MealPlans WB 3rd May 2010

Hi Guys!

It's been a while since I started this thread, but wanted to say "hi!" and I'm still here:D

Where is this year going?

Anyway, I need to sort our mealplans out as I've been very ill again and back and forth from hospital, so they have gone out the window a lot:o

This week we are having:

Mon-BBQ (weather permitting)-burgers/salad/couscous/eggs etc
Tue-Shepherds Pie, Carrots & Peas
Wed-Chops, Spuds, Carrots & Peas/Sweetcorn
Thur-Quiche, New Pots & Salad
Fri-Chicken, Roasts, Cabbage & Carrots
Sat-Steak, Colcannon, Corn On Cob & French Beans

OH & DD have started going to church on a Sunday and it has a funny timing, so roasts are a little difficult.

Hope everyong has a good week.

Take Care.

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  • misscousinitt
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    Hi All and thanks Penny Pincher for starting the thread...

    This week we are having:

    Thurs: Paella
    Fri: Eat out
    Sat: BBQ round friends
    Sun: Eat at OH's parents
    Mon: Chicken Cacciatore & Crusty Bread
    Tues: Fish Pie & Greens
    Wed: Garlicy Roast Lamb with roasties & veggies

    Lunches will be sandwiches & soups unless I can find anything more interesting.

    No new recipes this week...not feeling very creative at the moment, go so much on.

    Have a good week all.


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  • Kadeeae
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    Thanks for starting us off PP, hope things look up for your health soon :)

    Next week at 'The Lodge' we're having:

    - Roast Chicken (w/herby butter under the breast skin) / Roasties / Veg / Gravy

    MON- L/O Cold Chicken / Coleslaw / Garlic Bread

    TUE- Ribeye Steak / Beefy Rice / Veg

    WED- Grilled Haddock Fillets / Garden Salad / Crusty Roll

    THU- Grilled Pork Steak / Mashed Potatoes / Veg / Gravy

    FRI- Chicken Kiev / Garden Salad / Pasta Carbonara

    SAT- L/O's or a Takeaway

    Haven't been doing HM bread and miss it, so may very well make a loaf or two. Also have a cake and some biccies on the 'to try' list . . . really don't need either let alone both, so we'll see how it goes :D

    Looking forward to everyone else's menus!
  • stef240377
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    The week has flown past but this weeks plan is all set up and raring to go.

    Mon - bean and veg chilli........ this has been changed to meatballs and pasta as kids didnt fancy chilli
    Tues - hm lasagne
    Weds - barlic and butter pork with mash and veg
    Thurs - HM chicken in bbq sauce with cheese and pineapple
    Fri - Beef and bean hotpot (slow cooker)
    Sat - me and 1 son - fish in parsley sauce with pots and veg, Hubby - beef roulades with pots and veg
    Sun - roast but not sure what to have yet.

    Breakfast is cereals, lunches are salads or leftovers.

    Will be baking again this weekend but not too much as kids are doing desserts in school. Son wil be doing family sized jam tart and daughter is tbc.
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  • CCP
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    Thanks very much for starting us off, PP! I hope you feel much better soon.

    I was a bit better at sticking to my mealplan last week, with only a couple of minor changes. Let's hope it goes as well this week. :)

    I've got:

    Friday - chorizo and manchego ravioli with cherry tomato sauce and salad
    Saturday - courgette and bacon lasagne
    Sunday - lemon pepper roast chicken, potato salad, Moroccan carrot salad (or warm boiled tatos and glazed carrots if it turns out too chilly for salad)
    Monday - chicken and bacon club sandwich, possibly chips (if I'm feeling naughty! ;)), and salad
    Tuesday - out for the day with my mum - I'll probably try and find a voucher for us to use for dinner :money:
    Wednesday - pepper !!!!aladiere and salad
    Thursday - bean burger (HM, found lurking in the back of the freezer :o) in a bun with tomatoes in some form

    Desserts will be stewed pears as, just as I was getting to the end of the pear mountain, I've received some more. I'm going to end up looking like a pear soon... :(

    ETA - oops, I'd forgotten the forum thing about letter combinations - the !!!! above should be a p, an i, an s, and another s. I'm not swearing, honest - it's just the name for a French onion and anchovy tart! :)
  • Boodle
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    PP - I'm dreadfully sorry to hear you haven't been well over the past weeks. I really hope things are perking up for you x

    Next week we are having:

    HM muesli, porridge or toast with orange juice and a banana

    Snack am: fruit

    - Sandwiches/crackers/HM wraps with avocado, peanut butter, jam, yeast extract, chutneys, pickle, salad stuff
    - HM scones
    - Cheez on toast
    - leftovers
    All usually with side salad

    Snack pm: Cracker with peanut butter/nuts, carrot. Might make a tea loaf too.

