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May 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 April 2010 at 6:30PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • ASCASC Forumite
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    Thanks for the support BigMummaF. I just feel like a complete amateur compared to other people on here.

    Well, I’ve just added up the receipts from the weekend and lets just say the rest of the month is going to be a challenge! I have 15.42 left until 1 June :eek::eek::eek:
    I spent over 50 in Mr T to get the petrol voucher and DH b$&&#!ed up the plan AGAIN wanting bread rolls and beer which somehow became over 12 in Mr S the next day :mad:

    However, the cupboards and freezer are full so it could be done. I will need milk and cat food and probably some veg including potatoes. I have a meal plan for this week so I need to work on next weeks to fit with what I have, wish me luck!

    On that subject, does anybody have any suggestions on the best thing to do with a whole duck? (polite suggestions only please!) We acquired it last time MIL cleared out her freezer and I know that DH will not eat it in any recognizable form although I may be able to sneak it in something chinesey. Failing that, I'll roast it and give him chicken instead...

    A x

    Oh, and *FelineFantastic*, I get paid mid month too which put me off joining this thread for ages. The funny thing was, I listed my receipts and the calendar month spend was very similar to the mid month – mid month spend so here I am!

    Congratulations on the weight loss too!
  • WinchelseaWinchelsea Forumite
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    Had family over yesterday - DD3, DD4 (plus DGS and DGD) and DS. Had only been expecting DD3, so it was lovely. DD3 and her crew left late afternoon, so did lunch for 7 and evening meal for 4.

    Knocked up a big pan of soup for lunch, with HM bread rolls and butter, followed by apple, sultana and cinnamon muffins. These didn't rise quite as much as usual - may have been the moisture from the grated apple, but tasted good. And I enjoyed doing the soup, as I used my NEW TOY - I bought a stick blender on Friday, something I've wanted for ages.

    Had made a pie on Saturday for 3 of us (mixed beans, cheese and chopped vegs), but it stretched to 4 easily. As I put it in the oven, DS said he would do all the trimmings. Popped up to the Co-op to buy new potatoes, and while there I bought a packet of dried peas (as I like to not only sprout them for stir fries, but also pop some in the garden once they start germinating) - also some pears. So, had pie, potatoes, carrots, chard from DD3's allotment (done with sliced spring onions, cinnamon and sesame seeds - DS's fave way of doing greens) and gravy, followed by pear and chocolate pudding with custard.

    All was devoured!

    Spent £5.08, as got a £3 bag of Jersey Royals, the best value new potatoes there.
    Keeping three cats, the car and myself on a small budget, and enjoying life while we're at it!
  • boultdjboultdj Forumite
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    Another $14.09 gone, OH fav food's bought for his birthday,what a mixture for me to make a meal from.
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  • purplevamppurplevamp Forumite
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    Nearly a NSD but bought crisps and tortilla wraps for £2
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  • wssla00wssla00 Forumite
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    Hello :) i'm declaring today the total of £171.43

    It is £20 over so for June i'm gonna increase the amount up to £200 for the month!
    Feb GC: £200 Spent: £190.79
  • scotsaverscotsaver Forumite
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    rosieben wrote: »
    plain yoghurt; I'm going to try out Mr Bad Example's Chocolate Yoghurt cake; his full cooking index is at the end of the recipes on page one - its very entertaining as well as having lots of recipes and tips :D

    Hi rosieben - I've made this cake a few times and we love it, I usually make it when I have Yogurt left over from making a Curry sauce, it's a really moist cake, hopefully you'll love it.;)

    I've updated my total with spends from the last week, still on target as I've meal planned until pay day and looks good,

    Dinner tonight is a HM chicken pie using leftover chicken from last night's roast.:D
    GC for OH, myself, DD18 & DD16 includes Toiletries, cleaning stuff & Food.

  • Hiya,

    have updated signature, had a few bits to get yesterday and today-

    pack of ham for dh packed lunch £1.99

    2 x packs of Low Low cheese £3 (on offer at Iceland, should be £2 each, dont know what its like yet havent tried any)

    3 x 1 Litre milks 15p:j all 'use by' today so they were getting rid, so they are in the freezer, its only dd who has whole milk so thats a couple of pounds saved. Also got dh a Rustler burger for 10p instead of £1.49!

    and finally Mr T for

    a bag of Florette salad (i know, i should grow leaves but i really like Florette salads!) £1.74

    bag of whoopsied organic pears for dd 99p

    Oooh nearly forgot, told dh to pick up loo rolls and milk on his travels tonight, have already added the cost to my signature.

    Night x
  • TheBeesTheBees Forumite
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    Freezing Cheese Sauce - I've been freezing cheese sauce for years.. I just take it out of the freezer in the morning so it's defrosted by tea time. Sometimes I use it for a macaroni cheese, other times for lasagne white sauce etc. I've never had a problem with it splitting or any other problem. TBH I freeze almost anything.. There's not much I won't freeze. The reason why I don't bother making a double macaroni cheese and freeze that though, is because I've found that the macaron goes a bit rubbery when it's cooked a second time so it's just as quick to cook up a bit of fresh macaroni to stir into the cheese sauce..

    HTH - TheBees
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  • SpiggleSpiggle Forumite
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    Hiya all :wave:

    Just popping on to say 2 nsd for yesterday and today added to sig.

    Rosieben that upside down chocolate & pear cake went down a storm - it was delicious so thank you so much for the recipe. My dear departed Mum always used to nag about me making her chocolate cake (I was a bit of a sweet/cake/biscuit making whizz when younger from sitting on the kitchen table learning her tricks from a very early age) and it seems the family want me back in the kitchen if only to make the sweet things in life! :T

    The malt loaf turned out well too but have to hurry off now so I'll post the recipe I used tomorrow. Still can't get it as dark as soreen but soaking the fruit certainly helps with the moisture content. Scrummy with butter, mmmmmmm... :p

    Hope life gets easier guccigoo and welcome back to FelineFantastic (superb name:rotfl:) and Herbaholic - I'm beginning to think this is one of the best and most supportive ventures I've got involved with. So thank you all. :A

    Oh, and ditto the comment about wish I'd had a MSE/OS head when I was working full time and earning loads of money! :o

    Speak to you all tomorrow,
    Mortgage Free October 2013 :T
  • Lindy_-_LooLindy_-_Loo Forumite
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    hiya everyone,

    tesco delivery today £61.50 although they didnt deliver nappies again.
    did have a no spend day thou!
    Mum, wife and dinnerlady!
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