emailed them earlier today. Unfortunately they didn't want to send me a case of champagne for spotting the error in their terms and conditions but they will send out the bottle of champagne for the switch.

    "Thank you for contacting with your enquiry.

    We are aware that the complimentary bottle of champagne offer recently expired on the 12/07/2006 but due to the high demand in switches we decided that we would keep the offer running. The terms & Conditions will be updated very shortly but unfortunately we are not at lengths to offer you a case of champagne, if you completed your switch through the '' website then you will be entitled to your complimentary bottle of champagne."
  • Please make people aware that although a lot of over 60's might benefit from Staywarm a lot, like my friends and I could be worse off. My husband and I live in a 3 bedroomed detached house and it would have been a LOT cheaper for us to have been on the Company's Standard Tarrif rather than Staywarm. It took a while to discover that we were overpaying for the fuel we used but not once did anyone from the company advise us to change Tarrif. Not once,after being several years with Staywarm did we receive a Bill or details of how much fuel we were using which made it difficult to check our costs. If you over use they soon change your Tarrif but if you under use they just say 'Thank you very much'. I would definitely BE VERY CAREFUL OF STAYWARM
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    I have read the following article and I am further confused as I put the identical details into both sites and on Energyhelpline I save money and on Uswitch, electric and gas will cost me more if I change. I am with Atlantic Electric and Gas. I put in £60 for gas and 40 for electric. Try it !! Shouldn't both be giving the same savings?

    Go online or phone a free comparison service who’ll work out which your cheapest provider is. My top picks are Energyhelpline Cashback* which pays £15 cashback if it can switch you or alternatively Uswitch Champagne* which sends a bottle of Piper Heidsieck Champagne, worth approx £20 as it includes delivery.
  • If you switch via one of the cashback sites - topcashback - they are offering £18 cashback for a dual fuel switch using uSwitch!

    To go directly to the site:

    Cheers :beer:

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    Hi everyone my first post LOL.

    I have used these comparison sites for many years now to show people what most know.The results are very varied indeed.
    I have been with Telecomplus now for seven years using most if not all their services.T+ offered the guaranteed cheapest energy for many years but sites such as USwitch wouldnt include them in the comparisons because there was no payment to them.T+ are a referal biz only through distributors like myself.
    When pen to paper was put down none of the other utility companies came close so please be careful with these sites.I would say get concrete prices and do some research yourself,you will get a better result.

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  • As an avid reader for a long time, can I suggest a better way to investigate whether to change gas / electricity companies.

    Using the change over companies only gives a "suggested new price" that one would pay.

    When it come down to brass tacks, the only true way to know if it is worth changing is to compare the actual price per unit then add in any standing charge if applicable.

    The problem is that fewer and fewer companies give this info on the internet.
    (Some give it if you go through the process of signing up and then cancel at the last page).

    Unless you ring the company direct it is still a mine field. I have spent many an hour phoning only to find that my present company, Utility Warehouse, is not far behind the rest, and unless a substantial saving is in the offing is it really worth the hassle?
  • Hi

    i don't see anything mentioning how good or otherwise are Sainsburys Energy

    (It's scottish power behind them i believe)
    there was a lot of fooling around with my changeover last year
    it protects me until apr 07

    i notice on the report it shows only manweb as Scot power's brand
    any input ?
  • I switched to Powergen using a cashback site just before Martin's email saying 'Don't Switch Yet!'

    Now Powergen have raised their prices :mad: they are not coming anywhere near the best deal for me. :cry: The switch hasn't gone through yet (I've had letters from Powergen saying that it won't be long). The question is, can I switch to another supplier already or will I receive some sort of penalty for doing so? :question:

    thanks, Karen
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