    Sat: Butternut and Sweet Potato Roast with salad (OH - with fish from freezer, and girls will have the veg mixed with a plain risotto)
    Sun: Sausage, veg and pots. Swedish Glace.
    (Tea) Bread and butter, crisps, fruit plate, biscuits.
    Mon: Roasted Sweet Potato, Corn and Avocado Salad with Steamed Greens
    Tue: Cabbage and Sweet Potato Bhaji with brown rice and avocado salad
    Wed: Broccoli, Potato and Mustard Bake with sweet pepper salad (baked beans for OH and girls too)
    Thu: Cashew/Peanut stir fry and rice
    Fri: Ratatouille with avocado salad and bread

    Although the girls usually have the same at teatime as OH and I for dinner, on a couple of days they will probably have beans on toast with greens, pasta with tom sauce, or LM sausage rolls with chips and veg depending on how we all feel instead ;)
    Puds will be fruit or a cheeky square or two of choccy.

    Supper for girls is porridge or toast (dependant on breaky), popcorn for our late night nibbles ;)
    Love and compassion to all x
  • hotcookie101
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    Thank you PP for starting the thread :-)
    I have been really very good this week-we have eaten according to meal plan every night:T AND we have had 2 very tasty veggie dinners, and the plan is for thai green curry with fish friday.
    We are away this weekend visiting family so will have a good meal out with each other on saturday night and sunday OH family having a BBQ I think, so the plan for the week starting from Monday:

    Mo-Sausage and root veg stew (in freezer have to remember to take it out on saturday morning when we leave so its defrosted on monday when we get back) baked spuds purple sprouting broc or spring greens
    Tu-Lamb cutlets with celeriac and beetroot dauphinoise, PSB or greens
    We-Porcini and pancetta risotto
    Th-OH will cook something with smoked haddock
    Fr-Pork, tallegio and brocolli lasagne, garlic bread and salad
    Sa-Chicken stew, baked spuds and veg
    Su-Beef and parmesan burgers with wedges and salad

    This is no doubt subject to change :rotfl:
  • lilian1977
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    Hi everyone - I've not been here for a while as have been wedding planning, all married off now though and NEED to get back to scrimping and saving as we have spent so much money!

    So, this week we have had/are having:

    Monday: Potato dauphinoise (from Tesco £9 meal) and roasted veg (reduced in Tesco!)
    Tuesday: Mushroom (reduced special ones in Tesco) and asparagus risotto
    Wednesday: Chicken and chick pea stew (recipe from Jamie Does...) (leftover chicken from Tesco £9 meal)
    Thursday: Some kind of pasta
    Friday: Special meal as we get our wedding presents delivered! Probably M&S £10 meal
    Saturday: Maybe a Tesco £4.50 bag curry
    Sunday: Roast as OH's parents are coming over

    Going to try a grocery challenge for May - we have to start saving again!
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  • S_Wales_Saver
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    Mmmm well the S_Waleses are having

    Sunday Chicken Korma, Pilau rice and Bombay potato

    Monday Fish with crumb topping, pots and peas.

    Tuesday Stirfried chicken and veg with egg fried rice

    Wednesday Chilli pasta bake, salad and garlic bread

    Thursday Tandoori spiced chicken with savoury rice and salad

    Friday Salmon, potatoes, beans with hollandaise sauce

    Saturday Chicken, salad and new potatoes.
  • Kitchenbunny
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    I've (finally) got a mealplan sorted! It's taken me long enough to get motivated again. And here it is:

    Sunday - Roast Chicken, Roast Potatoes and other veggies
    Monday - Chicken Caesar Salad
    Tuesday - Not Sure Yet
    Wednesday - Soup and a roll, either chicken or tomato
    Thursday - Curry
    Friday - Fajitas
    Saturday - slow-cooker venison pie with mash and veggies

    Breakfasts will be cereal or homemade cereal bars. Lunches will be sandwiches or wraps, with yoghurts, the occasional chocolate bar and fruit. For any other snacks, there is dried fruit and I might bake some cupcakes over the weekend.

    Have a good week, everyone

    Kitchenbunny xx
    Trying for daily wins, and a little security in an insecure world.
  • CupOfChai
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    I've got to the point where I don't know how to shop and cook/eat WITHOUT a meal plan! Is that bad? Anyway, next week's a bit unusual for me but here it is:

    Fri: Lunch is leftover curry and rice from tonight's dinner, dinner is three-bean chilli with crusty bread.
    Sat: No idea, BF coming down for the day and likely (hopefully) to take me out to eat.
    Sun: Chicken in Chicken Tonight-ey type sauce with mash, broccoli and carrot for lunch, dinner currently planned as spaghetti and meatballs.
    Mon: Lunch is a sandwich (not bought), dinner to be further chicken in some sauce left from Sunday's lunch, with rice and broccoli, Might bake something since no work...
    Tues: Leftover chicken & rice in sauce for lunch, spag bol out the freezer stock for dinner
    Wed: Sandwich for lunch, sausage, mash and sweetcorn for dinner.
    Thurs: Sandwich for lunch, to be eaten on train as I'm off to see family for a few days. So the rest is unknown until Monday dinner!
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