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May 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • hex2hex2 Forumite
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    eliza bunny - don't just abandon it - If I was you I would re-assess! Was it unrealistic in which case you could re-set it with enough element of challenge for it to be realistic but interesting, or re-calculate it pro rata and increase your budget by the over spend to date so you remain on target without being depressed by the forbidden F word? Failing is giving up, NOT going over.
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  • SpiggleSpiggle Forumite
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    Evening All,

    Thanks for the recipe rosieben I hope to try it on the weekend. Mmmm...

    Still haven't done a big shop but did go to MrT at lunchtime today as was a long day and fancied a pain au raisin out of my pocket money. When I was in there I saw the English strawberries for which I would never pay the £3.99 they were supposedly reduced from on special offer to £2.29. Have to say I would baulk at that price too but they had whoopsied ones with sbd today at £1.49 so I treated us.

    Double bonus was that the till churned out a £6 off £30 spend on household essentials and so tomorrow I will go there when I finish work and stock up on loo rolls, washing up liquid, wash liquid and conditioner and use the voucher. Whilst I only need the loo rolls and washing up liquid I will use the other stuff eventually so I'll be very pleased.

    Great stuff all on keeping strong on your challenge - in this game its the keeping on top and knowing where it's going that's as important as achieving the goal. The knowledge arms you for the next week/month so you can make small changes to move toward your aim.

    Take care all,
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  • elizabunnyelizabunny Forumite
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    hex2 wrote: »
    eliza bunny - don't just abandon it - If I was you I would re-assess! Was it unrealistic in which case you could re-set it with enough element of challenge for it to be realistic but interesting, or re-calculate it pro rata and increase your budget by the over spend to date so you remain on target without being depressed by the forbidden F word? Failing is giving up, NOT going over.

    Thanks hex2 for the support and great ideas. I will probably look again at the budget and re-calculate. I really don't want to give up altogether.
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  • Welcome clothhany & Joanie72.

    My name is Long tall sally & I am a shopoholic, etc, etc. Umm don't feel any better for admitting it!
    I had to go into town today & ended up spending nearly £20. This was on squash, veg, bin bags, crisps, bread & cobs, gluten free cereal & g/f cake mix, golden syrup & a bag of millet. I am going to attempt to make gluten free flapjacks for my son with the millet (& syrup) but knowing him he won't like them. I bought him a lovely g/f scotch egg the other day which he turned his nose up at. Looking at my list, I am thinking £20 doesn't really go far particularly when 3 of the items are g/f and are so expensive.

    Freakyogre - can I ask what zorbing is? I've never heard of it1
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  • Evening! Not been about since this time last week. Spent the weekend away and it's been work, work, work since I got back.

    Got some bits last Thursday in Asda to tide us over and was feeling totally virtuous as I'd got some reduced meat and pizza as I had a new freezer to fill up (the previous one had just died). Then discovered I'd been charged full price for damaged box of cereal :eek:. Went in today and they reimbursed me the £1.47 I'd been over-charged:T.

    Decided to do main shop in Asda today so I could get one of their £10 wine boxes:beer:. Had something to return to MrT so went there first and I luckily got 2 lots of reduced mince, DD had already request chilli con carne for dinner tonight:D. Spent £4.10. Bigger shop in Asda came to £63.61 including some reduced steak sausages, turkey steaks, chicken kievs and a puff pastry pie than should have been £2.50 and was reduced to 87p. Was totally indulgent too and bought ingredients to make Nigella's White Chocolate Mousse. Still on budget. Off to check with everyone else's progress.


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  • TheBeesTheBees Forumite
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    Hi everyone - TheBees aren't doing too badly this month.:j

    Trying a different tact this month. In the past I've tried shopping about every 10 or 11 days, made a menu plan and tried to make things last but the trouble was I found during those 10 days I would run out of fresh stuff like milk, fruit and veg and then had to go to the shops and spent more money than intended...:mad:
    So this month I'm shopping regularly every Saturday, sticking to the shopping list and menu plan and being sensible. This seems to be working so far... fingers crossed.:j

    Good luck everyone else.
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  • giengien Forumite
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    Another little shop yesterday - will check how much and update after the weekend - we're off tonight for 4 days at a friend's place. So looking forward to the break. We will probably eat out once but that doesn't come out of the grocery budget. Have a nice weekend.
    Trying to keep in budget.

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    rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    Hi clothhany, welcome to the GC :hello:

    elizabunny, I agree with hex, see how you do on the present budget and recalculate if you need to. ;)

    I have to shop tomorrow, I found a thread about making yoghurt in the SC so going to give that a try and need starter yoghurt. Hopefully, that will be all I spend, apart from mailing parcels to family in Australia which is a separate budget.

    'Get well soon' to our poorlies; Good luck everyone! :cool:
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • Joanie72Joanie72 Forumite
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    Evening all - just had my second NSD in a row - they feel good!! I need to settle up my lottery dues with the girl at work tomorrow so I won't make it three, but on the plus side OH's tenant seems to be getting her act together, so we may see the rent paid this month after all. I hope so! Either way I've decided to stick to my spending plan and if the rent is paid, use it to pay down some of my credit card.
    Meantime, anyone got any suggestions for the eight egg whites I've got left over from the bread and butter pudding from the other night?!
    I'll have to guestimate my spend for this month so far, my bank statement shows £210 in cash taken out and £70 spent at Asda, so that's £280 all in so far. OH spent about £50 on his card too. That along with the £270 I have left until the end of the month shows a total spend of £600, well under the allowance of £720 - so if I can do it this month, then I reckon I can do it every month!

    May GC £330/£720 2 NSD
    Trying to be better . . .

    May GC £330/£600
    May NSD 2
  • Billie-joBillie-jo Forumite
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    eliza bunny - sorry it seems to be going wrong but I hope you pick yourself up and start over again. Re-adjust the budget perhaps if it will give you the will to carry on.
    The Bees - glad you found a way that seems to work for you.
    Gien - have a lovely time with your friends.

    Managed NOT to go shopping since last posted and have sat down tonight and done shopping list for tomorrow, if I manage to stick to it should be around £20 :T Have loads in the freezers and MUST stop trying to fit in anything else and remember to take out something the night before so as it defrosts o/n.
    We had pasta carbonara tonight and did enough to feed an army so will be having some for lunch tomorrow.

    Starting week three of this month today so feeling positive a.t.m. :D
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