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May 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 April 2010 at 6:30PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • HerbaholicHerbaholic Forumite
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    Morning all :)

    It's been a while since I was here, almost 2 years I think and boy do our finances show it! I want to get back on track and start saving money for all the things we need to do like house repairs, pay more back off the mortgage and the things we want to do like get a new car, go on holiday more and so many other things. I have been lurking for a while but felt stupid slinking back with my tail between my legs, but at the end of the day the peeps on here kept me on the straight and narrow and I need this, life went a little pear shaped and I sort of gave up on a lot of things and budgeting was one of them. :(

    Anyhow, it's probs a bit late for this month, June starts on the 28th May for me, but I have been budgeting this month and I have £64.40 left to last until the 27th I don't need anything this week as we went shopping yesterday and stocked up on milk, fruit and veg and I've dusted off the BM. This weekend I decided that enough was enough and it was time to sort myself out after reading more inspirational posts from you lovely peeps. So I did a freezer/cupboard check and we have a full freezer and store cupboard. I did a meal plan and with what we have in, I discovered that I can feed us both for 2 weeks (rather a sobering thought!).

    I've got my recipe folder back out (I'd slipped back into shop bought ready meals and carp ways), from the recipes I made a big pan of my mince beef curry and broke that up into 3 x 2 person portions for when we need a fast tea. There's blueberry muffins and banana muffins in the freezer now for DH's pack up's and I made a cottage pie like mum used to make for tea yesterday, except I used porridge oats in the mix and less mince than usual, Mum's version had a layer of mashed carrot & onion between the mince and mash. Usually when I make this it serves the 2 of us for one meal, this time I got one for tea and one for the freezer from the same amount of mince, the rest of the mince will make double chilli later in the week. It's being busy and exhausted at the end of the day that sends us out for takeaway or junk, so if I have good homemade stuff in I won't have an excuse, and making two yesterday really wasn't any more difficult than making one, a bit of extra veg peeling was all. We hadn't had cottage pie for absolutely ages and my DH said it was lovely, it was to if I say so myself served up with green beans and spring cabbage.

    Living to a budget isn't hard it just requires me to make an effort and when I cook one meal and make a few extra, I've allowed the things in life that keep me busy to make me be lazy in the kitchen, that has to stop, so I need to learn how to budget my time as well. I've also recently discovered Aldi and all the bargains, which is making a big difference to the shopping bills, shame they don't do things like bread flour, it's the popping in to the other stores to get the things I can't get from there that make me spend more. If I see a bargain I buy it, have to learn to resist.

    For those that don't remember me I'm feeding 2 adults and 2 very fussy cats (who are learning to be less fussy I'm happy to say) and I've gone from £350 down to £280 per month and aim for £250 by dropping in small steps every couple of months. Actually as I'm already budgeting Mrs M could I dip my toe in the water and be added to this month if it's not too much trouble, in for a penny saving the pounds and all that :T

    Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to get my rhyme and reasoning down so I can read it back if I start to slip!

    Herby x
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    rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    rosieben wrote: »
    ... A small spend for me today as I need some baking ingredients ...

    well, my small spend grew to £16 odd :o but I have no excuse not to bake now as I bought loads of ingredients including fresh lemons, choc buttons and fresh strawberries (for a cheescake) and plain yoghurt; I'm going to try out Mr Bad Example's Chocolate Yoghurt cake; his full cooking index is at the end of the recipes on page one - its very entertaining as well as having lots of recipes and tips :D

    Welcome back Herby :hello:
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • cookiemumcookiemum Forumite
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    Just a quick one - a £2.21 shop in Mr T for butter, pastry and yoghurt. Intending to make a Steak pie for tea with M & S's reduced tinned steak and a Cherry Marzipan cake in the Breadmaker. Yum yum.:)

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  • Winged_oneWinged_one Forumite
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    Hi all,
    Not doing too bad so far. I had a reasonable spend last night in Mr D, but that had been it all week and I don't expect to need anything else this week. €120 exactly, which included a good few offers on things I would buy anyway (like tins spaghetti shapes on 3for2, and tortilla wraps less than half price but good until Oct), and a few stores things that had run out (like shower spray - we buy one bottle and split, putting half into an old bottle, for the 2 showers, and fabric softener conc).

