May 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    Just back from Mr T - £7.88. Wanted wholemeal pitta bread but much more expensive than white so compromised and got the seeded ones.

    Spending looks good - mostly because parents gave me chicken, lamb and eggs. (Handy when your folks live next to a farm!)
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    Sorry, me again. Decided to pop to the co op after all & spent about another tenner.

    Greent & Hex2 - was just reading your posts thinking I was not doing as well as you & you have the same budget as me. What date does your month end on? My ends on the 26th.


    I, too, work on a calendar month (although OH is paid around the 20th) because I find it easier, so you are ahead of me also regarding the number of days. I would perhaps have spent less than this normally, but made use of money off vouchers which Mr S sent me. I still have another to use next week, so will have to watch spends after that :p I theoretically try to spend roughly £100/ week, with the extra £50 just disappearing :D And I must add in the newspaper bill, as the DD has gone through...

    Todays spends are planned as a newspaper and some pull ups (I think they're still on offer) (and a quick trip to the reduced cabinet) from Mr T. I'm also off to the Garden Centre for a mooch, but spends there are not GC related :D
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    Just been to MrT and spent another £14.53. Going to do a big online MrT shop next week as they've sent me a spend £50 get £10 off code, but that may push me overbudget :( Will probably stock up on storecupboard stuff and washing powder which won't actually be used until next month, but the code runs out at the end of the month.
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    Hi everyone :)

    Looks like most people are on track...:j:j:j

    I spent £6.35 on a few bits from Co*op today but still well on the way to being under. Have not stuck to my meal planning AT ALL so that's something else I think I might have to try to get under control, as well as NSDs :o

    Hope eveyone is having a great weekend :)
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    Ok, so during the last 9 days I went shopping 4 times and spent a total of 107.85 (this includes 3 trips to Mrs W * and one to Mr T)

    *I'm not sure why but Waitrose is a Mrs as far as I'm concerned!:p
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    big shop this weekend £111 eeek total for May now, £164
    DMP: £30,668 £22,590.89
    Overdraft: £250 £222
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    Spent £9.71 today so total is now £177.19.

    highland fling - I was in Tesco this morning and I was going to buy their 3 for £5 pizzas. I'd noticed before that they'd repackaged them but when I picked them up I realised they were smaller - but the same price. I didn't buy them!

    This really annoys me - I would rather they kept the product the same and charged a bit more for it than shrink it and charge the same - it's more honest. Shrinking it is sneaky :mad: I know there are lots of posts and threads about this sort of thing but I just needed to vent!

    Hope everybody is having a good weekend. I'm off to look up HM pizza recipes!
    May Shopping Challenge. 10/5. Budget £310 Spent £118.25.. £191.75 left. So £9.13 a day.
  • Billie-joBillie-jo Forumite
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    Small spend this morning as had run out of cheese and also picked up a bottle of lucozade which we keep in just in case as DH is diabetic - so expensive IMO :mad: So today’s spend was £5.99 bringing total to £75.17 Not to bad as allowing £75 per week and almost two weeks in. :T
    Today we having Turkey steak, veg and roasties then either stewed apples or a baked stuffed apple and custard, tomorrow will be pork chops and leeks in cheese sauce with rice and sweet corn.

    Hope everyone is doing ok.
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  • Sunny_DonnySunny_Donny Forumite
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    Hi All
    Found the reduced freezer in Iceland yesterday - so freezer chocablock.
    2 x Roast Lamb joints £3.50 each (half price)
    1 x McCain wedges 75p
    1 x pack of 6 salmon fillets £2.50
    Just had one of the lamb joints for lunch - beautiful and still some left for sandwiches.
    Rest of shop was from Mr S and lidl
    Total for weekend £ £29.31
    Mortgage free as at 1/9/13 :j
    To start work on the credit cards now!!
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    Hi I messed up last month and lost track of receipts so haven't got a clue what I going to try again this month and get back on track. Please can you put me down for £200.00 for May!!

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