    I am working from the freezer this week, so menu looks like:
    Sun: Bacon and cabbage
    Mon: Chicken nuggets and waffles for toddler; slice of beef pie, leftover mash and frozen peas for me.
    Tues: Nice sausages, sliced into tomato sauce, with pasta and garlic bread
    Wed: Single portion lasagne for me, toddler having "cold stuff" (tomatoes, sweetcorn, sliced meat usually)
    Thurs: Lamb chops, mediteranean veg, roasted spuds OR chicken fajitas
    Fri: Have a few options, like gorgonzola pasta, other thurs option, prawns/rice/sauce etc.

    And still have at least another whole week of interesting freezer dinners before getting into the "what can I make with 5 tiny portions of different types of fish?" meals! Actually, probably have smoked haddock fishcakes as an option too, once I do a large enough "mash" dinner beforehand - so only 4 types.

    I hope to start getting our own veg soon, but not until at least mid-June I'd say, they are so slow to get going this year.
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  • skillyskilly Forumite
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    afternoon all,spent £6.00 on 2 trays of eggs so far today :-)
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  • Afternoon!

    Herbaholic- don't be embarassed I only reposted again last week for the first time in ages! I had forgotten the high I got (legally people!) from saving money by reading and posting on here! :T

    The Bees- if you freeze cheese sauce do you defrost thoroughly before use and do you have any problems with it separating?

    RosieB you put me to shame with all the baking but I am trying to lose the 3 pounds I put on at Christmas and stay at target weight for Slimming World so too much temptation is not good for me!:o
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  • hex2hex2 Forumite
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    Rosieben - I love Mr Bad Examples index, hope your cake turns out well.

    My hens are now laying and we are averaging 4 a day :A. I made a swiss roll and a cappucino cake yesterday to use some up which made me popular with the children. I can see a menu re-jig for June involving lots of quiche, omelettes and egg mayo. I like the slimming world pastryless quiches so may give one of those a go later.

    Another small spend today at the co-op. Needed ham and apples but also bought cheap milk, reduced veg, two 20% off and then half price chickens (I still have at least 10 in the freezer!) and on offer biscuits - none of which we needed. It really does show that I need to keep out of the shops - and to rehearse my new mantra of it is only a bargain if I actually need it this month :cool:.
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  • BigMummaFBigMummaF Forumite
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    My actual spends thus far total £92:48 but I've joined the merrie band of AppF00d hunters this week-end :D As soon as I know how much it actually is, that will have to go on too.
    Good news is I can see to the back of one of my little freezers now & the recycling bin is straining under the amount of tins we're putting in there what with beans, assorted veggies & the odd hot dog being consumed. I'm NOT looking forward to replacing it all tho, once the Big Thaw has been completed & the store cupboard repaired :undecided
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  • KITTY_2-2KITTY_2-2 Forumite
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    A quick update as supposed to be working :o

    Today should have been a no spend day but opened the beetroot jar this morning and threw it everywhere :mad: So a quick trip to Mr S for a jar has cost me 69p.

    Just hope the tiles aren't too stained when I get home. Only had time for a quick clean up job so fingers crossed.
    Merry Christmas
  • I spent another £5.94 today at the co op. Some of it was a good price such as a Warburtons wholemeal for 63p, a medium white 39p & 4 chocolate muffins 75p but the new potatoes which were loose worked out at £1.38 & I only bought enough just for dinner tonight!

    I now that I am not going to make it. I have a list of things I need which I guess would come to between £10 & £15 but I have a £4 off £40 voucher for Sainsburys which expires on Wednesday which would take me over plus I may go the whole hog & spend £50 to get the petrol token as we are travelling to my sisters for the weekend for a family party.
    I will need to buy some gluten free food for that because she is doing a cold buffet & most of it my son will not be able to eat such as pizza slices, mini quiches, cocktail sausages, sausage rolls, french bread, vol a vents, etc etc. I do feel sorry for him at times on occasions like this, most of the main food available he can't have cos of the gluten & then when he gets to the desserts he is restricted by his diabetes as well as his Coeliac disease. Sorry, moan over!
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